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  1. Day time Tv

    Never heard of it, but I do know Different Strokes, a classic soul record by Syl Johnson.
  2. What should I ask ,

    A greeno for that (I assume intentional) comment! Perhaps the person who is taking it out (a plumbing professional?) can advise on resale price, or even buy it himself for his sales stock.
  3. Day time Tv

    Oh, sorry. Different strokes for different folks. I too was brought up in Yorkshire but I enjoyed it!
  4. Place names

    Certainly my (Derbyshire) parents used it - but with a slight variation, "black over OUR Bill's mother's".
  5. Turtles/ Terripins

    It's a good question. Do they, like humans, come in varying sizes when full-grown?
  6. ...and a couple of radiators, preferably not heated by the stove; I do not live aboard, but if I did I would ensure that I had two separate modes of heating, in case one failed in the bleak midwinter.
  7. Stolen Boat

    Excellent news. Incidentally, my Face Book connection works again now, and the picture and description in Julia's first post have returned too - perhaps they were copied in some way from FB.
  8. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    Yes, I have heard of water filters being used in boats, because of course the water would be less pleasant and less safe to drink without one.
  9. Day time Tv

    Have you seen 'The Lady In The Van'? Bennett's screenplay plus Dame Maggie Smith as the title character add up to a most absorbing film. In the late '70s and early '80s I taught in a prep school just round the corner from Gloucester Crescent (or was it Gloucester Avenue? memory fails), occasionally saw Alan Bennett cycling around the town, and remember the van - though perhaps fortunately I didn't know the story behind it at the time.
  10. Wet bilge (engine bay)

    Our last boat, a trad-stern with a Liverpool Boats shell, had a similar problem, even though we ensured that the stern tube greaser was tightened regularly (which you no doubt do too). When it happened, the bilge pump quickly got rid of the water, but we never did discover why the water was getting in.
  11. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    Going back to Hackenbush's first post, he did not make it clear that he was talking about water from the boat's tank, though subsequent posts suggest that it is so. HB, many boaters (including this one) never drink the water from the boat's tank, because of what it may contain. Certainly we don't: we have some bottles on board which contain our drinking water. I would think that the majority of narrowboaters do likewise, for reasons of flavour and hygiene.
  12. I see no bad grammar. I just wondered about the spaces between the areas of glass because with portholes these will have round edges, making it more difficult to fit cupboards etc. between them, especially if they are of the size mentioned by MHS. Yes, as with other boat choices such as type of loo and type of stern deck, the subject is certainly a personal one.
  13. Stolen Boat

    On my screen, your signature "Julia" is now the first word which appears in your original post.
  14. Stolen Boat

    No, my use of the word "perhaps" shows, I think, that it is not for definite. I can see nothing on Face Book either, because it has been off the air, at least on this computer, since mid-morning.
  15. Mr. Suit's comment about insulation is a good and valid one. I am not so sure about his comment regarding cupboards: in what way?