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  1. RED weather warning for the North West

    The bridgewater canal looks like a rough sea . frothy white waves and blowing a gale , the boat is rocking and rolling
  2. Coventry Canal Society "Panther"

    Ariel is very similar under the water to Python and Own, being a Yarwoods built boat for Midlands & Coast. The bottom was replaced with steel and has the same step. I can't tell you about the front (half) as that sank and was scrapped in the 60's or 70's.

    Link is above your post alan ....


    Ive just read this and thought id post it on here incase anyone has any info , i hope shes found safe ( apologies if its been posted before } http://www.itv.com/news/central/story/2013-12-17/search-for-missing-nottingham-mum-continues/%C2'>
  6. Reasons to be cheerful. Post them here.

    My two " children " Liam ,( off this forum ) and my daughter( susan ) i couldnt of wished for better offsprings : ), and the general health of my family x
  7. Louvred Vent

    Hi all , where can i purchase ( not online for delivery ) the above please ? need 3 of , 6 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches , im in the manchester area Thanks Trish
  8. Should you turn your fridge off at night?

    Food should be kept at a constant temp whilst in the fridge so turning it off isnt a good idea , i read its about 4 hours as long as the door is kept closed, best if it can be left on
  9. Happy Birthday Liam !

    Have a good day son , see you later xxxx
  10. Dutton breach

    On the news this morning they just reported work starting on it today ....
  11. My dog just died.

    So sorry for your loss ....
  12. Tips for mooring on the river

    Dont moor up where the trip boat used to berth , kids use it as a meeting place . we were there in august and got woken up at 6am by one of the scrotes running on the boat roof and then proceeded to throw off one of our fold up chairs off the roof of the boat into the river, by the time we had got out of the boat they were sat down on the bench chatting away as bold as brass , hed of ended up in the river if id of caught him doing it , i was livid to say the least

    Happy birthday angie , have a lovely night xxx
  14. When were you a TV star?

    "kaz" on Liams Nb, Ariel
  15. Hay Fever - any old wives remedies

    Frequently washing your face especially eyebrows and eyes to get rid of the pollen that sticks to the hairs brings relief immediately