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  1. Leicester Ring

    Yes that's the one! couldn't remember its name till you mentioned it! I dont think it would put me off doing a river one completely - but it would have been nice to have been warned about the likelihood of flooding etc before we had set off. We didn't get any warning from the boating company, but at least we know now and if we attempt it again we can be a bit better prepared ourselves.
  2. Suggestions please!

    Funny you should mention that, we have just oved from Lancashire over the border to Grassington near Skipton. I used to walk the dog on the leeds liverpool - Lovely by johnton hillock locks and now down toward wigan. Will have a look at the Skipton end.
  3. Suggestions please!

    Thanks MJG & Journeyperson, Yes I've done the Llangollen 3 times now and yes it was quite a doddle! I may end up doing that again but might like a change. We did the Four counties a couple times too - That was my favourite ring - So much variation. We attempted the leicester ring back in 2005, our last proper time away via boat(!) and it was not a good trip!! The local/surrounding areas had had heavy rain and some flooding - unbeknownst to us - and one of the locks after we got through leicester was on amber and so we decided to wait at the lock (by a weir) as instructed to do so! Thank goodness we did - in the morning there was no towpath on the other side of the lock! The river caused it to overflow and so we changed routes and went back. We explored the oxford canal for the remainder of our time. Perhaps it was just a one off, but it did put us off the river bit! I didn't specify a particular area as I'm just not sure where to start and there is so much choice!! We used chas hardern twice before and they were very good. We have also used Viking Afloat before and found their boats to be good and the people very helpful. Can anyone recommend any other boat companies? etc.
  4. Leicester Ring

    We did the Leicester ring in 2005 - well attempted it! We went from rugby, through leicester and got stuck by a lock and weir - as the signal said not to go through - when we awoke the next morning there was no towpath on the other side of the lock!!! As the river had burst it's banks in surrounding areas and then when it joined with the canal it flooded all over!! lol. We never managed to get round it - We ended up doing the oxford canal - it was beautiful! It was going well up to that point! We discovered later that it is prone to flooding etc but we were not warned about it! wouldn't mind attempting it again perhaps sometime in the future. Amy x
  5. Hello everyone, Just wanted to know whether anyone had any suggestions about holidays in springtime on the canals i.e. best routes, bases, canal boat companies, length of holidays, etc etc. Oh and can anyone recommend a good value company? cheaper ones? lol. It would be my 6th canal boat holiday (on a hire boat) we have just sold our boat last year. (it was old boat and didn't get anywhere really!) I'd love to do another holiday and i'm persuading a couple of friends to come along so there'd be four of us. I wouldn't want to put them off with a route too energetic and boat too expensive!! Suggestions/advice welcome! Amy x
  6. Leicester Ring!

    Thank you for your suggestions guys! Hopefully we are going fairly early in the season - in a couple of weeks, so we might escape the traffic, so to speak! (that's what we were hoping this year - plus the fact that we will have slightly longer days than we're used to!). Will have to check out the pub at Sawley - think we may need to after the river section! The river sections seemed a good idea at the time, although i have to say one or two of the crew members are a little apprehensive! But i'm looking forward to it! Does anyone know where i might be able to find some pictures of the leicester ring/ surrounding area? I have looked in the picture gallery here. Thanks again, Amy.
  7. Leicester Ring!

    Hello All, New member here! and my first post. (So if it is the wrong place please could a moderator move it to the right one! ) I am looking for any hints, tips, suggestions - any ideas really- about the Leicester ring! We are a family of 4, adults, and it is our 5th holiday, as a family, on the canals. We liked the four counties ring, but wanted a change this time. So we are planning to do the Leicester ring. We start at Rugby (the hire base - Viking Afloat) and have two weeks, so hopefully we can take our time getting round (at a steady pace). So does anyone have any suggestions or hints and tips for the Leicester ring? i.e good mooring points, places to visit, places to avoid etc?! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Amy.