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  1. HS2 canal crossing points

    Northern Rail's trains are pretty old, but they have got some improved ones on order:
  2. Additional heating for cruiser

    This could be an excellent backup heating solution for a cruiser. A car style heater matrix with fan will be very compact compared with finrads and can chuck out a huge amount of heat with the fan on full. You can also duct air to where it is needed. They are designed for car cabins, so not dissimilarly sized and poorly insulated spaces. For summer, a diverter valve could prevent hot water going through the matrix, bypassing it, but that may not even be required. With the fan off, then little heat will go in to the cabin. The electric fan will use some current that would otherwise go to battery charging, but not much. There are various ones you can buy new, or a trip to your nearest car breakers would get you one very cheaply. Jen
  3. Stove glass cleaning.

    I've been concerned about the same thing. Used to not clean the glass for weeks on end till the stove was let go out. This winter I clean it most days and have not had it crack yet. I wait till the stove is relatively cool. First thing in the morning when it has been banked up over night and before the first shovel full of the day goes on is a good time. I use hot water from the tap on an old pan scourer to reduce the temperature differential a bit too. Can't remember how many winters the current glass has done, but it is quiet a few. I have a spare glass and seal ready to go in when required. Jen
  4. <pedant_mode>A thermoset still has a glass transition temperature. It is a temperature at which there is a change in the way a variety of temperature dependent material properties vary with temperature. For example, the temperature coefficient of expansion will be higher above the Tg than below. It will still do this even with the cross linking. </pedant_mode> Jen, who has had to measure the Tg of thermoset polymers on occasion!
  5. Celotex is the trade name of the manufacturer. They make all sorts of panels, including the interior insulation panels that we are talking about for insulating the inside of a boat. Need to describe the exact type when comparing insulations. They also make exterior panels of various types from the cheapo ones for poor peoples homes through to the more expensive fire proof ones that will no doubt be used on the outside of the Buckingham Palace and Palace of Westminster upgrades. Jen Indeed. As long as it ignites in a similar way, or slower than wood, then that is good enough.
  6. Trump

    No he isn't real. Just Sasha Baron-Cohen's new character to replace Borat. Jen
  7. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    My boats ropes are washed about once a year. They go in the twin tub. This sits on a shelf above the bath tub and drains in to the bath. The whale gulper then sends it overboard. The water comes out of the rope black! Lock slime, goose droppings and who knows what else! I am used to caring for caving and climbing ropes, where lives depend on them so have no problem with the idea of cleaning and looking after my boat ropes. I have a set of ropes for my usual mooring site made from old caving rope and just use the boat ropes for cruising. Grit gets in to the rope and cuts fibres, reducing their strength over time. It is rough on your hands too. Jen
  8. Size of water tank?

    A 13Kg bottle seems to last 3 to 4 months for one, or two people on board and cooking every day on gas from what I and my boating neighbours have found. This includes oven use as well as rings. Going for a smaller 6Kg bottle to fit the available space might still only mean changing bottles every six weeks or so. No huge problem I'd have thought. You are aware of the boat safety scheme requirements for gas bottle lockers to be gas tight up to near the top and draining any escaping gas overboard? Jen
  9. TV aerial pole mounting. How?

    I used to use car exhaust clamps to hold an aluminium pole back when I had television on board. You need access from the inside of the boat to tighten them up though and I am sure there are better ways. If it is by the back door and you use this as the normal way in and out when moored, then make sure that you have a long enough pole that you don't hit your head on the aerial. Guess how I found that out! Jen
  10. what cooker

    We like spending other peoples money on new toys. What size space is this going in, or can you rearrange the area around to suit? Integrated stand alone cooker, or separate oven and hob? Do you have 240V available when it is in use for fans and ignition? What colour do you want? I've got a New World 55TWLG that I've been happy with, but no idea if it is still in production. Would be happy to buy another. 4 hobs. Decent size oven that heats well and evenly. Have cooked a turkey in there. Grill OK, but not brilliant. No timers, or anything fancy. Needs 240V, which it usually gets from either the shore line, or a pure sine wave inverter. It has worked OK from a cheapo modified sine wave inverter when the Victron was poorly. Jen
  11. Pubs owned by the CRT

    The basic idea can be made to work. My Mum is a member of the Hereford and Gloucester Canal Trust, so I get to read their newsletters when visiting. They now own two eating/pub establishments where the profits go to the restoration. All part of the plan to provide a continuous revenue stream for long term support of the canal. I suppose the difference is that it isn't BW/CaRT in charge. Just hope that CaRT don't take it in to their heads to buy a brewery with their organisational skills. Jen
  12. The people on the left hand and middle boat should be looking a little more concerned. The wash at the bow of the left hand one shows it is moving at a fair clip, so it is seconds from hitting the side of the middle boat, pushing it in to the moored boat and knocking the boy off his perch on the hatch. The cyclist is going to be distracted by the noise and commotion and wobble in to the cut. The ducks and swans should be OK though. Jen

    As the other conspiracy theory favourite has already been mentioned I see no problem in presenting the following film of a NASA moon landing that some people claim was faked in a studio. Enjoy! Jen
  14. Size of water tank?

    What everyone has said. Big is good. You never know when you might need that capacity. A cold snap can freeze up every water point for weeks on end. The most unusual one I've experienced was when Anglian water accidentally dumped some nasty chemical in to their supply some years ago. BW as was then, put warnings on all the affected water points saying not to use it for drinking and it took a couple of days cruising to get out of the affected area before refilling. Home owners had bottled water delivered, but we didn't. In winter I keep an eye on the forecast and make sure the boat goes in to a freeze with the tank full. Jen

    If the earth were flat then canals wouldn't need locks. From this you can conclude that the centre of the earth is in the middle of the Huddersfield Narrow. Jen, who can't be bothered going through all this nonsense to see if someone has already pointed this out.