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  1. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Hi Alan It appears that this form is the one to use https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/contact-us/ways-to-contact-us Ask customer services to pass this onto the waterway manager and the local health & safety advisor. Rob
  2. Carbon Monoxide – False Alarm, Or Not ?

    Hi Alan, You've had an eventful time. In brief, just to wrap this up. The sensors used in CO alarms are also sensitive to hydrogen. Overcharging batteries can gas off and produce hydrogen. Overcharging usually happens on deep-cycling batteries, but it can happen on any battery that is losing its electrolyte and needs topping up. It can be an early sign of warping battery plates. And the heat in the battery is another sign. If the plates touch and explosion can follow that will put shards of plastic all over the place and battery acid splattered everywhere. The hydrogen is in the explosive limits can be ignited by mechanical or electrical sparks including static on clothing. So it is important to react to any such signs and be cautious in what you do. In general, do not rely on CO alarms to warn you of battery issues. Put battery checking/maintenance on the calendar as a routine activity. We should all thank Alan for sharing and raising the issue again for others to learn from. And we can all empathise with Alan for the horrific attack on his finances - batteries are such expensive things.
  3. Stove air gap

    Cement board is fire proof and won't combust - true - but it doesn't stop much heat radiating through. So the problem of the pyrolis will continue. You need 25mm calcium silicate board to be effective. Follow this advice to help keep safe from fire and carbon monoxide risks http://www.soliftec.com/Boat Stoves 1-page.pdf
  4. Boat Generators

    As you are new to the subject, please take our advice on board. Generators are known repeat killers when they are not used in the ways that reduce the associated risks https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe/generator-safety/
  5. Purchased my first boat - did I do good?

    More important than the colour colour of the stove, can you check with the previous owner, what material are those tiles mounted on. For your safety it should be calcium silicate board see stove installation linky ...and make sure that the space behind the vent grills in the doors - is actually space, not just the odd hole, or even covered by last year's birthday card.
  6. What else can go wrong?

    A living example of the ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus Beware of fire, although keep up with the CO protection too.
  7. Macclesfield Express http://www.macclesfield-express.co.uk/news/local-news/safety-warning-after-macclesfield-canal-11043952 Safety warning after Macclesfield Canal boat tragedy Updated 13:43, 16 Mar 2016 - By Stuart Greer Christopher Reuben died from carbon monoxide poisoning on his boat Nomadic Chris Wimbush Christopher Reuben, 52, was found dead on his dawncraft called Nomadic on Macclesfield Canal near Springbank Lane bridge. Safety advice has been issued after a man was poisoned by fatal carbon monoxide fumes from the engine of his boat. Christopher Reuben, 52, was found dead on his dawncraft called Nomadic on October 15 last year. His vessel had been moored on the Macclesfield Canal near Springbank Farm, Springbank Lane, Adlington. An inquest at Macclesfield town hall on March 7 concluded that Mr Reuben, from New Moston, Manchester, died accidentally. Now Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Boat Safety Scheme, a public safety initiative run by the Canal and River Trust and the Environment Agency, are urging boat owners and dwellers to make vital checks to avoid similar tragedies from happening. In the last 20 years, 30 boaters have been killed as a result of carbon monoxide, according to the Boat Safety Scheme. Graham Watts, manager of the Boat Safety Scheme said: “Over a million people are using boats safely each year, including thousands of people who live aboard on the inland waterways, but our reminder to crews and skippers is to treat the risks with due respect. “Prevention is the key to staying safe. All engines and appliances need to be properly installed, well maintained and used according to the instructions. “But carbon monoxide can occur or be made worse when ventilators are blocked, or fresh air is in short supply. Burning fuels need the right amount of oxygen to combust safely and it’s also incredibly important to keep exhaust fumes out of the boat’s interior. “If there’s a smell of exhaust fumes aboard, there could be deadly carbon monoxide in the cabin and that’s why our belt and braces advice is to fit a carbon monoxide alarm approved as meeting BS EN 50291-2. These are type best suited for boats. “And if an alarm go off, open the doors, hatches and windows and get ashore straightaway. “The skipper should turn off appliances and engines as they get out. If anyone feels unwell, giddy, confused or sick they should get very urgent medical treatment.” Nick Evans, head of prevention at Cheshire Fire Service, added: “I would encourage anyone living or holidaying on boats to ensure that they protect themselves by checking that their boat is fitted with both working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.” For more safety information visit www.boatsafetyscheme.org/co
  8. Recommend a Surveyor near Stone, Staffs?

