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  1. Wonderful video I've just been sent discussing Council plans to develop round Gas St Basin http://www.macearchive.org/Archive/Title/atv-today-05051967-gas-street-basin/MediaEntry/33235.html
  2. Help needed transporting a 25ft cabin cruiser

    Try JWMorleys. They did my 21ft for very reasonable price and great service. Midlands but will travel
  3. Side hatch replacement

    A vote here for Kedian's work. He did us a new side hatch on the previous boat and also rebottomed our little office boat. Good work and a pleasure to deal with.
  4. replating

    Ask Martin Kedian of this forum or google him. He overplayed my polystyrene lined boat without having to strip anything. Good job, highly recommend him.
  5. Gridlock on The BCN for Odana

    It was a magnificent Chaos! Can't find a pic to upload of the final group photo, but 15 or so boats breasted up was ace.
  6. Roof boxes

    We had ours made by a local carpenter mate, then got a cover-maker to make snap-on vinyl covers. Worked out similar to the Top Box co who were advertising at the time but gave me choice on size and depth.
  7. Mold,Mildew and Algae affected cover owners wanted.

    Hockley Port Bham ok? We have a stubbornly green catch cover
  8. Moving a boat between networks

    We used JW Morley for a 21ft boat. Half day hire cost about 500 quid. They were excellent. They can move up to 39' http://www.jwmorley.co.uk/
  9. Paris houseboat - how to rent?

    There are a few on Air BNB, but I am sure there are otehr websites - if only I knew how to find em... That boat (as well as looking like a bland IKEA catalogue) works out at £545 for 2 nights! Even my beloved husband and father and such a good location aren't worth THAT much!
  10. We rather fancy staying afloat when we go to Paris in June. AirBNB seems to have a few boats, but not much option for 3 people, only 2. Do you know of any other sites to look for boaty accommodation in Paris? Any info much appreciated! Failing that, we will find ourselves an apartment. (we will only be there 2 nights, unfortunately)
  11. Long term narrowboat hire anyone?

    Sheffield narrowband only do long term hire. Booked up well ahead but worth a Google
  12. 42 feet of pure prettiness

    To add to the warnings from personal experience: My uncle died at the tender age of 28 - he went into a shower (one of those gas ones in unventilated rooms) on holiday, and never came out My mother and sister were once found near-unconscious by a neighbour on the bed - neighbour let herself in based on a gut feeling that summat was wrong when my sister never showed up for a ballet class. Turned out it was a blocked boiler flue. I spent several weeks with flu-like headachy symptoms in my house. And because I was feeling rough and low, I spent even more time in front of the fire cuddled up dozing. Only when I was moaning about feeling rough to a plumber friend did said friend call the gas board. Who immediately condemned my gas fire. People in another hire boat travelling same route us back in early 80s had a problem with gas boiler (Alde??? I assume) had a near miss when the person passing out from CO poisoning fell off their bunk, and others heard the thud. Holiday abandoned for hospitals. I am very very VERY wary of carbon monoxide now and have three separate detectors. They have in the past woken me up - sometimes as false alarms (gassing batteries), a few times because the fire was putting out fumes from a gap, a crack, and once my own naive stupidity leaving ash pan under fire to cool. Better safe than sorry.
  13. Withybed moorings - Alvechurch

    Ah, so THAT'S what all that was. Saw it the other day. Quite a hill to excavate!