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  1. Canal art...beware

    Very droll. No, I don't think you do "get it": anyone who eats an egg is qualified to comment upon it, or "hold forth" as you put it. Similarly, anyone who looks at a [picture, or listens to a piece of music, can comment upon it - as I have been doing professionally for over 40 years. Is that not sufficeint qualification?
  2. Canal art...beware

    I can criticise an egg even though I couldn't lay a better one.
  3. Music in Pubs

    In post 34 you suggested that he had a Bristol accent, so I was simply going on what you said as I assume that you have local knowledge.
  4. Music in Pubs

    Only very local people would notice - unlike the time that I saw a fairly recent version of Dr. Feelgood, a quintessentially Sarf London band, and the current lead singer was a Geordie!
  5. Canal art...beware

    Isn't it from an estate agent's brochure? "Desirable spacious waterside residence, would benefit from some renovation"?
  6. Turtles/ Terripins

    Surely soup?
  7. Turtles/ Terripins

    PIGS FLYING......PIGS FLYING......! I do think that Britain is subject to Global Winding. We can't have had a single day in the last month when it was calm.
  8. Turtles/ Terripins

    ...all of which, according to the knowledgeable information in earlier posts, find it far more easy to breed in our climate than the terries do - hence my "which seems unlikely".
  9. Turtles/ Terripins

    Oh I don't know, they may quite enjoy it, bless 'em. Seriously though, are there enough of them in the wild to make an appreciable difference to the balance of nature in Britain? Surely it would need thousands of them to breed, which appears unlikely, if they were to become a widespread nuisance.
  10. Turtles/ Terripins

    They are more likely to be terrapins (which have feet) than turtles (which have fins or flippers). Small terrapins were indeed sold as "turtles" during that Ninja craze. We have one which climbs on to one of the tyres lining our landing stage to bask. He (?) is about soup-plate size, though less circular, and is known as Terence, though he probably does not realise this. I am not sure what damage they do, though I have heard that they will eat small ducklings. Even so, I thought that the advice offered by a keen ecologist to whom I was talking during the Cropredy Festival, "Cut his head off", was on the harsh side of cruel.
  11. Carry on Barging

    Mmm...merguez...be hungry...be very hungry...
  12. Day time Tv

    Well if tha rattles loud enough tha won't be able to 'ear t'telly. Get well soon.
  13. Likewise; both views are perfectly reasonable but it's possible that, being based on common sense, neither is right!
  14. Day time Tv

    Once again, it's optional. I have no knowledge of 'Love Island' (a romantic comedy?) but if you don't like it, plenty of other stations, and no station at all, are available.
  15. Day time Tv

    The Tony Robinson Pension Fund, alias 'Time Team', is often enjoyable and informative - though whichever station shows it (The History Channel I suppose) does tend to screen three or four episodes in a row, which is at least enough. If you didn't know the word "geofizz" before, you will after an hour or two. Mrs. Athy tends to watch 'Time Team' on her day off while she's doing her needlework, I just happen to watch a bit of it now and then. Are you badly (as my parents used to say)? EDIT: television viewing is optional, you know. Books, radio and musical reproducers are available.