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    Interesting things, like the taste of good ale, the smell of a beehive, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin, and the sight of a working pair of ploughing engines.
    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
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  1. Incident bridge 101a T&M

    Important also I would suggest to keep records of the police response, if any.
  2. Are mooring spots still being claimed earlier each year?
  3. Brexit 2017

    That explains a lot. If the remain campaign was based upon voters having to look in the right place it's no wonder it failed.
  4. Brexit 2017

    Another two find the back of the net. I don't remember this team playing so hard when the game was actually on.
  5. Brexit 2017

    This is really odd. There is only one team on the pitch and they are racking up the goals at a terrific rate. The other team, aware that the final whistle blew over a year ago have taken to the stand to admire their trophy and watch the losers furiously trying to stage a replay on their own.
  6. Engine won't start!

    I describe the difference between pd and emf with reference to a string of Christmas lights. 12V across the bulb is emf, take the bulb out and the pd measured at the same points is 230V.
  7. Kennet and avon

    I would imagine that at this time of year CaRT would have been under a massive amount of pressure to sort it from a number of hire companies.
  8. Engine won't start!

    Now try explaining the difference between pd and emf!!!!
  9. Kennet and avon

    Don't want to put a shilling in the meter for the backpump then.
  10. Engine won't start!

    It does demonstrate the difficulties of diagnosing at a distance, the earth was supposed to have been bypassed with jump leads without any effect on the problem which logically eliminates the earth circuit from suspicion, but only it seems if one has done the crocodile clip and clean metal course.
  11. Turtles/ Terripins

    I know of a small group of four living in the moat of a 19th C fort. Bet I know their names.
  12. Brexit 2017

    Imported skills. Some employers for instance the nhs have a formal pay spine, they employ migrant labour to fill shortages. These tend to be large concerns with union representation. Some employers look only at the box where the applicant is asked for their salary expectations and so you get skilled welders on £9.50 an hour and building sited full of eastern european labour. There are shortages due to a lack of training over decades which has now come home to roost, training always was a business expense and large sections of UK business just didn't bother with it, this has become even more so since English speaking labour with iron curtain expectations has become easily available. The first group tends to be professional such as doctors and nurses and the second group tend to be manual trades like metalworkers or construction trades. Unfortunately such comparisons do not alter the facts that the NHS needs migrant labour. And in the wider economy the availability of cheap INDUSTRIAL skills exerts a downward pressure on wages. Which as David Cameron says is a price worth paying and indeed an argument in favour of remain.
  13. Brexit 2017

    Since this particular training provider appears less than wonderful, and I take your word for it, does that really mean that all British training is poor and the only recourse is to stop it entirely and rely on imported skills? Because that does appear to be what you are arguing. If so does it not make sense to save the costs of earlier training too and abolish compulsory education. This can be justified by the existence of unsatisfactory schools proving that British education is as pointless as British vocational training. Private education for those with means will fill the top jobs just as it always has and the savings will like cheaper imported skills be good for the country.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Raised this before and everyone goes "la la la not listening". Free movement of labour has a downward pressure on wages. Put simply, migrants compete for work by accepting less pay. Peter's mate has seen it, I've seen it, the head of the cbi called it "not necessarily a bad thing" and David Cameron called it "a price worth paying". The fact that we still see concern for that as "dislike of foreigners" demonstrates that there remains an attitude that those who bore the costs of EU membership are still worthless to those who had the benefits.
  15. Iskra Travelpower alternator freewheel

    Don't think it will help, horrible things. You are going to need a special tool to change it too. perhaps if I can identify it from the picture I could have one sent to you and you could get it fitted.