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  1. Leaving the Boat on the Soar

    The general moorings in Loughborough, South of the junction, are pretty safe usually, as are the Barrow-upon-soar moorings above the lock. Both within an easy walk of train stations. Pillings would be a safe bet of course, but not as easy except by taxi, and you need to want to give them money.
  2. New Format

    Thanks! Sorted now, cheers
  3. New Format

    Nipped back onto the forum after a longish break, specifically to find a member. I'm sure it's obvious but I can't see ho we to do that now. I can search their name of course, but that doesn't take me to an option to view their profile etc. I suppose had I stuck with the new site I'd know by now, but I didn't and don't! Someone asked earlier in this thread, but I can't see a reply to the question then, so please, how do I find a member now?
  4. Yes, we sank all our shower bases so they were nearly flush to the finished floor. Allowed us to use normal domestic height surrounds too.
  5. Sliding hatch runner leak

    Drilling a small hole through also works well
  6. shower door

    You can buy all the fittings anyway, you just need to order the glass with specified places for the required holes for any fixings,....and be very accurate.
  7. Laundry Service to the Rescue!

    You need to post a couple more comments laundrylady, so you can be pm'd....just reply to a post or two here. Wish there were people doing this everywhere! So here's a question you could reply to. Are you prepared to launder dog blankets/towels?
  8. shower door

    We used our local glass/double glazing type company for some we needed doing.
  9. The Navigation Barrow on Soar

    Has it reopened again now?
  10. I'm with you recommending Edwardian bedding Co for mattresses, especially split or shaped ones. Had them on both my own boats, plus every boat we built. Super comfy but expensive. ..worth the price though imo
  11. For pullmans, we used to make the back support (pic 1) of the seat that backed on to the main seating area, removable/reversable, so that if you wished to seat people more in the saloon, the dinette seat could be included. The back support was simply slid out of channels in the seat structure, and pushed back into more channels on the opposite side of the seat section, so you could then sit with your back to the table, facing the main saloon.(pic 2) The upright could also be left off, if your overnight guests were fairly tall, so there was no "footboard " at the normal 6ft length. With this arrangement, an optional pull out foot rest for anyone with shorter legs, which also allowed storage.(pic 2) We did some with central drawers under too.(pic 3)
  12. A Narrowboat business for sale!

    That's the business I was wondering about, but I thought they just had the one boat, didn't realise there was a second.
  13. Underfloor Storage

    Indeed the photo is one of our boats...Merryweather. We put these in several boats, including my own, great for keeping bottles cool. We built ventilation into them too.
  14. A Narrowboat business for sale!

    I thought I knew, but the company I'm thinking of have been trading longer, however another has just sprung to mind, based, I think, at the same place.
  15. Build dates

    The RCD CIN number is made up of the country, builders code, letters of choice, build date (usually interpreted as launch month & year, plus the design date, which could potentially predate the build date by some matter of time, so can cause some confusion of course.