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  1. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    My post from a long time ago (22) suggested give these children,that is what they are, the chance to go to a scheme where they will be looked after and educated about wrong doing. No bullying and physical harm. Just plain old getting to see the error of their ways. Unless these children do a real criminal crime,why send then to what used to be Borstal. For the same cost,allow them to enjoy a couple of weeks of hard work and disapline.
  2. Greenham Island Newbury.

    Thanks Dave. I am aware of Ozzie who covers this area. He is West at the moment but coming back this way in a week or two. We saw him in Hungerford a week ago. We are heading westwards again in a week or two,so our paths will cross.
  3. Greenham Island Newbury.

    I think,being the only service business for miles, there's a tendency to be ambitious with pricing. But they run a business!
  4. Greenham Island Newbury.

    An update. just called in at Greenham Island for diesel and water. Met the owner of the site and he's a nice chap. during our conversation I mentioned all the stuff that I had heard via the grapevine and what the guy who has left told me. He handled it well. To cut a long post short, Alls well at Greenham Island. They are building a proper building for the chandlery instead of the shed like building that has always been there. Building up stocks and the future looks rosy. Pat,I think that was his name, left under a bit of a cloud, I can't say on an open forum, but the story Pat told me was a fabrication. The practice of changing prices to suit the appearance of the customer has ceased, pumpout is £15 and always has been, but we were charged £20 six weeks ago by the previous guy. Anyway,diesel is 82p a litre. Gas £26.99p ish. Water, and here's the rub, £5.00. The owner says he's metered,of course, and he's asked CRT many a time over a long period to put in a tap in Newbury somewhere. I suppose it could go on the Wharf. I am pleased to say that all is well at Greenham Island.
  5. I've no real raisin for posting this

    The guy or lass that wrote this could well be one of the bast ground workers that CRT have, He/she may have been asked to publish this as the 'proper' person was busy. i know it's not good but let's cut some slack.
  6. £6.50 a metre to be moored in the middle of nowhere,no water,no waste facility,no toilet emptying. Madness. Then again,£15.50 a metre a month for limited facilities. For Nightwatch £263.00 a month. No thank you. And this is just to take up a mooring that would normally be free! And not to get hassle from Enforcementand and his rangers.
  7. Approaching Wigan

    I also have shared double locks and only opened one gate. Quite easy to move across the chamber using forward and astern.
  8. lights

    I think Midland sell bedazzled stuff. Or was that somewhere else?
  9. Flu jab

    That's what I thought!
  10. Skipton

    Absolutely. Thought I was the only one that watched it. So many characters and storylines. Clever script. Well performed. Particularly liked the two bobbies that pop into the kichen now and then. Brilliant.
  11. lights

    Dedazzled may have the answer. just looked. They do have the answer. Led tube 300mm in length.
  12. Skipton

    Beer Engine. That's the one.
  13. Skipton

    I found,it wasn't lost, a, I think there're called micro pubs, down a side street. Fantastic. A dozen people in there and it's full. An excellent range of beers. My first,not my last, pint of Rev James was had there. And many other choices. Had to go back to get to the end of the row of beers.
  14. Bought a new boat!

    Looks a nice cosy boat. Congrats and enjoy.
  15. Flu jab

    Jab as far as I'm concerned. But there may be a pill. I pill wouldn't make Tims arm itch.