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  1. Is plastic proper plumbing? (Probably the same was said years ago about Yorkshire fittings )
  2. Portable radios

    My experience would suggest not ... although I suppose they only hear what they want to hear, so ... (Rapidly donning flak jacket and helmet)
  3. Portable radios

    Don't do what I did: 12v NiCd cells, fed through diode and resistor, connected to the "always live" radio connection. I didn't realise car radios use that as the main power feed nowadays, so everything got a bit hot! Could bypass a similar set up with a relay supplying the power when master switch on, I suppose, but that means a permanently energised relay ... Maybe just beef up the diode, and connect upstream of the resistor?
  4. Portable radios

    Leaving aside the difference between the electromagnetic radio waves, and the compressive sound waves, would that not be a bit confusing; hearing the cricket commentary, the footy commentary, the current music charts, classic, the shipping forecast, the news and the Archers, all at the same time?
  5. Repayment of Debt

    .... and one of them' s Theresa
  6. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    The porky was the bIt I've put in bold in the first quote. I have listed above where and when it was posted.(#168)
  7. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    But it does exist in that one (the 2012 Transfer Order).
  8. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Why should I do that? (I'm assuming Neil Hayes is some sort of Peel functionary) Why should he send it to you? Has he sent you all the stuff that has been posted on the subject? I refer you to the "Bridgewater Canal Claim back your toll fees" thread in the other place, and in particular August 15th 12.40a,m, August 15th 12.59 p.m. August 15th 9.37p.m. August 16th 8.35p.m. August 16th 12.30 p.m. I am not the one telling porkies here ... For the record, I think Peel are out of order with the "no return within 28 days, unless you pay us 40 quid" bit, but believe it's an attempt to deal with a perceived problem, rather than a money grabbing exercise. It might be constructive to suggest "no return within 7 days" as an alternative? However, out of order, unfair, or not, I have reluctantly concluded that they have the right to charge for use of the Bridgewater Canal, unless there is some legal basis to the previous Bridgewater/BW agreement, and CaRT were willing to go to law to uphold it. (Accompanied by a squadron of flying pigs, perhaps)
  9. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    I agree. You put it a lot better than I did, though!
  10. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Sub-section 3 prohibits charging where there is a previous enactment which prohibits charging. As I have asked numerous times before, in various places, what is this "previous enactment"? An enactment has to have been enacted; it is not merely the absence of one to the contrary.
  11. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    That schedule doesn't apply to pleasure boats, as it is a schedule of tolls on commercial traffic. Because Tesco don't have the price of bread on the butchers' counter, it doesn't follow that bread is free. Note that the quoted section says that the schedule does not apply to pleasure boats, or affect the tolls or charges which the company are authorised to charge. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT PLEASURE BOATS ARE FREEOF CHARGE. The 2012 Transfer Order grants the power to make bye laws, but also grants the power to charge any vessel using the canal. The sections are separate and independent. There is previous legislation which also permits the charging of pleasure vessels, but I've limited Internet access at the moment, and do not intend to look it up again.
  12. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    No, it's not. See post 40,
  13. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    I can show with equal certainty that there HAVE been charges for non commercial craft : ask any Bridgewater Canal Licence holder. Don't know about stone or goods for public works being free, but the canal was not built for the public good; it was built so that the Duke of Bridgewater could increase the profit from his coal mines by supplying Manchester more cheaply than competitors. Most canals were built to provide a profit to the shareholders who contributed to the construction costs. The only one I know of which might be described as "built for the public good" is the Caledonian.
  14. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Although gigoguy and I (along with others) have had this discussion before, to preserve a bit of balance, I quote section 7 of The Bridgewater Canal (Transfer of Undertaking) Order 2012 I leave it to the reader to decide the meaning of 7(1), and also the applicability or not of 7(3) ...
  15. Vetus M4.14 Thermostat

    A motor factor should be able to match it from the old one. I have seen Mitsubishi K6516441 or MD001370 listed as equivalents. ASAP used to have one listed as equivalent to these part numbers, and also Leyland 30A4600100 for Thornycroft engines, but it is discontinued. https://www.asap-supplies.com/engine-thermostat-82-degrees-c looks pretty standard, and does list relevant dimensions, which can be checked against the old one.