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  1. Heating water

    Right I see, I wish I had something to measure the actual wattage. I only used the numbers on the back of the microwave and bottom of the kettle. Call me a philistine but I used the technique to make green tea and it tasted fine . Though I should try it with standard tea. use a drip coffee maker to make coffee. Avoid instant like the plague
  2. Heating water

    So I have some time spare that I should use to do some exam revision, oh well. I was curious to find the most energy saving method of making myself a cup of tea. I feel there are some people on here who are nerdy enough to appreciate my findings. I have a novice understanding of the area so any corrections would be appreciated. My equipment is as follows: 1 x kettle rated at 1850-2200 watts 1 x microwave rated at 650-700 watts ("C") I was mainly interested in seeing the efficiency of just one cup of water, which I measured to be 350ml. The kettle has a minimum level of 500ml. The kettle took 1:30 minutes to boil, that is with me turning it off as soon as it began to boil (otherwise it doesn't click off until another 15 seconds passed). The microwave took approx 4:15 minutes to boil. So from the figures I worked out what I suspected, that the kettle is more efficient. (521 watts/ml/s vs 364.5 watts/ml/s). But for one cup of 350ml I microwaved for 4 minutes which bought it to a reasonable tea brewing temperature, which saves about 12% energy. Furthermore clicking off the kettle saves 13% wattage. I might make a note and stick it to the kettle. Also, I need to go out more. Matt
  3. Same sex marriage yes or no?

    Perhaps I have a lack of support with my fellow Christians, but I vote yes. I don't think I have the right at all to say what someone can define their own relationship/union with another person. Regardless of what my beliefs are.
  4. Happy birthday Dave!

    Happy birthday Dad . It's quite amusing talking to someone over the phone when they think you're in Plymouth, then for a brief moment staring at them face to face before they realise it's you.
  5. Opening ceremony

    I think it was far more innovative and imaginative than Beijing, I felt proud especially when I'm aware many critical eyes in America were watching ready for us to slip up. Though I think only the British would understand the ceremony to it's full extent.
  6. What first attracted you to the canals?

    Every time I go to the canals I feel a tranquility I can't explain, I am eternally grateful parents have bought a boat, I adore spending time on it. Even have the chance to live on my own or with a friend for a week or two, I feel very privileged.
  7. Open Office v Libre Office

    Yes, at least it's not as bad as operating systems, businesses tend to latch on to their old os's for years. Still have XP at uni... though sounds like they will be rolling Win 7, can't blame them for skipping Vista
  8. Open Office v Libre Office

    I can't remember, perhaps I'll do some experimentation next time I'm at uni and try and open it with the uni computers. Didn't M$ switch to an open format with their new versions? Surely they'd be more likely to work, being XML and all that.
  9. Open Office v Libre Office

    The unfortunate thing about OO and LO, although it's free and seems like a no brainer, I have handed in a report which wouldn't open on my lecturers machine. Mum also reported a problem with OO/LO when she was sending CVs.
  10. Open Office v Libre Office

    Libre Office split from Open Office due to the fear that Oracle would have changed the license of Open Office and make it non-free. I wouldn't see why they would be dramatically different from each other, I should imagine the products will be developed by much the same people.
  11. Climate Change

    This article backs up the paper I cited previously, which explains why CO2 apparently lags behind the temperature rise, we have already debunked this myth, why is it still circulating? Again this supports the AGW. And it actually demonstrates that the lag is far less than we thought, meaning we will be seeing the effects sooner. The rise in temperature causes the CO2 levels to rise The rise in CO2 levels causes the temperature to rise This has been shown by empirical evidence.
  12. Naming names

    I am quite happy being Sky of the Dragon. Could that mean I am the sky that is the home of the dragon?
  13. Naming names

    It doesn't matter in the end really too late to change it , apparently my sources of Latin were suspect. "Caeli Draco" has a nice ring to it I must admit
  14. Naming names

    I had never actually used this name as an online handle before, the reason being is I didn't want to use my normal one, which is my first and last name. A quick google search and you will find some references to a game I used to be a leader of a clan in, the clan I named Divum Draconis, which is Latin (I hope) for Sky Dragon, I've probably made an error in the Latin but oh well. It's a little odd being referred to by it, not sure how other people feel about it, but I don't mind at all, just doesn't feel like they're referring to me, it's probably just a case of getting used to the identity. If I'd chosen again I would probably go for HedgepigMatt. I am used to referring to people by their aliases from my gaming days where I made quite a few friends from across the globe, it's surprise how normal it becomes using silly names, you don't realise it until you talk to a "normal" person. As far as the etiquette is concerned I agree it's reasonable to name them by either their handle or signature until they agree if it's okay to use their real name. Actually saying that, I might just update my sig...
  15. Edge of the universe

    Oh it is, I am in agreement with you. Trouble is I have grown to distrust the human mind a lot (not totally, otherwise I wouldn't be xian), so I tend not to form solid opinions on these matters, but I am certain there is a heck of a lot more than meets the eye. I actually quite enjoy the way quantum superposition and entanglement gets people in a huff. I quite enjoy using binoculars. Though I might join you with the telescope idea.