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  1. Lapworth Banter!

    I guess it's time for another avatar then? ;-)
  2. Lapworth Banter!

    Well, I still have them both... Two years later almost!
  3. What the HELL concern is it of yours what time of the day I post messages????
  4. Self build?

    Tippy Uppy!
  5. Ugly Boats

    Its a detached I think! Kay x
  6. Forum member in the wars

    All the best Nick and get well quick! Take things easy and lemon squeezy! That all rhymes! BADLY! ! Kay x
  7. Hi Plenty of shopping available in the town centre (5 min walk from canal) if you moor up close to the White Bear Marina in Adlington - Chorley. Kay x
  8. Happy birthday Liam.

    All the best Liam! Have a gud' un' !! Kay x
  9. Happy Birthday For Last Tuesday

    Happy Birthday Martyn! All the best for last Tuesday - I'm sure it was FAB! Kay x
  10. Happy birthday KayDee

    Awww, sorry Martyn - Happy belated birthday for last Tuesday! Kay x Sorry Biggles, they had to be deleted. Kay x Thanks to everyone else that has commented - very nice of you all... Thank you... Kay x
  11. Happy birthday KayDee

    OMG Only just spotted this post! Awww, thank you to everyone for commenting and a special thanks to Ange for starting it. I can't believe I'm 43... Think I might reverse that actually! Wahey, I'm 34! Honest... Thanks again people... Very nice surprise! Kay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Optical Illusion

    Stare intensely at the following picture closely for 30 seconds - then stare at a blank wall and blink your eyes a few times... Oh, and these aren't optical illusions - these are real... Believe it or not! Kay x
  13. Current setup on the baseplate on the starboard side of the engine room... You can see how small they are compared to the 110Ah starter battery!
  14. Hi all... Currently, we have six Sonnenschein A600 2V batteries and they're sat on the baseplate at the side of the engine with boards over the top of them. The starter battery is under there too and its EXTREMELY cramped in there as the swim tapers in at the stern. Well, one or more of the batteries is faulty and we want to change them - but - not have them in the same location - as normal leisure batteries are a lot bigger than these I have - even a 110Ah is bigger than one of mine. So, I'm thinking about having them repositioned on top of the diesel skin tank or somewhere else other than where they are - as there just isn't enough room for the ones I want. If possible, can people (if they have any) post photos of similar battery setups so I can get some ideas for our boat. I'd ideally like a decent amount of amperage available for cruising so its either quite a few 110Ah's or a smaller amount of higher amperage batteries. So, if anyone can post a few photos for reference, I'd be most grateful. I'm not looking at starting a big debate about batteries really, just want some ideas for locations and what the bet way to secure them is - without any welding! I really don't want to have to get anyone to weld anything really... I'm going to be a good girl and ensure they're wired in 60mm cable too - for our Sterling 1500W combi charger/inverter. I'm also going to get a Smartgauge and a big doofer s/c relay etc... Thanx! Kay x
  15. 6v battery

    I didn't mention anything about 230 amps either...