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  1. ...and one for you for that astute observation.
  2. I remember reading Great Expectations as a set book at grammar school. We witty lads nicknamed it "Twins".
  3. An Interesting Assignment

    Fair enough.
  4. Microbore for radiators

    When I saw the word "microbore" my thoughts turned to the late Ronnie Corbett sitting in that director's chair.
  5. An Interesting Assignment

    I don't need to ask if you'll be having a good weekend then, enjoy yourselves! The idea of a 36-bedroom hotel in the grounds of a marina might be daunting to some moorers; perhaps this is partly a P.R. exercise to help moorers to view the hotel in a favvourable light.
  6. Mooring on my own land

    And goof morning and welcome to you. We have some members here who are experts in the legal aspects of boating, so I'm sure that you will receive good advice.
  7. A couple of recent posts have come close to personal insults. No more of it, please.
  8. CRT and continuous cruising

    Coming soon to a Bushtucker Trial near you.
  9. Ashes Cricket?

    Nor me, though I did meet him last year: he and his wife often use a restaurant where we sometimes eat.
  10. CRT and continuous cruising

    That's one version of the story. A Bristolian with whom I was at university reckoned that there was a rat in every barrel of scrumpy.
  11. CRT and continuous cruising

    I could easily become vegetarian if it weren't for meat.
  12. Ashes Cricket?

    All right all right, how many d'you want? I'm not made of greenoes you know.
  13. Ashes Cricket?

    Oooh! You ****! Have a greeno.
  14. Ashes Cricket?

    Nah, he's the rich one. I'm the good-looking one. i am also noted for my modesty.
  15. Ashes Cricket?

    Yes, I was, er, joking. Athy is not my real name either - but I do share a real surname (and, for that matter, christian name) with a former England captain, to whom I am not related as far as i know.