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  1. Damn Fridge

    I live on a mooring without shore power and had an old 12v fridge which started giving up the ghost. As it did it started messing about with my power and was draining my batteries which meant I had to run my engine much more. I then went for a 240v household fridge with tiny freezer compartment and ran it off my inverter. That took far too much power for my liking so I eventually shelled out for a new 12v shoreline and I love it! It takes less than 2 ampers, it is almost silent and I can keep the dial on 1 or 2 in summer and everything stays cold. It has a reasonable sized freezer compt too. Downside - it cost best part of £400. But I'll save that much diesel in less than a year.
  2. liveaboard with broken leg

    That's really useful thanks. I'm on a non weight bearing cast till Tuesday week, then it should be easier. It's getting in and out of the cratch that I'm most worried about and getting down my steps into the cabin as there is nothing to hold on to. I can go down on my bum but then how do I get up again!
  3. I was pulling my boat onto its mooring by the centre rope when I slipped and snapped 2 bones in my leg. At present whilst I can't put any weight on it at all, I'm staying with shore based friends. I was interested to hear from anyone else who has coped with this sort of injury whilst on the boat - any tips on how to cope - apart from wearing my friends out?
  4. The Shroppie Ledge

    I have just returned from my cruise and was on the Shroppie for most of June. I have an 18" draft and didn't once have a problem mooring. The wonderful Shropshire Union Canal Society have ensured that there are plenty of sites, with rings where you can moor. I had much more difficulty on the Macclesfield finding mooring spots than on the Shroppie. Oh and the Llangollen (which is of course part of the Shroppie) was excellent for mooring too. I have travelled extensively over the last few months and can say the Shroppie is my favourite canal! Ledge, what ledge?
  5. use of generators on canal boats

    Going back to the original question, I keep a generator for emergencies only so I didn't want to spend loads on something I hardly ever use so I bought a Clarke 1000 watt inverter charger which is nearly as quiet as the honda suitcase at a third of the price from Machine Mart (or at least it was when I bought it a couple of years ago. ps I am with those who can see no reason for generating power after 8pm!
  6. Freeview going to be affected by 4G

    Hmm, Now do I go to the expense of getting a dish so that I can watch even more rubbish than I watch now, or do I take the hint, ditch the TV, save on power and get a life? Oh well, off to Maplins for me then!
  7. Oh God, this is ace...

    Yes, Yes, Yes. I am in my fourth year and love it too. I thought it couldn't get much better but I am on my first really lengthy cruise and am loving it. So far I've been waved at on the T and M, Staffs and Worcester, Shroppie, Llangollen, Maccy and Peak Forest. Yes, I've met the occasional grump but mostly people have been lovely, the canals (mostly) wonderful and despite it being the summer holidays, not at all busy. And best of all, when I get back to my mooring, I'll still be living on my boat!
  8. Housing benefit?

    I would think it will be harder to find a residential mooring than getting the the government to pay you benefits!
  9. nice friendly people

    I am currently on the first really big cruise I have done (3 months). Having listened to other boaters and read this forum regularly before I left, I had got the impression that boaters nowadays aren't like they used to be - helpful, friendly and non judgemental. Well I am here to say that in my experience during this first month they really are all those things. Everyone I have met so far have greeted me with a friendly smile and chatted when they had the chance. I have had people wait for me to arrive in a lock rather than nicking it for themselves. I moored at Coole Pilate (great name) and the next door boaters marked good moorings on the Llangollen for me in my book. In Nantwich a couple long term moorers chatted to me for an hour or so - rather than moaning about visitors mooring near them! All in all I have been really pleasantly surprised and wanted to share this good news with the rest of you. Oh and if you were any of those friendly boaters, then thank you!
  10. Finally Free!

    Interesting idea. I didn't think socks, however I got my brother to buy me a ukulele for my birthday and bought myself Ukulele for Dummies book and so making some not so sweet music on my boat! My sympathies for all who have to travel in this weather - quite a few blowing past here at Tixall and not just hire boats. I set off from Fradley a week ago today and this is as far as I have got! Ah well, obviously meant to be.
  11. Finally Free!

    Thanks for your best wishes and encouragement peeps. So far it has hardly stopped raining, my dog ran away for 8 hours and a gale is forecast for later today. But am I downhearted? well, actually yes. However I'm sure things will get better. And I'd rather be out and wet than in and dry - if you know what I mean!
  12. Finally Free!

    Having lived on my boat for 3 years, endured 3 interesting winters and having frightened myself silly as a lone boater, I am finally experiencing the best about boating. I have quit my wage slave, soul destroyingly boring job and have set sail (figuratively) into the blue yonder. Actually it is more grey than blue at present as it is hissing down and I am moored up for the day at Wolseley Bridge on the T and M. Having only been allowed 2 weeks out at a time while working, I am now intending to be out for 3 months. I'm planning to go down the Staffs and Worcester then up the Shroppie, across to the Maccy and on to the Peak Forest. Give us a wave if you see 'Don't Panic' and please forgive any silly mistakes I might make in your presence!!
  13. solar power

    I doubt even a solar powered washing machine will help you in your search for a woman!!
  14. Living afloat with dogs

    I was hoping to show you my happy live aboard Cairn Terrier but I can't figure out how to post a picture! I started off by leaving her just for a few minutes and then praising her hugely and now I can leave her for several hours and she just sleeps. I do leave the radio on though so she isn't too disturbed by outside noises. Re heat, it's nothing like a car as you are sitting in cool water (well, not you - unless you have a leak, but your boat is!) However I do shut the sunny side curtains and leave windows open.
  15. Long term living aboard. Pros and Cons

    I went through the pain three years ago of going from a three bed house to a 50 ft narrowboat. I managed with a great deal of angst to get it down to the 'absolute, can't live without essentials'. Within a year of living aboard at least half of those precious things were given away, sold or binned - I just didn't need them any more. Bite the bullet - downsizing is good for the soul!