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  1. Water pump

    Agreed, but it would prevent the taking of meaningful pressure readings.
  2. Shore Power/Galvanic Corrosion

    As Tony says, worry about electrocution. In the event of a fault, galvanic corrosion might be the least of your worries
  3. Water pump

    Before BEngo's checks above, I'd suggest taking a pressure reading at the accumulator with pump switched off and a tap open. If it's much above 15 psi, let some air out. Accumulators tend to come charged to a comparatively high pressure, and, if installed without adjustment, will do S.F.A..
  4. Disconnected wire from relay could be heater plugs. Fail to stop could be a disconnected "energise to stop" solenoid.
  5. But, if I understand the goings on in a septic tank correctly, it's anaerobic bacteria which produce the pong, and aerobic ones which consume their byproducts, thus ridding the tank of pong.
  6. Boat explodes in Bristol Harbour

    IIRC, boat was Sillohette, I remember the painter (can't remember who it was) wanting to do the logo on the sides, which was the shape of a boat stern entering a tunnel, with slightly bulging sides.
  7. Scottish Canal

    BIt of a challenge to re-connect it to the Forth & Clyde
  8. 57feet ?

    Although when we did it, I did turn a 58' narowboat below the staircase. We had plenty of time, while waiting for the boats in front of us to ascend. On the way back, it was reverse into top lock, and backwards down the locks. Much quicker, TBH!
  9. Ideally, at least two vents, one at each end of the tank, in an attempt to get a through flow of air. I take it the motor provides flush water for a dump through?
  10. engine buzzer

    In that case,should there not be a charge warning light on?
  11. Bridgewater

    Peel would have to prove that they did. My conclusion, however, as discussed at length in the other place, is that all they would have to do is cite Article 7 of The Bridgewater Canal (Transfer of Undertaking) Order 2012. This does, however, contain the proviso " This article does not authorise the making of any charge in a case where an enactment relating to the Bridgewater Canal expressly or impliedly provides for freedom from charges or otherwise prohibits the making of any charge." It would then be up to you to find the elusive enactment before the case came to Court.
  12. We chuck some Odorlos into it occasionally. It's a macerator one, so smell isn't as much of a problem as it can be with dump through. (I still prefer a dump through, KISS principle ...) I think the secret (especially with a dump through) is good ventilation of the tank, to encourage aerobic bacteria. I have seen some where the ventilation is so poor that the tank builds up a positive pressure, so there is a blast of pong when the lever is operated.
  13. trailer with surge brakes

    Not too sure how that device functions! When we towed Gamebird, we used twin stabilisers. Noseweight was fairly high, probably above the optimum, and I found it surprising how much a small change in weight distribution within the boat could affect the handling, although some of that could have been psychological! The stabilisers certainly helped, allowing an extra 10 m.p.h. or so, which meant we could keep up with the trucks, making the journey a bit more relaxing, wtihout being overtaken by HGVs every five minutes!
  14. From your figures, the alternator voltage was still rising when the engine was switched off and the charging was left to the solar. This would imply that your batteries were not fully charged. The Ahr counter may be out of sync, especially if it has been told that the batteries were fully charged when they weren't. The Amp figures seem low, unless there is a current drain at the same time, so that not all the current is going to the batteries. The tiddly alternator on Gamebird (50A, I think) does better than that, and would be putting out about 15A at around 14V, when my batteries would be about 80% charged. Both alternator and solar appear to be going through the BMV shunt correctly. There may be a bit of resistance somewhere: how is the split charging arranged; diode or relay?
  15. K&A Trip planned

    ^^^^^^This^^^^^^^ Plus, the original bottom gates on the K&A were set lower than the top ones, so that the lock could still be operated easily, as opposed to the arrangement on my local Forth and Clyde where the water flows over both sets of gates.