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  1. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    Probably because it's an EA lock, not a CRT one - need to subscribe to the Thames Harbourmaster's alerts. See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-conditions-closures-restrictions-and-lock-closures about half-way down the page.
  2. C&RT Boaters' Update 28 July 2017

    These signs are currently on the K&A as well.
  3. DaveP

  4. C&RT Smart Electric System

    But also, if you unplug the boat end to pop upriver to another place for a weekend, it won't allow you to plug in there until you unplug at the original meter...
  5. Trad v Semi-Trad v Cruiser!!....Fight Night!!

    Socialising - towpath or pub. No need to stay on the boat, and the last thing you need whilst helming is others getting in the tiller arc - they can stay down the pointy end listening to each other as one revels in favourite choons on the ghetto blaster. So a trad for me.
  6. EA v CRT

    Apples and Oranges: a lot of the CRT operation is concerned with entirely artifical watercourses whereas the EA is dealing with natural, but improved, ones. The Thames especially is a relatively heavily used waterway so has high income relative to the cost of the structures necessary for navigation - so more staff can be employed. Compare to, say, the Rochdale where there is low useage and a far higher cost of structures for navigation...
  7. Pi's as a media centre (osmc connected to a couple of dvb tuners and a hard drive), a general computer (linux mate hung off the back off a 22" display), running a webcam for timelapse films on the move (raspbian with a logitech c270 webcam).
  8. Phone software (android) gps to track a journey.

    I use geotracker. Works well, can export data to googe maps.
  9. Improving onboard Mobile communications

    Tried it in a 3-locked dongle. Detected and shut down within a minute. I usb tether the phone (a cheap 4g model) to a unlocked nano wifi/router and it does the trick - no tethering detected in a couple of years.
  10. New Islington Marina

    That's not what DeanS' letter says! I'd interpret it as saying the operator will be inviting applications from anyone and there's _nothing_ about the old licencees having any kind of priority/guarantee of getting back in. You need to get something in writing quick, or I suspect its going to be new, shiny and expensive
  11. Stoppages

    I've deleted it, but the dates were in the last boater briefing put out a couple of days ago, I think first proposal early June, revised early July and final early August. Dave
  12. Is Narrowboatworld doing CaRT's Job?

    Surely the point there would be to 'reset the clock' if the boats had been sighted outside the marina. To prevent the unfortunate episode of mrsmelly...
  13. Your data checker is at odds with CRT guidance. "What constitutes a ‘neighbourhood’ will vary from area to area – on a rural waterway a village or hamlet may be a neighbourhood and on an urban waterway a suburb or district within a town or city may be a neighbourhood. A sensible and pragmatic judgement needs to be made." I'd suggest you contact their supervisor and point out that some training is required.
  14. DVD storage on board

    I've got about 300 DVD's and 150 CD's removed from their cases and stored in a Maplin flight case (45x30x20 cm), i used to open it occasionally, but with the improvement of mobile data, not for about two years. More often used as a lending library to other non-internetted neighbours. I'd rip everything to a portable hard drive (4Tb should cope) back that up to another one in a safe place, and use a raspberry pi running kodi to manage/view the resultant library.