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  1. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    There are previous threads mentioning getting jammed in the tunnel with huge lumps of wood. How do they all get in there?
  2. K&A Trip planned

    What, like when the vollies 'brute-force' open the gates at church lock in Bedwyn?! (One paddle is busted and some brickwork is now damaged too, so the lock makes a level 6" lower than the upper pound, according to the vollies.) A surge runs up to the bridge and moves my bote, just as though a ghost bote is passing
  3. SoC for Batteries - with a lot of data!

    It's also very unwise to charge lithiums to more than 80%, i keep reading. So that 90AH lithium for £997 actually only gives you 72AH. They will only be the ideal boat battery if those whose confidence exceeds their competence can be restrained from levering the tops off and charging them directly from their genny, if/when the internal electronic controls croak it. Which I bet will happen from time to time. I suppose word will spread after a few spectacular boat fires through.
  4. K&A Trip planned

    Excellent. Perhops you'll be kind enough to corroborate (the Devizes to Hungerford part of) Nick's assertion that he had to do the whole of Hungerford to Bath at tickover. Or perhaps not. I have a sneaky feeling when you do it, about 20 miles of the end to end moored boats will have disappeared.
  5. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    I tried to learn tap dancing when I was a child. But I kept falling off into the sink...
  6. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    Have a guess... "I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything." ----Bart Simpson,
  7. Just a warning burton on trent

    This is already happening. I see a few about. One that springs immediately to mind in in Burgage near Pewsey. The village has two pubs and one has a sign outside saying "no food here, just very good beer", or something along those lines.
  8. EA moorings BS

    I'd welcome them appearing on my mooring.
  9. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    Ok thanks for all the replies everyone. As is happens I decided to just go up the 21, which I did in record time. Entered the flight at 10.30 am and got to the top around 6pm. I filled the water tank at the Crt yard and didn't moor there overnight. Definitely not ok?
  10. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Ahem. Proper rivets are welded on not glued, as any fule kno,
  11. Hi mike  at the top of the 21 go on for abt 500 yards on the left go into the CRT place you will  get water there ,I had to contact you this way as it still won't let me answer to topic ,,it's doing my head in ,where you heading I'm up the 21next week some time.  Could have had a Cupar 

    1. Mike the Boilerman

      Mike the Boilerman

      Hi Haz, I'm in brum centre now, not sure for how long. its complicated! Will PM you :) 

  12. Cropredy area during the festival - getting through and mooring

    Just to help with your boaty edumacation, the correct terminology is 'mooring' a boat, as opposed to parking it. Bloody clueless landies...
  13. solo parallel parking

    You don't need to 'parallel park'. Just get reverse stern in and step of with bow and stern lines in your hand. Then from the bank, set about hauling the bow in too. It's a 22ft grp! You're hardly going to cause any damage even if you DO bump another boat!
  14. HS2 - Wormleighton loop maintenance yard

    I disagree, I love trains. The more the better. A lot of boaters like trains too.
  15. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    Thank you! As I'm going up the 21 though, 300 yds up is a bit of a long reverse to go back through the stop lock, dammit....