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  1. Hit and run

    Sho' nuff.
  2. Old sayings.

    Despite the encroaching mcdonaldisation of our fair land, it is pleasing that many vivid regional expressions such as that one are still in use. It reminds e of one I heard when living in Sussexd some years ago: "Everything in Sussex is a she except for a bull, and she's a he".
  3. Obscure connections to celebrities

    One evening last year I ate in the same restaurant as Ray Illingworth.
  4. Obscure connections to celebrities

    I share a birthday with Noel Edmonds and a name with a former England cricket captain. Oh, and I once interviewed BB King, who seemed very impressed with me, and Bo Diddley, who seemed less so (though he wasn't the type to be impressed by anybody).
  5. Hit and run

    Flattery will get you....not very far in this instance. But I symphonise with your point of view.
  6. Hit and run

    A very sharp observation, indeed it could have been! They my even think that it should be referenda.
  7. Linear Moorings

    Perhaps not quite what BD wants to hear, but sage words nonetheless.
  8. Hit and run

    Or Italianly?
  9. Hit and run

    Indeed. If it had been a car on the road rather than a boat on the water, a criminal case would probably ensue.
  10. Hit and run

    I did not think that I would insult your intelligence by appending a yellow smiling face. I have, however, amended that post. I am happy with "fora" or "forums". Perhaps I will find more information on the social mediums.
  11. Hit and run

  12. Hit and run

    We all have our amazing moments. I am equally amazed that you did know (assuming that your post was addressed to me, which you did not make clear). The epithet was "plastic pos" not "POS", and there was no indication that it was an abbreviation for anything. That being so, the context was not particularly illuminating. Most people, this one included, would infer that it was a type of boat. Anyway, it is always good to extend one's vocabulary, even if in this instance it will remain passive.
  13. Armed man takes hostages on Griff Arm

    I think this was reported on last night's T.V. news, though the Griff Arm was not mentioned. What surprised me about both the T.V. report and the one which you reproduce was the use of the term "bowling alley", surely as outdated as "steamroller".
  14. Klutz the Squirrel

    What proportion of our readership is of that age group? Probably a minority I'd suspect.
  15. Still looking!

    A good idea - the more the merrier, obviously the more members who tell us about buying older boats (and any problems which they had) will be informative to the O.P. I found Neil's remarks helpful (and not cryptic), but it would be pleasing if other members could expand on the points which he has raised.