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  1. Goodbye All it was fun while it lasted.

    What colour flying car
  2. Navigation Gnosall

    By all accounts the foods good and they tend to have 2 to 3 beers on, beer quality was acceptable last time I was in.
  3. The Shroppie Fly Pub

    Should have gone to the Boat, much better pub :-)
  4. Narrowboatworld Article on Marina's new EV

    I think it's how many free coffees you get (in designated Cafes) for every 100 miles covered, or something like that :-)
  5. Yellow Stars III

    NO. why did you go and spoil my perfect record of no stars
  6. Yellow Stars III

    For that remark, have a star
  7. Yellow Stars III

    Stupid game, think I'll stay with my grey ones
  8. Westport Lake moorings - facilities

    Bl**dy dangerous dogs attacking the water now. :-)
  9. Think this boat was at Tyxell wide about 3 weeks ago
  10. Warning points

    I feel a bit left out,I haven't got any points
  11. BSS Standards Declined by Lake District Authorities

    You learn something new everyday. My Granmother was from Dalton and I have family in Millom. I was dragged up in Windermere
  12. BSS Standards Declined by Lake District Authorities

    Your not a born and bred Cumbrian. It didn't exist 69 years ago. I was born in Westmorland and have never called myself a Cumbrian :-)
  13. IWA at the NEC

    Are they branching into camping, if so does it also mean that all my favourite camp sites will become 48hrs only, with no return for 28 days
  14. huge fish

    Try Rydal water. There used to be some monsters.
  15. Shropshire Union Tyrley Locks

    Never had a problem with Dawns. As with all smallish towns taxi services they can be a bit hit and miss but have always been on time (when they've answered the phone in the first case). We normally shop then go to Wetherspoons and phone them from there. There's a list of cab companies on the wall at the end of the bar. Hope this helps