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  1. Cello 12v TV

    And how much sunshine penetrates into the woods...
  2. Trojan T105 6v Battery bank advice required !

    This might be the case if you tip your panels up to about 70 degrees to face the (low) winter sun, but in my personal experience if you leave them flat on the roof this figure is closer to 1%.
  3. Trojan T105 6v Battery bank advice required !

    As general comment it is never a Good Idea to box in equipment of any nature. Access for maintenance or repair WILL eventually be needed. And I dunno about your Victron in particular but it is highly likely it needs a good airflow/ventilation through it for cooling. Boxing restricts or stops this.
  4. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Nor would I. In fact I wouldn't even touch it with yours. Dear OP. Any boat that needed overplating is a rusty heap of poo and best avoided even if the overplating has been done, in my personal opinion. Only pay pocket money for such a thing. £3k would seem expensive for the boat you posted about. Trouble is, there is an avalanche of dreamers with £20k to waste on a colander. This is what you are up against. A decent boat costs £30k whichever way you cut it. Either spend that in the first place or buy a £10k boat and spend £20k on it. Anything less and you are needing a bargain or live on a boat loaded with compromises.
  5. Talking engines

    Eventually you will find a boat that 'speaks to you'. You will be smitten and lamb to the slaughter. You will HAVE to buy it, just like an inappropriate lover cannot be resisted. Then whatever engine it has, you will begin to learn about it. Hopefully it will be something like a BMC or a nice Beta Marine. But even those can be endless trouble (like wimmin). Hopefully the boat that selects you will have something sensible like a JP2 or a Kelvin, in which case your soul is saved....
  6. Charging of domestic batteries

    I bet its bloody miles out like mine, which would totally explain the total loss of your Trojans. Do you have a digital multimeter?
  7. what jobs do people have (without sounding nosey)

    You are clearly a proper pianist like me. I cannot get on with ANY electric piano for all these reasons. My favourite piano is a bit of a heap but still plays better than any electric I've ever tried...
  8. That's a coincidence, so do I! But only up to a point if I'm brutally honest. The company of vintage diesels can be even better as they don't.... Nah I better not say!
  9. Emotional support pig

    Oh these first world problems are a BITCH to resolve aren't they!
  10. Trojan T105 6v Battery bank advice required !

    That's a very generous offer. Can I use it too please?
  11. CRT and continuous cruising

    Nope. I'm not happy about this as there is no legal basis for this, unless you can show otherwise. As a boater WITH a home mooring I am not required to CC as far as I can determine, nor am I required by law to actually use my home mooring. It just has to be 'available' (which mine is). Legally I am permitted to flit around in the vicinity of my home mooring indefinitely as far as I can tell, but CRT sent me one of those courteously worded "you appear to have been is the same general area for more than 14 days" emails on Friday. Well yes CRT, but so what? Edit to add: Oh no I've just realised this probably makes me officially a piss-taker, despite having a legitimate CRT L2 class home mooring!
  12. Charging of domestic batteries

    This would have been my preferred ammeter too (for the big display) but it doesn't work on 24v. So a BMV702 does the job but a torch and glasses are needed to see the display! Richard, as an aside, was your Smartgauge one of those turning out to be wrongly calibrated when checked? I was compiling a list the other day and couldn't remember if yours was one known to be factory calibrated wrongly.
  13. Buying a new boat

    Unfortunately it isn't that cut and dried. There are plenty of boats out there with no GI and no corrosion, and vice versa. There is more to hull corrosion than anyone fully undertands. On another thread here someone mentions a stretched boat where the original boat has virtually no corrosion, but the ten feet of newly inserted hull is heavily corroded. That cannot be down to a missing GI or anodes.
  14. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    It's all to do with the concept of the' radiant temperature' of a room. No-one ever seems to know about anything this except a few heating engineers. A room with a radiant heat source has not only warm air from convection but the heat source warms you directly with radiation. Further, the walls ceiling and floor are also heated radiantly by the heat source directly, and they in turn radiate at you and heat you. So the average radiant temperature of a room is higher than a room with just a convection heat cource. All objects have a radiant temperature including you, more accurately the net radiant heat flow from you to the walls floor and ceiling is lower as the radiant temperature difference between you and the walls, floor etc is reduced. A forced air device like a Propex does none of this. It heats only the air so you get no heat radiated from the heat source or from the walls. floor and ceiling. Hence you the 'radiant temperature' of the room is far lower than the air temp, and you feel colder. I don't feel I've explained this well but I'll stop editing it and just post it. Some here will understand what I'd trying to explain, others won't.
  15. Charging of domestic batteries

    Just a shame they can't be relied upon to work properly, out of the box.