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  1. In the cafe run by the trip boat.
  2. Glad you did it,and enjoyed it!Hope you had Breakfast up the top makes it all worth while. See you on the way.
  3. Went up to Trevor with the butty 2 weeks ago, and did the last bit motor only, and are now on the way back up again 'cause i'm a bit daft like that.
  4. Jellicoe

    Thank you
  5. Jellicoe

    Yes ,they are now our responsibility until we are to old to manage!
  6. Jellicoe

    Hi can anyone point me in right direction of a photo of what I believe is Jellicoe with what appears to be a wooden draining board on the back,thanks in advance Paddy
  7. New 'ellum for VETO

    Well I think it looks brilliant, but then I am biased.just don't forget to put a jump chain on the voice of experience will tell you it cold putting it back on in February.
  8. Narrow boat Ilkeston towed along canal

    Thanks for the second video, I enjoyed watching it.even picked up a few pointers.
  9. We have winded our pair in Horninglow basin at the water point,do able with care,one of our customers has a 12" wide beam and was there last week. But as others have said air draft can be a problem.
  10. Stowe Hill Wharf

    Brilliant, thanks for that
  11. Water Cans and Handbowls

    think the queue may be longer than anticipated
  12. Water Cans and Handbowls

    any idea of the numbers they would need for a -Run-? We have to buy a set number of units at a time from Bcm to get a half decent price,and then I still have spend time trying to resolder 40 to 50% of them and that's not to hold water just to stay together!
  13. Converting to butty

    You would need to change your insurance on the motor for towing,register them as a pair. licence will run at the same start date.Despite what some may say you would need someone on the butty while towing on cross straps as wind,passing boats,by wash,people running their engine in gear tied up all affect the way the butty behaves,
  14. Narrowboat clothes

    We used a firm in Nottingham for the Butty,can't remember the name at the mow, but seem to think they are on Canal street, the price was right and the service was good.
  15. Greyhounds on boats

    We have a greyhound and lurcher,they both are fine of the lead round locks although we do check for small fury's before letting him go.the one and only down side is being in a small cabin with a greyhound with gas! he can take the varnish off!