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    Music, trees, art, cycling, real ale, small dog (note the singular), writing, DIY, gardening, possible chickens, ponies (what girl doesn't like ponies)

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  1. Tunnel lights

    I think the walk through idea is seriously flawed unless all you boaters live ON diesel fumes? Brilliant reading though thanks!
  2. Tunnel lights

    Does anyone have a recommendation for wattage regarding modern LEDs formtunnel lights as we'd like to get one but naturally don't want to dazzle other boaters ( as we've been at the receiving end of silly lights through Blisworth) I've read all the posts which are informative and some hilarious... Thanks in anticipation...
  3. another unlicenced boat

    Interesting post. Made me try to visualise the random smashing. Did it have a steerer? Shame for all the damage tho'
  4. Just for fun - word game

    Toxic Cybil
  5. Nene valley used to deliver a veg box to my boat just needed me to meet them once in car park to show them where it was. But they used same driver each time.
  6. Stoke Bruerne Visitor Moorings

    I sold my boat earlier this year so am no longer a boater, is there anything a non boater can do to help? Seems utterly bonkers.
  7. Ordered to Return to Moorings

    Is it not ok to have a permanent mooring, then take your boat elsewhere and moor it according to the rules, ie 14 days or 48hrs? How else is one supposed to go on holiday? I had a permanent mooring, and very occasionally(once or twice a year) I would move 100 yards onto a visitor mooring for a bit of sunshine and didn't feel even a tiny bit guilty. Equally, we would take off for a weekend, a week or a fortnight. How else would you enjoy having a boat? Just because you live on it doesn't mean you can't have holibobs.
  8. Canalside Folk Music / Festivals 2013

    Hm, yes, it was lovely to see her. I would love another boat, but can't do it at the mo. I have to make a home for my teenage son for a bit longer. I got a kiss on the cheek from Ric Sanders, I love his fiddle playing and he is a really nice guy. How lovely to get admiration from Simon Nicol :-) coolio. I will have another look at the program to see if I can be tempted this year.
  9. Think Crick will be fun, miss my boat and want to look at some more.

  10. nearly June, just lit the stove... wtf?

    I actually loved my mikuni. It was ''fun'' working out when it stopped working, but a really good reliable little machine and made the boat toasty. It was 17 years old and still running well when the boat went.
  11. Canalside Folk Music / Festivals 2013

    Someone else was grumbling about the chairs, it just seems common sense to me. If I do go this year it will be without the boat as it went in March - huge sad face - I have a friend who has been to every single one, I camped in 2012 - but I do remember the weather being amazing. I had to use suncream. The evenings were v cold tho, as there was a mad dash back before our fave bits came on to get warmer clothes from the tent. My only disappointment was Joan Armatrading. Aw, now you've got me thinking about if I am going and that means planning. The girls who played with fairport that weekend were really good.
  12. A legal question on self defence

    Slightly off topic here, we had swans here with seven babies recently, as recent as two weeks ago, but now they are swimming alone. It looks as if all the cygnets have been taken or died. Anyone else with this ?
  13. nearly June, just lit the stove... wtf?

    I went out yesterday afternoon and it hailed, A LOT, and the car said it was 3.5 degrees. And the snowflake came on the temperature guage! 20 mins later it was 9 degrees. It reminds me of 2008 - although at least it wasnt cold then - when all summer it was waterproof trousers and suncream
  14. Canalside Folk Music / Festivals 2013

    I love folk music, I still consider myself a boater (even if I am between boats) and I play and sing. I think there has to be an overlap of people who love gentle, outdoor music and a bit of folk rock for me too, fresh air, a picnic with wine or beer and great company and people who live in the boating community. I think they are similar because of their community lifestyle. There can't be a boater alive who hasn't asked for or offered help to another at some point or shared helpful and sometimes boring stories. Cropredy is wondrous. I am a young 50. I mention this because of the chair issue. Cropredy has a large and continuous following because of its lovely atmosphere, enhanced by the warmth and friendliness of the guys from Fairport. Hardly surprising that we get older each year. There is room to move, loads of people go up to the front for their fave bits. Those with chairs are just keen to be able to sit and enjoy the whole day without losing half their family and friends. I was very privileged to go last year when it was gloriously sunny. I first went by boat in 2008 but by the time we arrived it was not possible to moor up there and we chose to moor nearly two miles away (as we had bikes) so we could turn without going through the locks. We visited the fringe then, enjoyed the stalls and the village atmosphere. We had planned to go to Banbury and back, but Cropredy was too nice.
  15. And Now For Something Controversial

    I am still amazed at the huge brainstores of knowledge out there in the nb world...pity we can't bottle it but it is still a joy to read this forum :-) and sometimes irritating lol