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  1. Broken paddle...

    But with leaks at both ends, the rate of leakage will vary. Assuming going up, as the lock fills the leakage from the top will decrease while, once the bottom gates are fully closed, the leakage from the bottom will increase. We once went up Atherstone when one of the top paddles was U/S on the bottom lock. There was a bit of a queue, as the lock was taking about 25 minutes to operate, and, even then, the top gate was very heavy. We managed to cut this down a bit by having half a dozen heavy people on the top gate ....
  2. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    Does that mean that Nobody's on fourth?
  3. Brexit 2017

    It's looking more likely that that is exactly what we're going to get, nothing changed except that we will have no input or influence on it.
  4. Fitting a waste water tank

    Agreed. If there is a filter, the vent cannot be used for flushing out.
  5. Advent Calendar (for your engine!)

    Is that a wind up?
  6. rubbish Shurflo pumps

    Smileypete's suggestion (long time ago now!) of wiring through a relay is a good one. The microswitch on the pressure switch assembly then only switches relay current, and lasts a lot longer. The other problem I have had with water pump pressure switches is the small hole before the diaphragm becoming blocked. Fixed by running a drill bit through it, either manually or on a drill. I enlarge them a fair bit, to about 3mm. I have gone larger while experimenting, and found that if the hole is larger than 5mm, the pump cab stutter a bit when cutting out. The other way round both these problems is to fit a "Square D" type pressure switch, and bypass the pump's own pressure switch. Bottom line is that a dead pressure switch shouldn't mean a dead pump.
  7. Leaking Toilet Valve

    Does it only leak when flushing, and where is it leaking from? (top of valve, or one of the connections?)
  8. How Many Straws To Break The Camel’s Back ?

    Is an offer, subject to payment, a refusal? A shop could refuse to serve a customer; "the Board" cannot do likewise if the s17(3) conditions are met, but are they refusing if no payment is made, or is the customer refusing to buy?
  9. Designing 12v charging system from scratch

    I have fitted Smartgauges to three boats. The installations are slightly different in that the first one has Smartbank, but not connected to Smartgauge, the second has Smartgauge connected to Smartbank, which was modified to Smartbank Advanced, and the third has Smartgauge only(Two alternators, so no split charge system needed). I have never checked against a calibrated Votmeter, but the voltage readings agree with my meter and, in the third case, agree with the Merlin Powergauge (an Amp Hour counting meter) which was fitted originally. Boat one was/is a shared boat. In our normal use, the batteries were fairly fully charged when the boat was in use, but tended to be ill treated at changeover time, as typical use was a short day on the last day of the trip, along with extensive use of the hoover, followed by a short day with the next owner. The Smartgauge was not really used as to establish that the batteries were fully charged, but was very useful in ensuring that they were not left excessively discharged at changeover time. Boat two tends to do relatively short days, and the engine is run at times to charge the batteries. If they are taken to 100% on the Smartgauge, they will typically drop to 99% or 98% after an hour or so. If the engine is run for an hour or two after the 100% is first indicated, the batteries will still be at 100% after a couple of days with master switches off. I conclude that when charging, that Smartgauge is within 2%. Boat three is similar to boat one, but it typically takes a couple of days for the batteries to start behaving themselves, and not show excessive discharge over night. Comparison between the Smartgauge and the Powergauge indicates that the battery capacity increases a fair bit over the first three or for days use, so it is likely that the Smartgauge is a bit inaccurate, at least at first. However, the batteries are borderline. They were fitted by the boatyard, but the boat was left for several weeks with the cabin master switch on, resulting in a continuous discharge of just under an amp, and totally flat cabin batteries. The remaining capacity, by comparison of Powergauge AmpHours out and Smartgauge percentage is about a third of the bank's nominal capacity, and so Smartgauge would not be expected to be accurate. (I'm sure it's in the manual somewhere that Smartgauge doesn't work properly when batteries have lost 50% capacity) So in answer to Mikes 1) : It's fairly accurate, and after charging, will regain its accuracy. 2) If Smartgauge is displaying 100%, the batteries are near full charge. The above assumes that the Smartgauge was correctly calibrated at the factory
  10. Brexit 2017

    Even if you are not right, you are certainly not alone! (Except that "remaining in the EU in all but name" precludes any influence in future EU decision making)
  11. Galvanic reaction around bronze skin fittings

    I wish someone had told my Land Rover that
  12. "Punch Taverns promised a new sign". Did you make an offer for the "old" one?
  13. Brexit 2017

    Aye, right! (Unless, of course, you voted "Remain"?) At least up North it has got agreement between Ruthie and the Sturgeon, with Ruth commenting that the deal is good for the United Kingdom, and the Sturgeon saying that May has capitulated. WHAT????????
  14. Brexit 2017

    So you're suggesting ditching Westminster?