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  1. Beta 35 Alternator Bracket

    Bolts broken like this can sometimes be removed with plenty of releasing oil, plus gas? and a centre punch to tap the end round, well worth trying before resorting to anything else
  2. Narrow boat paints

    My login is RADIO-GA-GA a reference to my passion for ham radio rather than GA-GA that means something else. Something I'm as guilty of as anybody is forgeting that behind each post is a real person with feelings, sometimes things can be said in response to a few lines of text that would be said in a completely different way in a face to face converstion. As the new guy in the room eveybody remembers you where it takes time for you to remeber them, and yes we have had a little tiff before Apology fully accepted, 'tho if we can't be boring or squabble there probably would't be much to say
  3. Narrow boat paints

    Hi Phil, A good post that saved somebody from some more tongue lashing he seemed put out that I was knocking HMG, not the case at all. Most refinishers see synthetic paint as a problem solver not a first choice, where a non standard paint has previously been used and the cost of stripping or isolating is prohibitive, having made the decision to use a synthetic to avoid a reaction its pretty infuriating when the paint reacts with its own primer/undercoat. When a paint problem occurs the manufacturer has the get-out that use of their product is outside their control and particularly when the user is a one off purchaser would never admit liability. You are without doubt a highly skilled man, but from time to time you have to don a paint suppliers hat, I’ve used A1242 after it reacted but clearly once bitten, I acted on HMG’s own advice and extended the drying time, knowing a refinisher who had a reaction with KX, less severe but a reaction no less, that can also be prevented by extending the drying time it is reasonable to group them together. Differently marketed HMG paints have had their problems too, even when applied by a professional boat painter and if someone had said “if you apply that topcoat today it might blister but if you wait till tomorrow it’ll probably be ok would they have carried on and ended up having to repaint it?. My advice on HMG undercoat remains good regardless of what colour tin it comes in, waiting an extra day with certain types is a lot easier than the possibility of having to spend days rectifying. As far as HMG’s service goes no problem, they are probably the only company I’ve ever dealt with that say “we will ring you back” and do, every time. Out of interest HMG’s own suggested undercoat is synthetic high opacity undercoat; DG142, rather than KX which is sold as an undercoat/primer. As we both hold HMG products in high regard, it makes you wonder how this debate got started. Oh yes somebody called black white again, I recall telling him they did, but don’t recall saying its compulsory.
  4. Narrow boat paints

    Twice I've written extensive responses to this and lost my mobile connection so this has to be quick. my experience has been declared in other painting threads including at least one you posted in, nothing hidden, and will post again when I move location
  5. Narrow boat paints

    HMG Paints Ltd One name that covers everything Riverside Works, Collyhurst Road, Collyhurst Manchester, England, M40 7RU Tel: 0161 205 7631 / Fax: 0161 205 8823 www.hmgpaint.com / sales@hmgpaint.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT NAME KX Undercoat ISSUE DATE 22/9/2005 PRODUCT CODE PRIKX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A high build Polyurethane Alkyd undercoat that offers excellent wet edge characteristics and superb topcoat holdout. It has been formulated for use under all HMG Synthetic topcoats, and is available in a range of colours complimentary to the top coat. MAXIMUM VOC CONTENT (RFU) 0.456kgs/ltr REGULATIONS / COMPLIANCE • 2004/42 IIB © 540 COLOUR RANGE Available in a wide colour range including RAL & BS shades TECHNICAL INFORMATION COVERAGE FLASHPOINT STORAGE 14 square metres per litre 38°C 12 months in original sealed containers CLEANING Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and free from all traces of contaminants. HMG produce a full range of cleaners, silicone removers, degreasers and preparatory cleaners suitable for the cleaning process. Please refer to our website for Knowledge Base article Prep-Cleaning Techniques (KNB0009) and Preparatory Cleaners from the Product Guide. SURFACE PREPARATION Please refer to Knowledge Base for details on Surface Preparation. SUGGESTED PRIMER / FILLER / SEALER SYSTEMS 2K Etch Primer High Build Washfiller; Synthetic BDX Primer. HEALTH AND SAFETY Refer to MSDS and tin label prior to use. Suitable respiratory equipment should be worn when spraying. APPLICATION METHODS BRUSH COMPLIANT SPRAY GUN PRESSURE POT MIXING RATIO Base 10 10 10 Thinner up to 0.5 up to 1 up to 0.5 THINNER OPTIONS 2611 2612 2611 2612 2611 2612 VISCOSITY 25-35 seconds DIN4 25-35 seconds DIN4 SPRAY GUN SETUP 1.8 1.2-1.4 NUMBER OF COATS 2 coats 2 full coats 2 full coats FLASH OFF 15 mins between coats 15 mins between coats DRYING TIME Touch dry Hard dry 3hrs @20°C 16hrs @20°C RECOATABILITY / OVERCOATING Min 24 hrs depending on build & temp. Surface should be de-nibbed prior to overcoating. WET FILM THICKNESS 100 microns DRY FILM THICKNESS 55 microns This information relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of HMG's knowledge and belief accurate and reliable as of the date indicated. However, no representation, warranty or guarantee is made as to it's accuracy, reliability or completeness. It is the user's responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and completeness of such information for their own particular use. For professional use only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drying times? limited colour range? Your aspersions relating to my posts are becoming a little irritating, especialy as to date they have been shown to be incorrect! I have not had a reaction between KX and coach enamel though a friend in the refinishing trade has, I have had a severe reaction with A1242 and coach enamel, HMG identified the problem as inadequate drying time, even though it had been 24 hours, and after replacing the products and supplying my next order free, advised "at least 40 hours if the temp was below 20c for any of the 18 hours drying time" hence 2 days is what I recomended. Nobody has passed off C71 as coach enamel, but it has been offered to me at a trade counter as "it's the same as" Some of HMG's data sheets don't differentiate between brushing and spraying applications and give flash times between coats that are fine when spraying, but are IMO inapropriate when brush painting.
  6. Narrow boat paints

