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  1. Faux Suede lining ?

    Surely this is 100% cotton, and therefore completely natural? Also, I don't see where it says that it is waterproof? I think you would need to paint it. In my experience sewing, anything sold as craft fabric is usually of low quality. I don't know how much you will need, but this place sells loomstate (basically unbleached and needs washing) and if you buy more than 3 metres the price reduces, and again at 10 metres. Loomstate should be OK if you are going to paint it. http://www.whaleys-bradford.ltd.uk/fabrics/section-b-cotton-calico-loomstate-cottons-canvas?limit=36
  2. Help? Changing fit out and more

    They may indeed, and if I put up a series of videos on Youtube they would be welcome to comment on my presentation style. I must say that I don't understand the comments about deck prisms not working at night. Nothing lets in light when it is dark, that is why we have artificial lighting. I thought that the prisms let in a decent amount of light whilst preserving privacy, if that is required, and from above rather than through the side, so possibly more effective on dull days.
  3. Help? Changing fit out and more

    I came across 'Deck Prisms' as a way of letting light in through the ceiling/roof.through watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9qsiQNIlK0 (I have to say that this couple grate on me, and I can't see me watching any more of their offerings.)
  4. Can you use a coolbox in the water as a fridge?

    If the OP was happy keeping foodstuffs cool in a bucket of water before, why not simply carry on doing so? That would avoid potential contamination from canal water.
  5. Day time Tv

    Nobody with any functioning brain cells would ever skive off work to watch television, especially the daytime offerings. As pete.i says, even Sky has loads of repeats. Do you read at all? Or does your wound allow you to do any cooking that you don't usually have time for?
  6. Bolt? Gatlin?

    Yes, strange that none of the talking heads are mentioning Coleman. There was a heat yesterday where a Brit came second and they didn't comment on that either, as far as I can recall. I agree with you about lifetime bans. I also don't have a problem with the spectators booing Gatlin. It won't do him, or any sportsman contemplating doping, any harm to know what the paying public think of it.
  7. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    I'm convinced that either you skim-read this thread, or you haven't read it all. As Alan de Enfield stated above, in post 71, access to a narrowboat is likely to be a real issue for Calranthe's wife, Paola. Most of them have ladder-like access down 4 or 5 rungs, often at both ends.
  8. Advice needed (not a narrow boat)

    Tool kit??
  9. Advice needed (not a narrow boat)

    I have mobility problems, and Paola's sound similar. I think the idea of sturdy steps with wide treads so that she can feel herself firmly planted before she makes her next move would be the way to go. The other thing that would be of great assistance is plenty of grab handles, so that she could have 3 points of contact at a time.
  10. freaky friday 2017 spring

    According to their website Freaky Friday is 7th April. 20% off in store and online.
  11. Is there a members only forum?

    Police Forces (or whatever they call themselves these days) usually have twitter feeds or Facebook pages. Is it possible that Norfolk Police have put information about this in such a place, and a link could be put on CWDF?
  12. Have you got £3.7 million to spend on a houseboat?

    As the hull is steel presumably it needs blacking? That must be a bit of a kerfuffle to arrange, especially if it doesn't have any means of propulsion.
  13. biscuit tin cooking

    Now you are being silly!
  14. biscuit tin cooking

    I haven't seen what I would call a decently robust biscuit tin for years, and I think it would be hard to get and keep such an oven hot enough anyway (Athy's method uses the earth bank for that). Here is an idea for improvising an oven from other things for on top of a stove http://www.ourtinyhomestead.com/wood-stove-cooking.html If you can look past this being a blog about vintage sewing machines, this blogger bakes rolls on a bakestone on their stove https://oldsingersewingmachineblog.com/2011/12/24/theres-a-lovely-smell/ I would think that recipes described as for a slow cooker would work, as people mostly seem to cook stews and the like. May be not a standard loaf of bread, but a few ideas if you are prepared to be a bit adventurous http://bakingqueen74.co.uk/baking-and-making-puddings-in-your-slow-cooker/
  15. 42 feet of pure prettiness

    Another one here who has great admiration for your courage in buying and trying to learn about your boat. Can't offer advice about how to remove your fridge but if even if you are not using it and plan to get rid, make sure to keep the door from closing or else the inside will go mouldy and that is horrible.