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  1. Abnormal data usage

    str.count(sub, start= 0,end=len(string)) To a programme that long Or http://www.charactercountonline.com/
  2. Abnormal data usage

    I stand corrected thought it was a reference to my post 21 but have found the post you mean now. I've been responding to responses to my previous response when in fact they were not so doing. Thread has been helpful in that I am seriously considering swapping to Lastpass now, seems enough confidence in it to make the swap. Thread Responses give me enough confidence to use the secure synch and auto fill features which I currently, through chose, don't have
  3. Abnormal data usage

    Ok thanks for that thought it was a special technique I hadn't heard of. The previous poster was me by the way didn't say that elephantablegreen was as easy to crack as etg. One would take a lot more resource than the other, the link I gave above shows some orders of magnitude involved in computing power required. One other point I forgot to mention is the multiple passwords requirement for multiple sites. Whilst elephantablegreen with some special characters may be of reasonable strength for a personal password and is reasonably easy to remember you then have the problem of choosing whether to use elephantablegreen for all your sites or do you have a different three word string for each site. In the later case you then hit the old problem of trying to remember multiple multiword with characters passwords. Human nature basically says I can't be ars*d so I will use a simple password or a decent password but share it across multiple sites.
  4. Abnormal data usage

    Don't disagree if multiple words are used and special characters Another point is that a hacker is not likely to spend a lot of computing resource to crack my personal password the maximum benefit they could gain is some of my fortnightly pension. However in a commercial or government environment there may be some benefit to the hacker in dedicating computing resource to cracking a password. My personal preference is to use a strong password from a password generator stored in a password vault with no direct Internet access. This is very easy to achieve with a password app. Completely over the top which makes me happy because if it is easy to do then why not do it. This is a decent plain English summary of some of the basic techniques used. http://web.cs.du.edu/~mitchell/forensics/information/pass_crack.html By the way what us ETG?
  5. Abnormal data usage

    Don't know that one so can't comment on it although I may look into it based on Rusty69 recommendation. For Android I use PASSWORD SAFE, nice piece of work easy to use and standalone. The selling point for me is the fact that it does NOT have an inbuilt sync-feature. You have to export to a file and the transfer and import to your other device. This feature, or lack of a feature, removes a major potential weakness. I personally like the developers refusal to bow to fashion at the cost of security. https://reneph.de/en/password-safe-2/
  6. Abnormal data usage

    Don't fully agree with that One of the most common hacking techniques is to use dictionary searches of linked whole words. 2 or 3 dictionary words linked isn't a major problem for a dictionary linked interrogation programme. The normal starting points are names, dictionary words or geographical names then numbers then case. A better solution is password generator and database of these I prefer the standalone type I. E require manual backup and export/import. More work to synchronise across appliances but much more secure than an Internet linked system.
  7. Data RAM prices since 1957

    Just done the maths on the first post 16gb in 1957 would of cost seven hundred eighteen billion eight hundred million dollars
  8. Rope Work

    2nd that
  9. Data RAM prices since 1957

    Had a Commodore Pet 512k late 70s cost more than my motorbike. Had a great deal of trouble removing some users from the Amstrad PCW they loved it. One lady hid hers in her stationary cupboard. Has an IBM later on running OS/2 with REXX good operating system but IBM underestimated how dirty Microsoft could play.
  10. Data RAM prices since 1957

    To make it even more interesting try this inflation calculator http://www.saving.org/inflation/ The $399 for the 1957 example in first post comes in at $3,490.27 1979 Prices for 8mb and 16mb IBM 3033 In 1979 "Prices, availability Under terms of a 48-month contract, a 3033 multiprocessor complex, including two processors with a shared main memory of eight million characters, a multiprocessor communication unit, and two consoles and two power and cooling units can be leased for $154,130 a month. Under the same terms, a complex with the maximum memory capacity of 16 million characters can be leased for $182,130. These configurations also are available for a monthly rental charge of $169,520 and $200,280 or can be purchased for $7,160,000 and $8,050,000." $8,050,000=$28,707,940.92 in 2017 terms
  11. Data RAM prices since 1957

    Corrected it thanks. Befuddled brain instinctively said 16gb couldn't be right.
  12. Open Canal Map

    Just put something in virtual pub about ram prices from 1957. Reet takes me back
  13. http://www.jcmit.net/memoryprice.htm Love this 1957 0.00098kb of memory cost 399 Dollars 2017 16gb (16777216kb) cost 95.99 Dollars The computer guidance system able to guide astronauts across 356,000 km of space from the Earth to the Moon and return them safely was only 64kb. Source article http://www.computerweekly.com/feature/Apollo-11-The-computers-that-put-man-on-the-moon
  14. Open Canal Map

    It's over 15 years since I did any serious parsing, editing and Sql, brain cells no longer up to scratch. Glad to leave that to you now. Easier when I started use to wear a white coat and sort data cards in trays. Drew a line from corner to corner with felt top pen so that you could resort if tray was dropped. Mind you half Meg of ram cost £800,000 in old money. Young uns wouldn't believe it. Will leave you to it for a few weeks. Good work.
  15. Open Canal Map

    Just to say that that is the bit I'm working on. Tom's doing the hard work and I'm looking at putting it into offline maps. The screen shots above were both from offline maps.