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  1. Brexit 2017

    I believe the Times supported remain. George
  2. Planning Proposal - Macclesfield Canal - Marple

    I have managed to enter the planning portal and posted the below letter of objection, This site has an amenity block, much used by boaters such as me, which includes a toilet, facilities to dispose of sewage, fresh water standpipe and skips for refuse. CRT have made very little mention of this and appear to be trying to gloss over its existence. They are proposing to install new facilities but the location of these leaves much to be desired. The facilities share the same waterside mooring as the relocated NEW HORIZONS(NH) trip boat. Any boater wishing to use the new facilities will have to tie outside the NM, then CLIMB OVER the NM to the bank, carrying bags of refuse, a hosepipe for water, a toilet cassette or even a pumpout hose for bulk sewage removal. To compound matters, the location of this facility is immediately next to the luxury development of the old warehouse. What the new residents of this luxury house will make of sewage hoses and skips of rubbish beneath their windows beggars belief. Having obtained planning permission, CRT have a track record of quietly removing boaters facilities from the scheme leaving boaters with nowhere to dispose of rubbish and sewage. The potential for fly tipping and illegal sewage dumping is obviously increased. I object to this proposal unless a firm condition that the facilities for boaters MUST be built and kept in use. The potential effect on the value of their "luxury house" is a matter for CRT to consider. George
  3. Brexit 2017

    You and I both know what a political hot potato this one is, but I am sure Labour are willing to mount a joint approach to this problem. George
  4. Brexit 2017

    Isn't that what is already happening? George
  5. Brexit 2017

    When the state pension was introduced, pensioners were expected to live 6 months drawing it before conveniently dying. Now people are living for years longer and it is growing. How do you propose paying for it..............don't tell me..........the same money pot Corbyn was using to abolish all student fees AND existing student debt! George
  6. Brexit 2017

    And just how is your definition any different to what I said? Or are you and Cable both saying that the other parties have actual children as members who are therefore incapable of changing their minds. If Cable had said "members of other parties who now wish to stop Brexit because of the evidence they now have of its implications", I would have disagreed with his statement but I would not have called him a "patronising @@@@" which I still do. George
  7. I've no real raisin for posting this

    First elm, then ash, now horse chestnut, they're all numbered! George
  8. Brexit 2017

    The Euro has received some pretty large support from Germany. Had we joined when Blair and co wanted us to do so, no doubt we would have been liable to support it pro rata to our contributions to the EU, ie big bucks! George
  9. Brexit 2017

    Dr Cable is also a patronising @@@@! He has just put forward the idea that "adults" from the other parties can join him to stop Brexit! The obvious implication being that those who support Brexit are "children" not worthy of being given a vote in the first place. George
  10. Flu jab

    Apparently, this year's flu is a particularly fierce strain so perhaps it is. I have had regular jabs since I became eligible and have had no problems. I did have major problems 50+ years ago when I was given an experimental jab. Never had such a bad winter! George
  11. Planning Proposal - Macclesfield Canal - Marple

    The planning portal for Stockport does not seem to be accepting visitors at the moment, but when it does I will be objecting, pointing out just how much CRT are playing down the very existence of an amenity block on the current site, let alone the need for its retention. All very much par for the course with CRT in this area. George
  12. Fazeley Junction

    Thanks for that. I have tried to remove the "cc Goliath" from post 21 but seem unable to do so. Trevor does not have disciples. That idea only exists in the mind of another. What Trevor does have is respect from boaters who know him, that a man well into his 80s can continue to handle his boat so well. George
  13. Fazeley Junction

    I know you have one just looking at Hudson bows! :-) George
  14. Fazeley Junction

    Oh dear, Nick, you really are plumbing the depths with your penis envy of working boats. Trevor is a gentleman of the first order and would be sad if he knew his name was being used like this. Better return to your Hudson with its copy Josher working boat Aladdin's slipper bows. George cc Goliath
  15. Planning Proposal - Macclesfield Canal - Marple

    Interesting that the new toilet/elsan/refuse block is to be situated next to the "luxury" conversion of the old warehouse. I wonder how long that will survive before the new owners complain and have it closed (if it gets built in the first place)? George