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  1. fall Ings - hooray!

    Thank god for that it's one of the most scariest locks out there and can be near impossible to empty properly
  2. Outback FM 60 Controller dump load

    Did this ever get wired up and working was interested to see how it worked and which was the best route
  3. Monitoring my electrics with a Raspberry Pi

    Brilliant just what I needed currently building something simular to do various things mostly automate the lights and stuff but like the idea of monitoring the power too I currently have a pi as a router media server on the boat and I'm just waiting a second to do the rest
  4. 12v or 240v Fridge ?

    Hi looking at a new fridge for our new boat thst came wirh a 240 one installed and it needs replacing and I'm wondering if we should change to 12v we had a shoreline on the last boat. But would need to rewire I think to do this been looking at this A++ fridge freezer http://www.appliancecity.co.uk/liebherr/fridges-and-freezers/tpesf1714/product-16147/ The inverter is on all the time anyways for other things so which would be best
  5. Computers afloat

    If you want a computer aboard then it would be Mac book air for laptop powerful and runs for ages , xperia tablet for a tablet or nexus 10, and if you want a really low power solution then a raspberry pi running Linux on the telly sorted
  6. Bimble Solar

    Really not happy with them tonight came home to find thst my controller had been delivered and it is the wrong one so will now need to send it back and get them to send the right one.
  7. Bimble Solar

    I was supposed to have one delivered today but the carrier said they could not pick it up from them even though they sent a email saying they had dispatched it
  8. mobile broadband: Three One Plan vs Three Mi-Fi

    You will not be able to put a one plan sim in a mifi as it's for phones only better to get a second hand s4 or other 4g phone and usb Tether that to a router that excepts mobile phones the Asus ones are good
  9. Boat CCTV

    Have a look at the camera systems you can set up with a raspberry pi thst would be a cheap way to do it. Only problem might be accessing it from outside as using a mobile for the Internet connection
  10. Internal WiFi

    http://www.ukmobilebooster.com/UK-Mobile-Booster-PRO-3G-2100.html?gclid=CjgKEAjw-6WcBRCsgNjFy-2OuGYSJADf4R2s6ATuU9zdgqsXtrL6qGW_bSrETxqDu1ifrkRPM-vb3fD_BwE#.U4mF7R9wbbU To get the signal in the boat and then any of the Asus routers that support 3g tethering and we have the n66u and a 4s galaxy 3lte
  11. Internal WiFi

    We have a yogi aerial on the roof to a phone signal booster the phone is then Tethered to a asus router and thst powers the wifi on the boat. We are on a three unlimited contract and have no problems streaming things works really well
  12. I've got womens problems

    We designed our whole electrical system around being able to run a hairdryer and straighters because canal hair is just a big no. Also the use of the word bird is a sure fire way to solve this problem as she will not be around lol
  13. Another Solar Panel Post

    Would be interested in the loss in power wirh the converter bet it get rather hot
  14. Another Solar Panel Post

    How you going to get the 319v to 12v with usable amps the person that can work that out will make a killing as otherwise these panels are useless
  15. Oh well that was nice while it lasted the one plan sim only will not remain for too much longer if they are heading in that direction. Was hoping to swop to that in October when ours is up.