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  1. its all new

    Took me 15 minutes Mike - how on earth did it take you several hours? I'm fairly computer savvy but nothing special, there were loads of instructions and advice which I followed and then found a forum that was just as easy to use . Den give it a bit of time, the forum has changed before (I remember howls of outrage the last time as well!) but we got used to it. Hope you'll visit a bit more regularly
  2. its all new

    Ello matey - welcome back
  3. For the purposes of officialdom we lived with my in laws for seven years - life can be very difficult if you don't have a post code, sometimes you can't even purchase an innocuous item because computer says no if they don't have a postcode to plug into the till. I can't imagine managing it without this pseudo address. You'll also find your credit rating goes down the toilet if you enter no fixed abode land. A belated welcome by the way
  4. As far as doctors are concerned you can register as a visitor to the area just Google the nearest surgery and they'll give you a form to fill in and you'll be seen by the doctor as if you were resident in the area. I did this many times when my condition flared up and had two operations at an area we were travelling through. Surgeries close to the canal are familiar with this - one allowed me to register at Middlewich Big Lock, another said Barlaston Marina was a common address despite no such marina existing. There are some dragons masquerading as doctor's receptionists that can make life difficult but fortunately those were in the minority. Also walk in centres are a good resource. In seven years of cc'ing with a recurring medical condition I was never left without antibiotics when I needed them.
  5. How are we doing?

    A good tip - thank you. I use the home and end keys a lot at work where spreadsheets are the tools of my trade. Trouble is I browse the forum solely on phone and tablet
  6. How are we doing?

    One feature I do miss that disappeared in a previous upgrade was the "top of page" option (not sure if that was what it was called) so you could shoot straight up to the top of the page once the last post in a thread had been read. A very minor thing and no biggie but it would be nice to have that back.
  7. How are we doing?

    Lordy not a delicate flower by a long shot - just someone who believes in mutual respect (I was raised on a very rough council estate - that taught me my values). The wind the neck in was intrinsically disrespectful and could never lead to any meaningful debate. Do you seek respectful debate or combat? I know which one I prefer and pity you if you feel that discourse on the internet is all about putting on your big boy pants and being unnecessarily aggressive. As for Mike being welcome on Thunderboat I see there is yet another thread, this time rejoicing and mocking his engine woes entitled "Mick the plumbers engine" 7 pages.. That's why my response was utterly warrantied (along with Mike the Boiler man is a prick" thread and "he's at it again" making it clear that he'd have a hard time if he joined, maybe from a few, but a very vocal few. Again I rest my case. Politely. I challenge you to respond in kind.
  8. How are we doing?

    Apologies for my part Rich but if someone says something utterly ridiculous as Phil did it has to be challenged. I'd actually rather not be the one that steps up to the plate but felt I had to - if left unchallenged bullshit can easily become fact. I will never ever wind my neck in (ie not allowed to speak my mind) if I believe an unfair or untrue statement is made. And there really was no need for the "wind your neck in". I was polite why couldn't he be? This aggressive reaction to someone questioning your view is incredibly unhealthy. I'd welcome an intelligent debate but it can never start with "wind your neck in"
  9. How are we doing?

    l rest my case
  10. How are we doing?

    Who's we? Do you speak for everyone on Thunderboat? I've seen many derogatory comments about Mike on TB and at least two threads purely started to attack him. I don't blame him for not joining and question how many "we" represents.
  11. How are we doing?

    I'm totally happy - thanks for the work you've put in Rich. I know how tough it is sometimes with work and personal commitments to fit in voluntary stuff.
  12. Great photos thanks folks . Would have loved to have been there.
  13. Things adverts have taught me

    Watch out watch out there's a Humphrey about
  14. Westport Lake moorings - facilities

    Bumping this thread for new members and anyone who missed it
  15. All of the above is spot on advice. I'd add Barlaston, between Stone and Stoke as a good place to stop if the timings work better. The Plume of Feathers is now under new management and, albeit a tad pricey, has a much better vibe than the seedy dive we encountered when we first rocked up there. If you do stop at Westport Lake (a lovely spot) be aware there are facilities there that are not signed or on any maps or guides And plus four for the Holy Inadequate - a fantastic dog friendly pub with a good choice of proper beers (no food except pork pies, so don't go there expecting a meal). Have fun!