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  1. Vintage Engines

    dunno... but the engine in james loader still runs sweetly last i handled it and went boating with it! (only back in 09 but i have seen and heard since then) the only downer with james is the dynamo is not working... hand start only i'm afraid!!!
  2. Scaryest Boating Moment?

    yeah, we left staines that morning but by the time we got to windsor the red boards were going up! and coming up to black potts railway bridge i was deliberately inching across the river too, to try and find some form of void in the flow... i found the left hand side (although i am not supposed to but with little choice) not as bad as the right hand side or the centre!!! i'm also greatful that no other boats were coming down at that point in time and yes having a tiller makes a hell of a difference in feeling the water and knoing where to go and being able to see what you need to do based on the water coming at you!!!
  3. Scaryest Boating Moment?

    which one??? 2 i can think of! going up to ricky fest, got to wide water lock, and i only tied off with the centre rope under the bridge (stupidly) the force from the lock caught the bow pulled on the centre and nearly rolled my boat!!! or a week later, going up the thames, thames goes into flood, just getting through windsor great park (the royals bit) get to the 2nd road bridge and the narrowboat infront of me just stops!!! in the middle of the bridge at full RPM!!! (think it was about 2500) i've seen this and dumped my throttle to everything my poor little thumper will give me!!! inch by inch making my way up to the railway bridge hoping and praying that my boat will hold strong enough to make it to the lock, just passing through the railway bridge and the water was running so fast it hit the railway bridge pillar raised a foot and dropped 2 foot as it passed around the pillar!!!! i was s*****g and brick!!! and about 100 yards after the railway bridge my boat launches off like a polaris missile!!!
  4. Falling in

    I'm not opposed to burning my cousin... or are we talking about something else???
  5. Falling in

    when i fell in (before i owned a boat) i had to get myself out... as my "captain" was too busy wetting himself laughing to give me any form of useful assistance!!! thankfully there was a gap between the boat and the bank that the boat wasn't going to get into but i wasn't overly that damaged... what if i clonked me noggin???
  6. Advanced Lock Opening

    thanks mikey!!! just the info i wanted!!!
  7. Advanced Lock Opening

    it depends on what i am doing as to whether i have someone cycling ahead for me... if i am towing and on a working run then yes i will more often than not have a cyclist ahead of me (i only send 1 lock ahead at a time) it makes it a hell of a lot easier with towing boats and yes i expect to get people hating me for sending someone ahead... but if it is A. not a working run. B. not towing boats then you do not have to give right of way. (am i assuming that towing boats have priority at bridge 'oles and locks or is that a myth?)
  8. Who weilds the windlass?

    ya know that leap of faith people talk about??? applied to real life being single crewed 99% of the time you get used to doing all the jobs possible!!! (even when i had a girl with me they were more often better off in the cabin making the tea than steering the boat!!!) no i am not insulting female steering the circumstances are purely based on the individuals!!! and i have seen some fantastic women steerers!!! but when i have crew of 3 i send 1 ahead to the next lock, keep one with me and me steering, the one with me works the lock i am on which works a treat when in a hurry to get somewhere!!!
  9. A myth blown out of the canal

    like mine but thats for security reasons at the moment
  10. Does length matter?

    i live on a 30 footer... as soon as i can i will be refitting it for the best layout to live comfortably... the swim on mine is that similar to a 70 footer (cos they had great ideas behind it) for a short sod, she don't wonder that much!!! but once i have refitted my boat, i want to get a 30ft butty built to tow around as "the other half" makes everything by far more fun with an extra 10 ton on the wrong side
  11. A myth blown out of the canal

    yes in many cases Richard... that is why I love the rain... not many others are as insane as me to go boating in heavy rain bordering on hail stones just to get a peaceful cruise once in a while lol
  12. Who weilds the windlass?

    i wish i had that luxury of someone to work a lock for me... (that i don't have to pay a the end of the day)
  13. A myth blown out of the canal

    being fair to hirers there are different kinds of hirers... primarily 2 I believe. 1. knows everything about everything and will refuse any advice or assistance from anyone and naturally screw it up themselves. 2. is willing to learn what is what on the canals and will accept advice and assistance from more experienced individuals thus causing less chaos to make everyone's time on the canal by far more enjoyable!!! kind 2 I get along with the most as listening to others is just as important as having fun!!! by the sounds of it Burgiesburnin... you are kind 2... so you will always be welcome again!
  14. How much does your boat draw?

    cor... sounds great to have a shallow draught boat... mine seems to be best part of 3 ft!!!
  15. Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally 25th-26th June

    ahh crud... i can't get there... i would have loved to but i am busy the whole weekend maybe next year... maybe next year i will get the chance to take my boat there...