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    Trying to make a living!<br />Plus when I get time Writing, Charity work, Local history, Transport History, Travel and Website development.

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  1. How do I find a good boat builder?

    It seems little changes! lol
  2. TWT Planning a bonfire!

    So what happened to Gwendoline then?
  3. New Boat timings

    "I know we will have a boat safety certificate." Why would you on a new boat?
  4. Anyone tried an inverter from KiPoint?

    I would ask Stirling for their view on the things!
  5. Shepley bridge marine, christmas eve

    Disconnected skin fittings very near the waterline seemed to be the cause, maybe the weight of the snow or collected water put them below the waterline?
  6. refurbishing a boat. Will it need an RCD?

    The change from working to recreational does in theory fall under the remit of the RCD. But of course that only applies if you were to sell it on within five years from completion.
  7. liverpool boat company

    People are now claiming VAT back on qualifying broad beam boats and barge style narrowboats in light of previous tribunal rulings. Even if the builder is no longer trading it seems to be possible to claim back the VAT paid due to incorrect VAT assessment at the time of purchase.

    You could try these people- http://www.hovercraftconsultants.co.uk/document.htm
  9. Mastervolt?

    I was trained by both Mastervolt & Victron and before my day they were one and the same. Victron have a large R&D department and a very small sales department. Mastervolt have a very large sales department and a smaller R&D department. Both companies have had occasional problems with their products in recent years and rectified them satisfactorily. I personally prefer Victron because I have had less problems with it and the price is a bit less if you use the third party ESP panels and accessories from Energy Solutions. I do also like Mastervolt but find to do a job based solely on Mastervolt components it can become eye watering expensive and Mastervolt UK used to be absolutely awful to deal with but since that roll is now filled by Aquafax things are probably a lot better now. Both manufacturers are in a far different league to the "Dark arts enthusiast kit" will it work or won't it that is so beloved in the Ditch crawling world.
  10. Looking to purchase 2 possibly 4 Top Boxes

    On a stability course I attended much was made and demonstrated about the negative effects of the loading of narrowboat roofs and who potentially would be responsible if one was to capsize! I took it with a pinch of salt but it might be worth considering I do know that by the legal tests of stability narrowboats can be a bit near to the mark already in many cases.
  11. Bubble PJ Diesel Boiler

    You are really stuck with the manufacturer- Phone: 01302 742 520 (int +44-1302-742-520) Fax: 01302 750 573 (int +44-1302-750-573) email: sales@oilstoves.co.uk Address: Harworth Heating Ltd Blyth Road Harworth Doncaster South Yorkshire DN11 8NE They have a bit of a reputation according to some of being a bit difficult to deal with but in all honesty we never had any really big issues just the normal hassle you get with many marine suppliers.
  12. Sterling or Gibbo?

    Like I said Sterling is very popular with the believers that are happy to pay the marked up prices for the additional stickers. I aren't involved in selling it anymore and don't have a problem with people buying it or not buying it I will quite happily install the stuff if people believe it suits there needs. I still like Victron and Mastervolt personally but that kind of kit is a now getting a bit complex plus pricey for most ditch crawlers to have installed. The ditch crawling market does seem more happily suited to some of the kit sourced from the Far East and badged for sale in the UK by the various importers.
  13. boat insulation

    Yes either the boatbuilder or the better sprayfoamers warm it up with a space heater before starting.
  14. BS8511

    So the question is what will everybody do when it comes out? Mr & Mrs Bill Boater? My guess will ignore it if they don't like the content. Bodge it and Scarper Ltd "we only do the fitting out" will do much the same. Maybe a few of the "proper" if any are left boatbuilders will be bright enough to realise the potential legal implications of ignoring it and be creative. The BSS and their response will be of interest no doubt. Maybe the delay is intended to build up the excitement!!!