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  1. Brexit 2017

    You seem to be arguing that we need the EU because we aren't as a nation competent to handle our own affairs.
  2. Brexit 2017

    Greece does seem to have it's economy run from Brussels. The other eurozone countries must I suppose suffer from the lame duck economies. It seems that the whole project is too fast with insufficient effort being made to achieve a good fit before bashing things together with the. "ever closer union" mallet.
  3. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    It seems to me that heavy, powerful hardware has been operated in dangerously close proximity to soft human flesh on the basis of a guess. This is really a very serious incident and I am struck by how mild much of the reaction has been.
  4. Counterfeit stamp

    I can't imagine a fake stamp being of value to collectors purely because there would be more money in it for the forger to post it to himself than to sell it. I suggest that if it does turn out to have collector value you should do precisely that with the rest of them.
  5. Brexit 2017

    It looks to me that the EU currently sees the UK as on it's knees and tearfully bleating "a trade deal, please" whilst the UK sees the EU chasing our retreating back and begging "but the money, what about the money". I suspect that both are sufficiently right to force a compromise.
  6. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Isn't there anyone reconditioning these big expensive batteries?
  7. Limping Home

    If you have one cylinder not firing, and that seems likely since surely the fuel in the oil is coming from a split injector pipe? Then decompress that cylinder and take the injector pipe off at the pump an stick a bit of plastic hose on instead and run it to a catch bottle. Then go home on a single.
  8. Giant puff balls

    It seems odd that there are fungi out there that can kill but only the one that sends you off on a trip is illegal.
  9. Alternator belts

    When I am presented with an alternator to test I obviously inspect it visually first and make sure it turns. One of the things I have learned to look for because it is so common is that reddish rust you get from friction of belt slip burning the paint/plating off the pulley and encouraging oxidisation. it's often the case that a "failed" alternator comes in like this and works fine on test. As for bearing failure, yes we are all told that over tensioned belts can cause bearing failure. I've never seen any evidence of it and to be honest it tends to be the slip ring end bearing that sh1ts itself big time. Drive end bearings do go of course but I don't see it often at all and I wonder if the old advice dates back to little 15mm shaft dynamos or screw down cup lubricated water pumps. There's a serious bearing in the front of a high output alternator.
  10. Brexit 2017

    On the subject of aeroplane bits. I did some contract work on aircraft parts a while ago and the byepassing of procedures resulting in important connections being not only bodged but rendered uninspectable shocked me. I have often wondered since if I should really have spoken to the CAA.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post an update. Glad you are sorted.
  12. March of the Wide Beams

    I have recently been hearing a radio ad for some new vehicle with this automatic braking in case "the car in front gets too close".
  13. I would say that the best indicator of how contented in its work an engine is is a coolant temperature gauge. Warning lights for alternator and oil pressure, preferably with an audible warning and I think you will have the thing adequately monitored. Bear in mind that in an industrial application these old engines had minimal if any instrumentation at all.
  14. Brexit 2017

    My ancestry goes back to fish, but I'm not sure what the point of this line of debate is unless we are going back to the leave voters as racists angle.
  15. Ignition Light

    How many alternators do you have and which one indicates the problem?