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  1. Springwood haven marina FS

    We were cross posting just found this https://www.vailwilliams.com/properties/springwood-haven-marina-nuneaton-1192 Its not the marina and appears to be for rent
  2. Springwood haven marina FS

    This why the current generation should not be allowed to retire early, unlike my generation where it is entirely justified, they have served me well over the years and always kept a good shop. I wish them well in their retirement and would like to thank them for the good service i have received over the years. eta Found this for further clarification "...Springwood Haven Leisure Ltd is the profitable retail, repair and servicing business of Springwood Haven Marina, Nuneaton. It includes Onboard Energy, a leading distributor of off-grid energy solutions......." So price is not for the marina, which is what i thought
  3. Used that technique when draining my bilge prior to painting it. Passing couple said they had been wary of passing me as they thought at first I might be a mad man. Once explained had a pleasant conversation.
  4. CRT disgruntled staff

    Long time retired but share your views. Blue sky thinking days and role playing sessions led by a bright young thing fresh from kindergarten. At least with role playing you could always sabotage it just enough to ensure that you were never going to be picked for the jobs you didn't want. As Alan Davies said on QI if you don't want a specific job then wear sandals to the interview.
  5. OK looks like the sucky thing is the way to go.
  6. I've been thinking about doing the same thing but have not yet come up with a good solution to the problem so any suggestions welcome. I am thinking a of using a ram fit I. E something I can wedge against the side door trim but can't think of a suitable material to edge the frame with that will give a good seal and will hold the frame in place. Only want to use it temporarily when moored up and dont want to compromise existing side doors and fittings. Does not need to be secure as will be removed when off the boat. Any ideas, particularly on edging materials, welcome
  7. Road and Canal atlas

    Ah the psion organiser 11 used to programme them, cracking bit of kit for the time. However I no longer have my 1986ish Psion but I do have my 1986 diary. Can stick the diary in a drawer for 30 years and the battery never runs out. Place for both but to me, in many cases, hardcopy is King electronic complementary to hardcopy
  8. It is a good point. I have 2 skin tanks one internal and one, added later, external. The internal has an drain but it is obscured by the engine bearers. Could I suggest that if you do provide one on future jobs that it is situated half way along the tank so that it is accessible even with the engine mounted? Just a thought could make what appears to be an excellent job into excellent plus. Note to add my later addition, for clarification not by you, did not have a drain incorporated the addition of one would make life a lot easier as I am due to drain the system and may need to use my sucky thing to get to the bottom of the tank.
  9. Sailaway

    I wouldn't discount a sailaway plus that way you get what you want but with control over the budget and layout. Furniture and fittings and refinements can be added at a letter stage as budget allows. Lymm appears to be a good starting point if you decide to go down that route. Whatever you decide good luck I wish you well with it
  10. Sailaway

    I fitted out an empty unpainted shell working 6 to 7 days a week full time in 16 months. Painting, 7 coats in total, took a lot longer than I thought. If you enjoy a project and not spending time with your partner, if appropriate, then go for it. So the true cost in monetary terms is shell, materials, labour, surveyor, documentation, yard fees for 16 months, expertise. Non monetary costs are more difficult to quantify but personal relationships can take a hit. Eta just read sniffy's post above and would say that that is the way I would do it if I was to do it again.
  11. Soft 25mm2 Electric Cable - Where?

    Did a similar thing on my boat, reverse layout by running thick cable half way up and then running front wiring from a fused switch board. Makes wiring and routing a lot easier. Used http://www.onboardenergy.co.uk/energy-solutions/our-location.html For majority of my wiring needs, good people and will ensure you only buy cable of correct specification.
  12. Ashby

    Thanks for that link, was born in Nuneaton in 1950. I have have now got to stop work and read that book.
  13. Mppt charge controller

    Not the only one to do it and not the most serious either because you were just expressing an opinion. When I first started on here about 11 years ago I posted incorrect info on electrical wiring and was attacked, quite rightly, by a shoal of Forum piranha. Lesson (almost) learnt. There is a wealth of experience on here and conversely a wealth of inexperience its just a question of being able to identify which is which. For the old timers on here it was mainly Gibbo who had a go at me, again quite rightly. I stood no chance. Still stub my toe from time to time but soon get nudged back into line. Again welcome.
  14. Help re-cementing chimney

    Interesting reading that it looks like the only relevant sections are 8.4.1 Required 8.4.3 Required 8.10.2 Advisory and 8.10.5 Advisory You need to read the document as to long to quote here. In the case of the advisory 8.10.2 and 8.10.5 being breached then a BSS warning notice is given which is described in short below "THE BSS WARNING NOTICE A BSS Warning Notice will be issued in all cases where an examiner has cause to suspect that people or property may be or are in ‘immediate danger’ or ‘at risk’ due to faults in installations or appliances on a vessel being examined. The purpose of the BSS Warning Notice is to alert the owner or person responsible for the craft’s condition, that an immediately hazardous defect has been found and secondly to alert anyone stepping aboard that they could be at risk and should take precautions." More details in the above link. So a warning notice can be served but I'm unclear as to what it's power is if any. Seems the owner is informed and visitors should be informed but what if the visitors aren't informed
  15. Help re-cementing chimney

    You were typing at the same time as me fully agree the BSS in this case appears to have take no stance whatsoever other than to say that it is advisory to meet the standards, which is a big a cop out as you could find.