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  1. Brexit 2017

    The world and this country have moved on for better or worse there is no way we will be going back to how it was in the sixties (thank god) (and yes I was there)
  2. Brexit 2017

    2 very similar islands close to each other in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, independant, full employment average annual income 9000 dollars, Reunion part of France and hence EU average income 27000 dollars high unemployment. since we have high employment rates here perhaps the Reunion model is better?
  3. Welding to a Sprayfoamed Hull

    We have had welding done over sprayfoam, no problems. I would be more concerned about wooden battens, hidden wiring etc! I used to work on Belfast, is she in private ownership now?
  4. Phoenix_V

  5. Brexit 2017

    Where did I "moan" I was simply stating a fact millions of us already face higher prices due to brexit and the rest of you are starting to or will soon. However since you raise the subject of my feelings on the matter; Brexit was not caused by "world events out of our control" it was caused by the actions of peoplle like you who could not give a stuff about the effect on others.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I am beginning to wonder if mrsmelly isn't a secret remainer; views like this are more likely to persuade those who are undecided that we might just be all better off not leaving or moving to an EEA model than other more reasoned arguments
  7. Brexit 2017

    I thought previous posts had made it clear that we are cruising in Europe. If something cost 130 euros 18 months ago that would be converted to about £100 from my bank account now the same thing costs me £116. The point being that increases like this will be coming to the UK shortly if not already here.
  8. Brexit 2017

    Probably all true all I know is that when I pay my mooring, licence, or shop for groceries it all costs around 15% more than before the referendum and the latest forcasts are arounf 1 pound=1 euro by the end of the year.
  9. Brexit 2017

    unfortunately so will the rest of us in fact already are the pound is sinking even further, delayed impact in the UK but here in Europe immediate
  10. Beta 43 - remote diagnosis advice

    ha ha its the remote control for the fuel cut off required for rcd, wire pulls on pulley and turns it pulley bolted to tap turns tap off and yes it is meccano
  11. Beta 43 - remote diagnosis advice

    Just wondered what sort have I got? 2007 vintage Beta 60 with 175 amp and standard alternator but no travel power.
  12. Brexit 2017

    Australians can come to the UK for 6 months for tourism without a visa, Australia is not in the EU, to be fair and logical we should now offer EU citizens 6 months visa free entry for tourism, (instead of the 3 months they currently enjoy without having to meet further requirements) hopefully they would reciprocate
  13. General Election

    The technical term is a "bung" got that from the Times in the library this morning normally a pro tory rag. Surely the same Magic Money Tree she thought Mr Corbyn planned to use
  14. Brexit 2017

    Actually the EU had setout their starting position shortly before, this was completely ignored when May put forward her proposals. https://ec.europa.eu/commission/sites/beta-political/files/citizens-rights-essential-principles-draft-position-paper_en.pdf https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/safeguarding-the-position-of-eu-citizens-in-the-uk-and-uk-nationals-in-the-eu/the-united-kingdoms-exit-from-the-european-union-safeguarding-the-position-of-eu-citizens-living-in-the-uk-and-uk-nationals-living-in-the-eu Unfortunately in the context of this forum and those of us not resident but spending time boating in the EU not a word of comfort from either of them
  15. Brexit 2017

    Interesting that the last anti brexit demo in London was notable for the good humour and lack of bitterness of all taking part many of whom were Brits living in the EU who had gone to some expense to attend and are already badly affected by all this (unlike the "leavers") yet if the leave camp don't get their way there are apprently going to be "riots in the streets" who knows what the "will of the people" will be in 2 years time already it is clear that a "hard" brexit is not that.