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  1. EA moorings BS

    You know what you just put me down as a lair. it will make you feel both better & more important....
  2. EA moorings BS

    Such a shame he got a kicking the little P****. He even had TO55ER number plates on his car. Like I say it's better to be nice to people as you never know what they will do to you!
  3. EA moorings BS

    Whites wheel clamping would sue for loss of "Profit" for the contact time...... Before the law change it was wild west cowboys & the shop next to me got them in & I was clamped on my own land. trust me I was going to cut the clamp off & the cops said the would be criminal damage & I would be arrested, They were going to tow my car & I said that would be stealing but the cops didn't want to know. The only reason they could not tow the car was because I sat in it. Health & Safety was my only weapon. after 3 hours the cops said pay up or will will arrest you...... When this happens to your boat I will laugh my ass off..... google Whites wheel clamping. Then you can come back & say sorry if you are a real man.
  4. EA moorings BS

    That would make more sense Keith. I have seen the signs popping up all even down in Henley area at the Rewind festival. I have had problems with wheel clamping companies in the past & was charged twice at my own premises as "They did not see the permit in my windscreen" & after 4 hours including Police being called I had to pay £175 TWICE................. I will would recommend removing your index plates & putting them in your windows, as you can just go shopping & take the plates out of the window..... ;O) Reading BC seems to have a message for boaters & that message seems to be F*** OFF PS The sings at Rewind say £200 if you stop at this point? so all the signs seem to have a lack of consistency. I think CRT have it right with 14 days stay then bugger off & that is fair. If it were me I would just say "Please don't moor here" But I try to be a nice guy.....
  5. EA moorings BS

    Sorry I think I have been trying to talk sense to Trump type voters.... I can't wait until the signs come to a mooring near you & they will.....
  6. EA moorings BS

    Compulsory purchase order. urgent need for affordable housing. long term yes Thames & Kennett marina charged me £750.00+ per month for my 60ftX12ft 2 years ago. The cost of piling an area & running services on unused low laying farm land can't be that much due to flooding issues (that would not effect boats). What happened to the can do people that built our canals? all I can see is backward looking old gits trying to avoid the real world issues... so sad....
  7. EA moorings BS

    Or they could ask "Do we need to pay our top brass SO MUCH MONEY" & could that money be better spent in buying land to make more moorings that will bring in LONG TERM PROFIT for CRT so we don't have to keep jacking up the boat licences for the boaters (The people that already pay the biggest amount) Can I ask Has the privatisation of British rail been a good thing for the customers or a bad thing? I can ask the same of gas, water, electric, post, housing etc etc
  8. EA moorings BS

    CRT has the cash to buy them in any case. it's called investment in your asset........................ next question?
  9. EA moorings BS

    Maybe you can't read? How about "MAKING MORE MOORINGS" Lets take just one CRT run canal/river so you can follow. The K&A it has many miles of fallen trees & collapsing banks, it has far to few services & in the Reading area it also has many lakes right next to it. Cutting a Chanel & fitting a bridge could make moorings & solve the hole problem....... At Southcote moorings you could do this with the field next to it (the bank here has leaking into this field for over 15 years now & BW & CRT have done nothing) This field could hold thousands of boats & house many people & aid new boat sales & push up the price of used boats in the area. It would also generate many thousands in revenue for CRT with boat licences & mooring fees. This would support local boat services like pump outs, water points, rubbish bins (That CRT want to cut by 40%) cafes, diesel sales, boat painters etc etc etc.... This plan could be used I'm sure throughout the network.......... In real business when markets open up & take off you try to get ahead & serve the growth but CRT seem to be running from it? As I type CRT are on the BBC news telling new boaters not to buy boats as they have too many on the system???????? WTF Tell you what look at France & Holland & get a grip.....
  10. EA moorings BS

    Your compassion for the less fortunate is underwhelming....... But the signs will make money for someone... I'm buying some shares in District enforcement like the rest of the CRT top brass.....
  11. EA moorings BS

    Ok to spell it out CRT should know that boat numbers are increasing & should be working on ways to make more moorings available, especially for live aboard boats as this is going to be the biggest area of growth. instead they have forced the poorer older boats off the CRT canals & onto the Thames over the last couple of years making the problem EA's problem that EA are now using a hammer to crack a nut with.
  12. EA moorings BS

    Below is an outline of CRT's new wheel clamping idea. http://www.watersidemooring.com/media/Enforcement/FAQs.pdf
  13. EA moorings BS

    The signs are not even consistent.... Some say 24 hours for free then £5 a night for 2 nights then £100 a night. then £9.50 for 24 hours & gone within 24 hours only 3 times in 14 days. and £100 if you stop even if you have a breakdown it would seem? Who TF is DISTRICT ENFORCEMENT & what legal powers do they have????
  14. EA moorings BS

    This is 100% caused by CRT's social cleansing on the canals & the exclusion of canal boats form it's system. You may not like that fact but it is a fact. CRT could: A. fix the problem by investing in long term affordable moorings for boats. (It has our money & enough of it to do so) B. Take a big stick & try to beat the crap out of people that have little power to fight back. CRT is like most charities in the UK it's corrupt & takes in money only to fund the wages of it's over paid staff & doing as little as possible to run the very thing it has undertaken to help. How has this helped anyone with a boat? & if this has not effected you then you are lucky, but watch out it's going to catch up with you soon, as I hear more people talking about parts of the system that "You can be left along on" expect a mooring problem near you soon................. Boat sales are good in the UK & more people are coming into boating, lots of widebeam boats are being sold every year & people are looking for a simple way of life.... More people are paying on average £1200 a year to CRT & EA to use the waterways & the fact is more boats need more moorings. If not we all loose out & boating will be a pain.
  15. EA moorings BS