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  1. PC with Windows installed - very very common PC with no operating system installed - very very rare PC with Linux installed - very very rare The point I believe Tony is making is explained in detail here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundling_of_Microsoft_Windows Microsoft's "encouragement", as detailed in the Microsoft Tax section, formed part of, alongside other anti-competitive practices, the long antitrust case against them. Microsoft have a long history of bad behaviour, they seem quite happy when forced to drop one set of bad behaviour to simply find another set of bad behaviour
  2. Almost missed this at the time you posted it, when I referred to Microsoft evangelist swamping any criticism on forums I was actually referring to an official Microsoft job position of DE (Developer Evangelist) I. E developers are paid handsomely to evangelise Microsoft as per this job description. https://www.microsoft.com/northafrica/careers/positions/de.htm In the past these paid "evangelists" were brought out in droves whenever Microsoft expected bad publicity, their function was to drown out any discussion that they deemed may not be in Microsofts best interest. Hoards of them would arrive on various forums and news groups at critical times. Microsoft have never played fairly and I have no reason to believe they ever will.
  3. Only got supertherm at the moment found that it stays in a long time with a reasonable amount of heat. when It dies down a bit and new brickets are added I find that it needs a kick start to get the brickets burning properly I do this by pushing a single kindle stick down the middle, seems to need a critical temperature to start burning well.
  4. I much prefer it when the question is couched more along the lines of What is the appropriate OS for my requirements? Then occasionally sensible discussion takes place
  5. I've managed to take myself off topic, couldn't resist, so to bring it back on track I'll repost the link http://downtoearthlinux.com/posts/11-reasons-to-avoid-linux/
  6. And that is the critical comment irrespective of the OS. I no longer need Windows and so do not have to put up with the Microsoft vision and shenanigans so I am happy to point out potential alternatives. We're back to the horses for courses comment from an earlier post.
  7. http://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-subscriptions-arent-happening-heres-why/ There was a time when zdnet.com was awash with Microsoft evangelists who piled in to anyone who tried to hold any discussion which Microsoft deemed to be counterproductive to their aims or, at the time, bad practices. This was maybe 15 years ago but as far as I was concerned zdnet.com lost a lot of credibility(Note the above did not apply to zdnet.co.uk who managed to remain creditably independent and also used my favourite tech author of the time Guy Kewney RIP ) . Having said that the article linked to appears to be a fair enough assessment of the vision Microsoft have for the future. I can understand and perhaps even support the Microsoft vision of a single operating system, Windows 10, which will be maintained and updated as a stable OS. The problem is the IMHO the dogs dinner they are making of getting there, we have no way of knowing how long it will take and how much disruption it will cause. In the interest of fairness I did that and came up with this very we'll written an reasoned article http://downtoearthlinux.com/posts/11-reasons-to-avoid-linux/ I can't put it better so won't even attempt to. I personally have reached the conclusion that Linux Mint meets my requirements. It isn't perfect but for me it is less imperfect than Windows.
  8. Certainly an on board communication and computing section would make sense
  9. Apologise Mross I missed the fact that you had already linked to the article that I linked to later on.
  10. And to add to your woes they intend to make you rent this POS in the future As per my OP it is now becoming IMHO Malware rather than an Operating system I would hate to think how much downtime small businesses have suffered because of this windows 10 fiasco. I am now happily ensconced in the Linux Mint world, bit of a learning curve but well worth it. ETA Just tried these Google search "windows 10 update pile of crap" and "windows 10 lawsuit" I think Windows 10 is an unmitigated disaster. Shouldn't worry any survey they put up will probably wreck your pc
  11. Good article here http://www.pbo.co.uk/gear/12-diesel-bug-treatments-tested-43353 Pretty much confirms my personal experience of Marine 16 SHOCK treatment to kill the bug and Fuelset for ongoing prevention. Note. Article requires answer to a single advertising question for full article, please be like me and give a true and accurate reply there is no benefit to anyone to give a misleading answer.
  12. Fully agree I know for a fact that diesel bug does exist, found out the costly way. I now use Fuelset at each refill, money well spent.
  13. Just came across this site which might be of use to you. http://www.european-waterways.eu/e/index.php or directly to Belgium waterways here: http://www.european-waterways.eu/e/info/belgium/index.php Impressive piece of work added it to my bookmarks
  14. Diesel Bug - Ensure You Fill Your Tank

    Interesting reading through the farming thread it appears to be hitting the farming community quite hard. In the context of this forum has anyone had this problem on their boat? Is it something we are likely to meet and if so are there any preventative measures we can take?