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    Hemel Hempstead, when not on boat

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    Grand Union Hertfordshire & Coventry Canal Warwickshire
  1. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    Are you sure you don't mean Ledgend narrowboats, or as we used to call them "Leg end" as they were as straight as a leg. Built down the Southern Grand Union and most had Dutch Barge style windows.
  2. Eberspacher Hydronic

    Phone Nic at TWMarine Furness Vale 01663745757
  3. The Big Freeze of 1963

    I remember it well, was working for Peter Froud, lets have a bit more of it, sort a few out.
  4. Plane Under Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

    I was once told a spitfire flew under the suspension bridge over the river Dee in Chester.
  5. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    I would have been too embarrassed to start the topic, things like that are better kept to yourself and then when someone has a similar problem, say, I remember once a dodgy terminal connection caused me a similar problem.
  6. Mushroom vents

    Being a boat safety examiner i can tell you people use socks, bra's, T shirts, bar towels and all other things to stuff into them.
  7. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    I was going to reply but i am loosing the will to live, you have answered your own problem. A clue:- fuel filter, but keep it to yourself.
  8. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    Well i can see two horses when you zoom in.
  9. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    I was always lead to believe it was boats in transit that were exempt, a bit like a drinks licence on a trip boat, trains etc, when it is underway, it is not required.
  10. Cooling fins

    I like the extra cold start device, never seen one of them on a Lister before.
  11. Vintage engine guides for the uninitiated

    Never read so much praise in one hit for Bukh, I am one of the first on the UK canals with a 2G105, this year its 38 years old, not vintage but it will be, (unlike me, 73 years old tomorrow.
  12. Remove pump out

    You could try and trace the person who dumped the one at Marston Junction last year, he or she managed it without removing the bowl.
  13. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    Had to wait to fill up with water while one of the houses were watering their garden and filling a paddling pool in June.
  14. Ashby Canal during Shackerstone Festival week

    If you you like Gin, this is the place (Palace) to be,Madam Barlow will be at her dispensary, also the commentators from Rickmansworth Tug of War will be in attendance, not a thing to miss.
  15. Ashby Canal during Shackerstone Festival week

    Been to the last three Shackerstone festivals, no problems for passing boats, moorings in the close vicinity are scarce but not a long walk to festival site or railway (a must).