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  1. Marina berths in North West

    we like http://www.yarwoodsbasin.co.uk
  2. Boat Safety Scheme Changes

    everyone OK with taking out their gas bottles and putting them back during the examination?
  3. Boat Safety Scheme Changes

    Thanks - link fixed
  4. Changes to the BSS examination - Things you need to know. BSS Link Sorry if this has been posted previously.
  5. Movember

    bumped !
  6. Washing Machine

  7. Washing Machine

    Your right Im afraid. Many new washing machines (and other white goods) use PCB’s and ‘Thyristors’ for ‘soft start’ motors and controlling other operations. There are three main types of generator that you will come across: 1. AVR controlled – very good voltage/frequency control, tend to be on more expensive or heavier installed type generators 2. Capacitor controlled – not very good voltage/frequency control. Tend to be on cheaper generators, typically the type with a tubular frame around an open petrol engine. 3. Inverter generators – quite good voltage/frequency control, tend to be on smaller compact ‘handbag’ generators. Some useable some not. It’s not easy, it is one of those things where what is a good arrangement for you may not suit someone else.
  8. Washing Machine

    Yes I agree. Several generators (especially little ones) are actually low voltage alternators and invertor combinations to deliver a PCB controlled output, hence some petrol ‘hand bag’ generators are more useful if less rugged and durable than big diesels. We have a 6kw diesel unit aboard. Hence my enquiry about the make of the 6.5 kva unit mentioned in the post above.
  9. Washing Machine

    what generator do you have please?
  10. Washing Machine

  11. Washing Machine

    Thank you - this is all very useful Thank you - Do you have a model number?
  12. Washing Machine

    I’m sure that this has probably been done before but here it is anyway. I need to change our washing machine which normally runs from a generator (5kw) Im looking for reports from other forum users who run a full size washing machine from a generator as to what make and model they have that works well without stalling due to sensitive electronics. (I understand the issues, thyristors etc etc - I just want info on actual recent makes and models that folk have good experience with on generators please) Many thanks
  13. T&M closure between Middlewich and Dutton

    When is someone representing you and I going to ask BW/CRT WHYdid the canal breach? Its not enough to blame the very heavy rain, the bank at Croxton didn’t suddenly get closer to the water level, The T&M wasn’t the only contour canal section to receive unusual amounts of added rain and run off during those few days. I’m not opportunistically BW/CRT kicking, but Bettisfield was put down to badger sets in the banks and Lymm to Rabbit warrens, could this be a failure to maintain or a failure to run off sufficient water?
  14. Is *anyone* going to Braunston this year?

    We are not going to Braunston this year, I think we will be at Northwich.
  15. Loss of Slipway in Northwich

    I commented to the consultation and received an email from the PR company saying that BW intends to make the drydock and wet dock available below Hunts lock, however they have missed the point that these sites have been used by private boats in recent years anyway and that the site has foot access only with no road access as it is on a island in the river and a road bridge would be prohibitively expensive. I have told them this in return to their response, however I fear that they may not be listening. Has anyone else sent in any comments and had this response from them?