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  1. Very pleased that the skin tank is performing as required thank you David for trusting us with your pride and joy I hope you have many happy times with her Martin
  2. Skin tank holding about 70,s first day a little hotter due to an air lock in the calorifier which cleared itself four long days of running pump able to push water around the system AOK
  3. Only right to insure that the final statement is made on this subject by the customer I am sworn to secrecy
  4. Update on the performance of the skin tank with the extra non standard and recommend baffles as per the recommendation given by Beta to follow by the customer to follow after several days cruising.
  5. The problem with a jigsaw is that the blade throw means it bounces of the interior fit out and bends the rage saw is adjustable in the depth of cut I go through the steel only vacuum up steel chipping and then a sharp wood saw through the lining with a dust sheet in place doudle glazed units fully fitted £950
  6. Boat back in the water this afternoon all good skin tank being re plumed
  7. It’s all gone quiet over there
  8. Dear Black Rose being as you state most people haven’t heard of me prior to this forum perhaps you might like a potted history of my work life In 1967 I started working for Kearney and Treacker in Brighton and did a four year apprenticeship as a Fabricator welder passsing EITB courses with credits and City and Guilds fabricaton and welding courses with credit I moved to Northampton for personal reasons in 1973 and was offered a position with Hancock and Lane in Daventry and began a further apprenticeship in steel boat building I worked up through the ranks to become a leading hand I have built boats for notable companies ie Peter Nicholls yacht builders. G &J Reeves Probuild narrow boats and Steelcraft during this time I have been involved in the construction of over 100 boats I decided that I would like to finish by running my own company Kedian Engineering I bring over 45 yers of experience to this forum and am happy to share that if asked Thank you for your interest in my journey and for your comments on this forum which I take on board and read with interest Martin