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  1. Alde Slimline Boiler

    Ok I'll own up, yes guilty as charged!
  2. Overplating & Skin Tank - the Kedian way :)

    Stick the wet vac straight into the top connection of the skin tank. Saves getting your nice clean bilge covered in antifreeze.
  3. Happy Birthday Tree Monkey

    Happy Birthday from me too TM, and may all your candles be trees. Errr....
  4. Overplating & Skin Tank - the Kedian way :)

    Given the drain tap at the bottom of a skin tank is going to be hard against the baseplate (so you can't get a container underneath it), the only way to use it is to open it and let the coolant flood the bilge. Then devise some way of pumping it out (other than the bilge pump), e.g. a Pela-type suction pump. Easier I'd have thought to just use the Pela-type suction pump to suck it directly out though a top connection in the first place.
  5. Alde Slimline Boiler

    As always, when you watch someone fix something, you think 'oh I could have done that'. Well I usually do anyway!
  6. Alde Slimline Boiler

    Excellent news. You can do it yerself next time then!!!
  7. Going through tunnels

    I was wondering if he was seeking a solution to an imagined problem...
  8. Modern "old" engines

    Have a careful think about which two to block off to get the sound you want... Awkward but not impossible. There are people who care a lot about regulation compliance and people who don't. Are you a person who likes all the paperwork to be exactly correct, or someone with little regard for bureaucracy?
  9. Cheapo calorifiers?

    From the photo they look to me like plain low-tech open vented cylinders. Not designed or tested for use as unvented. Thank you. Not sure that is the link I was looking for but as my application is vented and very low pressure, one of those will do fine!
  10. Modern "old" engines

    I thought they WERE diesels!
  11. Modern "old" engines

    How about a Harley Davidson V twin? They have a similar sound to old Listers, are small enough to go under the deck boards and are modern low emission engines.
  12. Inverter choice - peak power

    There is no tumble dryer on Earth as Eco Friendly as a washing line
  13. Cheapo calorifiers?

    Oh my sides.
  14. Batteries not holding charge.

    Thanks Alan but my question was addressed to Dave, who is claiming far higher charging currents this time of year than you and I.
  15. Going through tunnels

    Why are you consistently ignoring the question "which tunnels are you having this problem in?"? And you appear not to have acknowledged all the posts advising more and better lights. Even just putting on all the cabin lights helps with steering.