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  1. Hire Fleet - good service

    We were hit by a hire boat a couple of weeks ago on the S Oxford which caused quite a dent in the port side bow guard iron. This was despite hard reversing manoevres on our part. I won't go in to all the ins and outs but the incident could have become a lot worse as the hire boat had 2 young people on the gunnel at the bow barefoot and one hand on the hand rail. Anyway, keeping calm and taking details of time, boat name, location witnesses etc (ex copper so habits are hard to lose) we travelled on and eventually we went back to the hire fleet within 36hrs and relayed the story,only to be told that the hire boat story was somewhat different (surprise). On stating that on our boat we had 3 people who were nb trainers and witnessed the whole episode must have helped our cause somewhat. I am not going to discuss the pros and cons of hire fleet instruction but need to say that the hire fleet were superb in arranging a welding repair - and when we turned up at the alloted day and time they were all ready and prepared. 2 hours later - job done - foc - thanks all round and off we went with a clean looking guard iron. In the first instance we had to stand our ground as to what happened but the hire fleet manager and staff certainly took on what we said and took a course of action that was appreciated. Those of you that know the S Oxford - the hire fleet is just downstream from Wigrams Turn at Napton. Our faith in hire fleet operators has been restored to some degree.
  2. We were hit by a hire boat a few weeks ago on the S Oxford - after some discussion have now agreed that the hire boat co will rectify the damge FOC so not a bad result despite the fact that they messed us about as to when they were going to do the work. What helped was that we had 3 nb trainers on our boat versus one hire boat. At the end of the day discussion helped more than anything else. good luck with your 'challenge'!!
  3. I have just done some boat painting and started off using the standard masking tape - until - my neighbour introduced me to KIP tape.Its not cheap but so much better than the normal stuff and does not become a pig to get off after a period of time (supposedly OK to remove after 60 days of being on?) Bright yellow and a real pleasure to use.
  4. Ace Cooking Gadget

    Hi everyone I was not sure where to post this but if this is any help.......... we have just bought a Remoska cooking gadget from Lakeland Plastics and it is quite unbelievable in its simplicity and the recipes are something else! it cooks from above not from below and we have the size that cooks for 4 people (there is a bigger one - 8 people!) Power is 450w and it has greatly reduced our dependency on the oven. Saving more money. Cost is about £130 - see Lakeland Plasctics web site SWMBO swears by it.
  5. Johnny Hoogerland

    totally agree!!! How he managed to finish the stage after the accident is beyond me - couldn't do one stage let alone being injured as well!
  6. Dongle thanks and more advice?

    Thanks everyone for the advice following my OP re dongle extensions - superb help. One additional issue - have bought a 3 dongle but 3 say none of their dongles take an aerial? So - Scooby suggests I swop the sim card (is this in the dongle?) and buy a dongle off ebay which takes an aerial - now somewhat confused? Any help would be appreciated Tim
  7. dongle extensions

    Hi just a quick note to say thanks to all for the dongle advice following my OP - now off to buy a 3 dongle and one that takes an aerial. So nearly got the wrong thing - so thanks everyone!
  8. Hi woolly, boatingbiker here from Alderbury !

  9. Funny cabal - waterway sayings anybody?

    whether this is canal origin or from somewhere else .....there is a saying about if toilet contents are brown - drop them down.if contents are yellow - then let it mellow (don't flush) I will now duck in case the ***** flies!
  10. Drinking water hose...

    We had some mega stiff blue hose and we had more arguments with that than we did with one another! Sold it at a car boot for a £5 which helped towards a garden hose. Im not trying to teach to suck eggs MJG but a couple of things - we always run the hose a couple of minutes before filling the tank - a biologist friend of mine said it will help in clearing any bacteria things that have developed in the remaining water in the hose left over from the last time of using. Secondly - have made a small hose extension piece that fits onto the main hose - it is this that we put in the filler hole - not the main part of the hose. Helps in reducing any muck that might have got into the main pipe. Enjoy your new hose!!
  11. dongle extensions

    Hi everyone we move onto our boat nest week for 6 months and am about to buy a Vodaphone dongle (2gb) and as I anticipate working on the lap top inside the boat I obviously need some kind of extension cable for the dongle so that it can go onto the roof or somewhere similar (I think I do anyway). The question is - do I look for any thing in particular or does anyone have any advice on the matter? Visits to PC world or similar may be in the offing methinks - well if I know what I am looking for? Thanks everyone
  12. Solargorilla

    Hi I stand to be corrected but I do not think that the posting from Cartlt extolling the virtues of Maplins solar panel (with whom I have no grouse - Carl or Maplins) is the same as the item that landlubber was talking about. We have one Solar Gorilla and it is amazing what it charges but we did not buy at the price quoted - in fact no where near the price mentioned. If you are out & about (off the boat) the gadget certainly comes into its own if you are away from any power source - read what the guy from the African Nat park says - it does as it says.
  13. Which boats are looking forward to seeing at Crick?

    Thanks MJG - always nice to receive positives (it was a few years in the planning!) Will be there again this year but just helping Wharf House out as they are a bit short staffed due to illnesses. Come and say hi if you are around Cheers Tim & Jenny
  14. Which boats are looking forward to seeing at Crick?

    As mjg says - some have a booking system - others don't. Our boat was on show @ Crick last year (Wharf house builder) and though the queues were at times frustrating for people - the hardest part was if anyone asked questions whilst in the boat - it created a log jam and an audience! Trying to give people quality time was not always easy. Most people were good natured and accepted that there were delays. hope you enjoy your time at the show.
  15. Steam Cleaning

    I am afraid that I cannot help with the steam cleaning query - but - when we had a diesel spill in the bilge (about 20 litres) we pumped most of the diesel out then with bucket after bucket of VERY HOT soapy water - mopped and mopped for a few hours and hey - no diesel - no smell! A long ardous job - and we wish you good luck!