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  1. Horse Boating Rope?

    I suspect boats that were not on the move were tied on the offside to prevent the need of lifting lines. It's a different world from what it used to be. Those passing in opposite directions would need one boat to drop lines to allow the other to pass over the sunken line. There are images of such shown in some publications.
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    It's missing tuppence. 1936 ones. Nice to see the Larbert in there, though a tight squeeze. Bed'ole? It's a very comfy back cabin.
  3. Art Deco on the Canal

    Some others that come to mind: Whiteley's department store in Queensway. Opened in 1911, and demolished save the facade in the eighties; The Hoover Building, now a Tesco's; and Staples Inn in Holborn - at least some of the interior has been retained. From a delivery I made there in the eighties, the interior looked so modern it defied any resemblance to the exterior, which as many will know is depicted on the "Old Holborn" tobacco products.
  4. Art Deco on the Canal

    Well, the roadside facade has been retained, and the clock & thermometer are now digital, but from the canalside you wouldn't recognise it, save maybe the colour.
  5. Passing Place in a Lock

    You need a volume of water to provide sufficient head, or weight to seal the gates unless they are built to very fine tolerances indeed. Somewhat akin to making model cars in a proportionately thin metal to the full size. They would be so weak as to almost collapse at the touch.
  6. Passing Place in a Lock

    Hm, eh - did someone call . . ?
  7. Marple Aqueduct

    Just another example of authoritatively stupidity at work. Some pen pusher will be proud of their work.
  8. River Weaver boat sizes

  9. Derek R.

  10. Windmill Bridge - Hanwell

    Not entirely gone. The back (canalside) of the Ovaltine factory in 2004. Mostly a far cry from when boats unloaded coal there, all modern boiler house. Around the front, much has been retained of the original facade.
  11. Bottom Road

    From Birmingham to Coventry via Fazeley is the Bottom Road, windswept shallow and dirty. You go downhill to get to it (from Brum), hence bottom road, in the same way the You go 'Down North' from the Midlands. when travelling North. A reversal of the motoring terms of going 'up' North or 'down' South. Maps didn't come into it for boatmen who knew their way around. 'Evelyn's War' series in the HNBC journal depicts the problems of the bottom road very well.
  12. Guilsfield Arm

    Indeed, most of the canals built around Ironbridge and Ketley were tub boat canals with levels joined by inclined planes (the tub boats holding 5 - 8 tons each), none of which were available to narrow boats. The Shrewsbury Canal had eleven locks beginning at Trench from the base of the inclined plane there, which was the limit for even the 6' 4" boats, the locks being 81' long by 6' 7" in width, these would take specially built Shroppie boats, though not many were made. The locks had mitred top gates and a lifted guillotine gate at the lower end taking the Shrewsbury Canal down 79' down to the level of the Weald Moors. The Shrewsbury Canal was widened from its tub boat dimensions in 1835 to connect with the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal by means of the Newport branch, but all cargoes beyond the Trench Inclined plane had to be transhipped into/from tubs. 'British Canals an illustrated history' by Charles Hadfield, 'The Canals of Shropshire' by Richard Morriss, & 'Waterways of East Shropshire' by Neil Clarke.
  13. Guilsfield Arm

    The triangular basin appears to have a corrugated barn of sorts still extant. Could it be the same as mentioned in Nebulaes' post? The Navigation Inn looks to be a private residence today. http://tinyurl.com/y92g2yzf http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=52.7057&lon=-3.1425&layers=6&b=1
  14. Narrowboats on the Thames

    Skutsjes racing is very competitive in Holland - and not without incident! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qBF9gjVacE
  15. Narrowboats on the Thames

    Don't know, but the tug seems to be hastening to provide some shelter from the waves. Maybe he's been advised to turn back, or just changing direction. This one doesn't seem to want to sink either! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUL9UwiA_Cc