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  1. Eco Fan

    That sounds about right as I get home in mid april just in time to re enjoy 37 degrees less transmission losses. I may set up a second fan in Dubai to speed my trip back
  2. Eco Fan

    Weather forecast today is 37 degrees and I have just got a text from auspost saying my parcel has arrived!!!! Eco fan I believe. my original plan was to put it on the campervan roof connect a belt to it and run the aircon off it so I don't have to plug in at caravan parks. However given the slight cold in the vicinity of northamptonshire both my tenant and my boat are chilly. as a gesture towards the uk I will angle it towards the northern hemisphere . expect a blast of hot air on Thursday. strangely coinciding with political statements re brexit. apologies for the delay it's 13000 miles so will take time.

    That's why the inverters in the back cabin will get hot I'd worked it out at about 14000 watts as I figured it might have a bit of trouble reaching rated output. Still should be warm

    Personally I'm convinced this will work you only need to apply the correct methodology. i am proposing the following 10 120 amp alternators off the engine to create my 1.2 kw of energy. Put inverter in back cabin to heat that. put electric pads under floor in extension. Lovely toasty heat. run lister ha 2 all day and night it's a lovely noise and most continuous moorers do that anyway. ill add a bit of solar to charge my noise reducing headphones. course ill have to leave the internal doors closed for the noise so I'll have to leave pidgin box open and engine ole doors getting rid of the pesky heat that great fan heater of an engine produces.
  5. rubbish Shurflo pumps

    Replacement switch is only few pounds less than pump. Hence I have 2 spare pumps.
  6. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    When we owned Thaxted ( or Widgeon as many called her) I was informed the reason the counter was so bashed about was from towing Snipe and it was the wrong butty. Many people asked why we had her as Thaxted and was because we had a star class butty, and that was how we had bought her. Eventually we got both boats into the same paint scheme.
  7. rubbish Shurflo pumps

    3 shurflo pumps in 6 years. Warrantee 24 months die in 25. Always the pressure switch. Without in old boat with manual switch 15 years
  8. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    Little Woolwich butty and large northwich motor great pairing. You have to learn all the repair skills... but it's easier to work than 2 towns, ( especially when your wife is only 5' tall, and you can take the motor on trips where the canal is too narrow for the butty.
  9. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    Wait a minute and someone will say definitively our books are on the boat in cold Warwickshire we are in the camper in cold Victoria where summer has just started..
  10. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    I believe that fmc steamers were not paired as such because there were so many dumb boats. I think specific pairing came in the the creation of the guccc fleet following the widening of the gu and hence the requirement for pairs. So by default all fleet boats prior to this fellows/ railway boats et al would have had an element of horse towing especially on shorter trips. i could be talking rubbish
  11. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    There's a legend cruises around Stockton (continuous cruiser) amazing it's still floating. One of the first. Built at common moor launched over the towpath
  12. Historic Boats for sale online

    Best handling boat built for carrying mixed cargo ever steered was all wooden , swam like a fish sank like a stone . ( thus disproving theory that even if you have lots of wood it can still sink) star class wooden Guccc motor far nicer to steer than either star class or town class motor. Only once steered star class butty but towed one a few times felt heavier than star class butty.
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    Obvious chuck a bit of steel in the cut you need a magnet to retrieve it chuck a bit of wood in and it flo...you can get it with a retriever... When we replaced our wooden bottom with steel the boat floated much much better. No change in handling and slept much better...
  14. In spite of becoming world weary of the canals in 2005 after 25 years of living afloat and trying emigration , and a large house on a small holding as a lifestyle they have slowly dragged us back. So from 2 rural acres and five bedrooms back to back cabin and 8 foot extension. Its easy to get jaded by the things that peeve you on a day to day basis on the cut, but if you look at it big picture history nature engineering environment and interaction with others add to that the chance to play with and live on big boys toys it's unique. Must remember that next time I'm in the bilge scraping rust, or I've just had the stern line snapped by a speeding fatboat
  15. Hate Wikipedia victorian swing bridge ( for the road) built on the canal from sale to lake king so canalised river. Very heavy structure spanning canal. It's been our local canal For the last few years before we bought the boat and started doing eternal summer, he said standing in a flooded campsite with 300 mls rain forecast in next few hours