    Watch the BSS video here www.boatsafetyscheme.org/ Iain is the examiners doing the turn on the boat. I'm sure when he explains stuff, you'll understand what he is talking about as he get over points really well. Totally nice chap.
  9. Kidde Lifesaver Fire Blanket Recall

    I know what you mean, but I have to say Kidde management have been very keen that we help them get the message out and have been most appreciative of our efforts. So I think it may have been a slip rather than avoidance. Kidde Safety are also really supportive members of CoGDEM on the CO alarm subject matter, so don't let your opinion of Kidde drop too far.
  10. Kidde Lifesaver Fire Blanket Recall

    Unfortunately - yes. Unfortunately because on occasion, they have started frying and fallen asleep, possibly due to the additional affect of alcohol. Two boaters have unhappily died in this way. Others have lived to tell the tale, but lost their boats. Thanks
  11. Kidde Lifesaver Fire Blanket Recall

    This topic may deserves its own pinned thread and not be hidden in the LPG regulator recall - Regards, Rob The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Kidde Safety Europe Ltd to alert any boaters to the immediate product recall on its “Kidde” or “Lifesaver” fire blankets following concerns regarding their effectiveness in the event of an oil pan fire. 29 February 2016NR16-003 Kidde Fire Blanket Recall SupportFeb Kidde Safety Europe Ltd has identified a potential safety issue with regard to fire blankets sized 1m² which may impact upon the fire blankets’ effectiveness in the event of an oil pan fire. Kidde states that no reports of any adverse incidents have been received to date, however, testing of certain fire blankets has identified a risk that the affected fire blankets may not fully extinguish an oil pan fire and/or may allow the fire to re-ignite very soon after application of the fire blanket. Accordingly, a recall has been initiated on a precautionary basis to ensure end-user safety. Kidde state that if you have one of the potentially affected fire blankets, you must not use it on any oil pan fire. There is more information on the recall at www.kiddesafetyeurope.co.uk and any boater finding one of these products should remove the fire blanket and contact Kidde Safety Europe Ltd directly on Freephone number 0800 917 0722 to arrange a replacement fire blanket. Kidde Safety Europe Director Andy Burnett said: ‘Kidde Safety Europe Ltd thanks any affected customers for their understanding, co-operation and it is apologising for any inconvenience caused. He added: ‘A new fully compliant Kidde branded 1.1 m² blanket, model FB1, has been introduced as a replacement product. ‘If anyone calls our free helpline, we will be able to talk them through how to recognise what blanket they have, or please email admin@kiddesafety.co.uk with any queries.’ The potentially affected fire blankets are 1m² in size and are identified by looking on the website. The fire blanket containers are labelled with the brand name “Kidde” or “Lifesaver” and are marked with the “Kitemark” symbol. The Kitemark Licence Number 35021 is also displayed on the container where marked below. BSS Manager, Graham Watts said: ‘We welcome Kidde’s initiative to spread the message about this potential problem with its safety equipment ‘It’s important that boaters and boating organisations pay attention to such product recalls and safety alerts ‘I urge everyone with a fire blanket the very next time they are on the boat, to set aside five minutes and check their equipment against the information in the recall.’ - ENDS - Notes for editors For help identifying affected fire blankets (images from Kidde Europe website) use the photographs below and if the container looks similar to those shown, contact Kidde using the Freephone number or email in the news release.
  12. LPG Gas Regulator Recall

    We issued two support recall notices yesterday. The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Kidde Safety Europe Ltd to alert any boaters to the immediate product recall on its “Kidde” or “Lifesaver” fire blankets following concerns regarding their effectiveness in the event of an oil pan fire. The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Clesse Industries to make boaters aware of the immediate product recall on its Novacomet branded BP1803 LPG regulators manufactured between June 2010 and September 2015. The links can be seen bottom right of our home page www.boatsafetyscheme.org Both are very important, please take out 10 minutes of your day to make the checks suggested. Thanks Rob
  13. Boating On Rivers - Reminder of the Dangers

    Hi Alan, is it possible that it was Feb 9th or are we looking at potentially two incidents: http://www.notts-fire.gov.uk/56F0DD1E303641428C6B7D192A77B39A.asp I suspect it one, but I thought I'd better check. Thanks for the info as I had heard nothing.
  14. boat fire at Wolverton

    Thanks for the update. It's really good to learn he is out of hospital. Hopefully he'll also find a new smoke alarm... just in case.
  15. BSS regs file

    Removing the one 5A/34B will also affect the required total capacity which consequently will be lowered by 5A and 34B in all three boat length categories By way of an additional clarification as a FAQ: - it is the minimum expected number of extinguishers, but the total combined fire rating aboard may be met by having more than the minimum required number of extinguishers if the owner chooses.