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  1. Selling my body

    As long as the provenance is right toss it on eBay...
  2. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    Continuous cruise that stops the little scrotes casting you off...and there's another not oft used phrase. Untie being the current parlance. we used to commence engines when trip boating..it only had an ha3 but crew telling the great unwashed the skipper was commencing engines sounded so professional unlike what then happened
  3. Selling my body

    If in five years time the 'value' of boats rises the way the 'value' of water cans which may or may not have an association with Buckby have skyrocketed Tycho may now be cheap.
  4. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    They all carry knives you're not in the hood unless you have one for protection. Besides had the ropes cut before now in lunun don't go there now
  5. Going through tunnels

    Don't know either why b with) gives me a silly thing.
  6. Going through tunnels

    the wheel gets reinvented a lot on the forum... remember people canals were built for boats that were a) legged and loaded or just loaded, or steered by people who didn't care a lot, or were unrigged when empty. the boats that the canals were built for did not have solar panels bicycles piles of wood or coal on the top. The unrestricted view from the front of an unloaded unrigged open workboat is a joy. we used to have the headlight on the engine hole bulkhead...chaos if the cruisers were going too fast in the tunnels.
  7. Large Northwich photo wanted

    Try brinklow boats website as well
  8. Large Northwich photo wanted

    The plans are available if you want chapter and verse.
  9. Going through tunnels

    There's a bridge just before Wooton that going south we just stop wait and have a cup of tea. When the flush from the lock above comes through we inch forward. 90 mins last year to throughGoing north we go hard push the water through the bridge and then ride the wave. Blind going south so can't do that. been pulled through it before as well. if you run a pair wheels down someone's cabin in a tunnel as you pass After grinding them on the side you will have more to fix than your paint, if the boats too high ballast it .
  10. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    It was our third owned each sold to upgrade..... my point was we lived on our boat(s) in an area where we couldn't afford to live and used our work income to get in to the housing market somewhere. Our first being a leasehold flat in hand sworth birmingham 7 weeks after the riots, bought as an unmortgagable property after it was repossessed. They even took the sink bath and hot water cylinder . if that makes me a opportunist capitalist landlord so be it. It bought me a start and was financed by overtime night shifts in a job few people will do, and living on one salary between us. I had to get a personal loan to get possession and then work my behind off fixing it up. now we have a house( rented out) for when we cannot manage on our boat. That way we stayed in the housing Ponzi scheme and had the life we wanted. Also when the canal gets too overcrowded or we cannot manage our boat we can move in, not emburdening others by not making provision. Will I make money, no because no doubt it will end up sold to pay for end of life care for the last of us to die. Sorry in an area we couldn't afford to buy a house
  11. Ponies at the Greyhound

    Cart have a current committee trying to come up with a no defecating horse sign for hawksbury. They will have several consultations and a few meetings. By the time they have finished the horses will be able to reach the off towpath vegitation load and a new green solution to the problem will be established. hopefuly the licence checkers will be tasked with collecting the result and will sell it via crt auction to the highest bidder so those who insist on covering their boat with floral arrangements to inhibit navigation can add crap to the crap. . I was doing the engine check there last year and stood up to a horses head peering in the engine room. It muttered something about 18 horse power and stealing their jobs.
  12. Clever Dogs in Rugby

    That used to be moorings but so shallow you could hardly get on. I think the reason for no mooring is due to the integrity or otherwise of the bank. It runs above the retail park and if the canal breached there ( there are stop plank grooves in the bridges) they would have to have a flood sale ... Besides I wouldn't moor overnight in brownsover. I used to work for the police in rugby in the 1990s..in modern political speech..brownsover had the highest 'client' base in those days , I used to boat through incognito at night wearing dark glasses and a false beard in case the locals recognised me.
  13. What do you wish I already knew?

    Don't only slow down if you see the boatowner on the boat, slowdown in case they are upside down under the deck with the weed hatch open... engage with others it oils the wheels regardless of how scruffy their boat is. A smile a nod or a word... . They May have a million pounds in the bank an Audi and a house in suburbia, or a rusty bike and be in debt to the coal boat, but if you have engaged first they are far more likely to help you if you need it.
  14. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    We rented out our beautiful cottage in napton ( 3rd house) that we had bought for when we wanted to retire off the boat. References checked she worked for Volvo in Daventry he was an architect, child in school . 2 months rent up front deposit etc. Fine for 14 months. 8 months later the only reason we got them out was because we had alerted all the local oil supply companies and electricity to their identity theft techniques, discussed their behaviours in the village shop ( who by then were aware) and were awaiting a court order. They couldn't burn any more of our furniture so finaly moved out following accusing us of trespass and assault to the police. ( they claimed that day to be us...the homeowner) . The council accused us of rendering them homeless.. we repaired the cottage and sold it. Couldn't bear the thought of living there after them. give me students they may damage or be careless but are probably less sophisticated in setting up false identities, and less aware of their 'rights'
  15. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    We had this dilemma in 1980 we bought the boat,with an inheritance sum, when I was 21 moved to London to work. Then owning our home put a mortgage contribution into savings accounts monthly. When we had enough we bought a flat in a very cheap part of the U.K. ( cost less than the boat). Never lived in it. 37 years later I could afford a house in surbiton and an Audi if such things bothered me but I prefer retirement boat,skoda rented out house and no debt, and being away from lunun. boats and houses have come along including houses where we made loses yes it happens, but not paying interest if you can avoid it is a real bonus. That's why I feel sorry for today's graduates.