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  1. Surely every narrow boat should be fitted with a single cylinder engine, I can't even count to 4.. Casp'
  2. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    I can't remember, does coolant hose need to be something specific for the BSS, or just standard radiator hose? Casp'
  3. Swapping engines.. Some pics of progress.

    Ha, very stretchy braces..
  4. Swapping engines.. Some pics of progress.

    Except I really have no idea what you are on about.
  5. Swapping engines.. Some pics of progress.

    I don't know what you mean about the lift bridge so I guess it wasn't me.
  6. Swapping engines.. Some pics of progress.

    Just realised I hadn't put an update on, so.. The new prop is much better, the engine no longer shakes the boat to pieces when in gear. I have also changed the chain throttle and that now does the revs fine, since doing this I can now get the engine to rev both slower and faster, appears the old system, which I fitted too, limited the revs to only the mid range.. A chap who works on these engines suggested that I swap the throttle spring for a solid bar, or a stiffer spring as that will allow more revs. To test this I removed the rocker cover and, with the engine running, I manually pulled the throttle arm, the engine certainly will rev higher so it's an option if I decide the boat is too slow, though I haven't chugged with the new throttle setup, which allows for higher revs than I had before anyway.. The head gasket is fine, just tightened 2 of the nuts.. Next on the list is to find a way to get the engine up to temperature quicker.. Casp'
  7. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    I wonder if I could get an old Landy thermostat and housing and somehow fit it into the cooling pipe, but also have a bypass/ shortcut so there is always some circulation. It's probably just that my swim tank is too big, but it's all guess-work..
  8. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    Wouldn't that give the same result; cold water being pumped into the engine once it's reached temp. The only difference being that some watet is circulating during warm up.
  9. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    Isn't what I'm considering doing exactly the same as how car engines are cooled, with a thermostat allowing cold water in at a certain point? My pump is an inline 12v pump which are used in cars as an auxiliary pump, it just circulates water through the engine and the swim tank, though it can be diverted from swim tank to the hot water tank. I plumbed the cooling system and don't know what you mean by a bypass. The pump does pump a lot of water, this engine is meant to be cooled through a gravity fed radiator, so my system is currently cooling it too well..
  10. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    There's a Renault 5 Turbo one that switches on at 78 c and then turns off at 68 c. So would that mean the coolant would average out somewhere between the 2 figures? or do people think the 78 c is too high? Casp'
  11. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    http://www.ebay.de/itm/Behr-Thermot-tronik-8-121-05-325-Temperaturschalter-Kuhlerlufter-fur-MAN-Merc/121916940572?_trksid=p2045573.c100507.m3226&_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D43785%26meid%3Dddf62758ca8044e7b6367752d97c120f%26pid%3D100507%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26 This one is the right temp, but rather pricey. It doesn't state what model of car it is for, else I could just search for one nearer home..
  12. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    They are certainly very cheap, if they work well..
  13. Need to source a radiator fan switch at 70 C

    The outlet hose exits at the highest point so it should get the hottest water. The hose is rubber so I guess I can't put an external one onto it. The outlet connectors are thick cast iron so not sure they will give a fair temp reading either. The ones that just have a probe to gain the temperature; how could I seal those? The digital ones look a bit fancy and cheap, so I wonder how reliable they would be. I like the simple, car type, screw in ones, but I can't find one.
  14. The Ruston manual states the cooling water outlet should be at 71 degrees C and should not exceed a max of 81. The cooling is done using a 12v Bosch car auxiliary pump, which comes on with the ignition. This means the engine takes ages to reach operation temperature. I aim to fit a thermo radiator fan switch into the outlet pipe which will then turn on the pump when the engine reaches temperature, but I've been scouring the net and car ones all seem to be set too high, I know you can get capillary ones that are adjustable, but I can't see how they can be sealed, so ideally I would like a standard threaded type. Anyone know a good source for me? Regards Casp'
  15. Keel Black

    I was chatting with a boat painter only yesterday, he raves about the stuff. He says it dries very hard and it's no good putting your brushes in water as they go hard anyway. Rubbing strakes are there to take the knocks so any paint on them tends to get scraped off. Time will tell, I guess, though our family tend to think anything below the water is purely cosmetic anyway and bare steel would last just ad well. I am also in dock putting this stuff on right now... So we shall see, it certainly goes on easily.. casp'