    Following a couple of PMs some more information on HMG paint These are products that in my opinion have the properties most people expect when painting a steel boat with overcoating times (minimum) Coach enamel - 24 hours DG142 Synthetic high opacity undercoat - 8 hours BDX Synthetic primer - 4 hours 2611 Thinner - spraying 2612 Thinner - brushing There are other undercoats that offer different properties, A1242 undercoat and KX undercoat/primer, both of these prevent the top coat sinking into the undercoat and will give a higher gloss finish BUT beware of the drying time, HMG state minimum 18/24 hours respectively, it's not long enough! In my experience they need 2 days or they can and will produce a craze type reaction with coach enamel. I would advise any DIY painter to avoid them. C71 speedline is not the same as coach enamel; don’t let the paint counter guy tell you it is. When brush painting large areas, ignore all, light coat - flash - full coat times on HMG data sheets they can't be met, just apply in single full coats. Coach enamel is available in RAL and BS colours as well as many car/commercial colours.
  7. Kitchen sink waste to 3/4" hose

    They fit on plastic pipe connectors not a BSP waste outlet, different thread.
  8. Kitchen sink waste to 3/4" hose

    Back to the original question, what connector would you use to connect a 3/4 hose directly to a 1 1/2 waste?
  9. Kitchen sink waste to 3/4" hose

    Sorry removed my post after it doubled, but before seeing your post, A trap is common sense before a pump it will hold any small metal objects that often find their way into sink wastes. The pipe itself may become smelly.
  10. Kitchen sink waste to 3/4" hose

    Edited to remove post. Spent so long on something else and didn't re-load the topic and double posted with Tomska
  11. Kitchen sink waste to 3/4" hose

    If it's 1 1/2" Aquatics Warehouse Solvent Weld Hose Reducer. This handy Hose conector will glue into standard 1 1/2 inch solvent weld couplings ( Polypipe etc.) eg tank connectors, elbows and straight connectors and you can then connect flexible pipe up from 1/2 in to 1 1/2 inch £2.45 Edited to add: use a standard trap and short length of 1 1/2" polypipe with elbow or straight connector for the above to fit into.
  12. Not doing anything about it

    That wiil teach him to tighten his own nuts in future
  13. Flickering Oil Pressure Gauge

    Two of your largest please!
  14. Brain fade……

    Could be barking up the wrong tree, and 180W seems a lot for a freezer fridge/freezer that might be used on a boat, but if that's what the calculation is for, it might be more accurate to base your calculation on the makers quoted KWh/year?
  15. Narrow boat paints

    As your first choice is craftmaster, if you are happy with it your best bet is to stay with what you know. Vehicle refinishing suppliers who supply HMG coach paint usualy stock a range compatible HMG primers and undercoats, they are often unaware of the different properties of these products and will happily supply DIY customers with products that may not give the expected result or when applied in the wrong time frame can cause dissasters such as reactions. If you or anyone else decides to use HMG rather than narrowboat paint at twice the price wants more info I'll post some.