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  1. Seized Mushroom Vents

    Is there a Locknut ? It seems unusual for Brass to seize that solid on a large thread, and I added locknuts to mine to ensure that they could not be removed from the outside. springy
  2. Holed up on the Coventry today

    Cannock Extension this morning Springy
  3. I would also go for something like a rule 500 but also consider the area you're covering - the float switch will probably need a couple of inches to operate - if this is an area of two or three square feet (typical area under the stern gland) then the pump will probably only run for 30 secs to clear down to the "off" position, if however the float controlled area is large then a small pump may take an excessive time to cycle and a larger pump may be better. springy
  4. Wolverhampton Locks

    I like the 21, yes if you're the first through that day then low pounds are common, and you may well need to run some water down, but they're not particularly deep and the paddle gear & gates not particularly heavy, though lock 20 has a single bottom gate unlike the rest of the flight. I went through twice in september, both times met no traffic on the flight, both times around 2 1/2 hrs two handed (with pushbike). springy
  5. It relates to a high level pipe and thermo-syphon system but allows both outlets to be running uphill, if you connect the branch of the T to the outlet of the boiler and the two pipes out to radiators to either side of the main length of the T, then one will run uphill and one downhill except when the trim is just right when they will be level, fitting the one end of the running length to the boiler outlet allows the branch to be set at an angle and thus ensure an uphill run, adding an elbow to the other end of the running length of the T allows that outlet to also run uphill. It gets a bit bulky but achieves the desired result springy
  6. A friends boat had a similar layout which worked quite successfully BUT the outlet from the boiler went straight into the running length of the T, and then into an elbow, this then can be set up with angles allowing both outlets to run "Uphill" and thus promote a thermo-syphon through both halves of the system - it may even be sufficient to work without a pump if you can get enough rise between the stove and the furthest points springy
  7. Graham Boxer C&RT Head of Museums, and, like Richard Parry, a man who does get out and about on the network - I met him a week ago helping to work a pair down through Farmers Bridge, Ashted & Garrison Locks. springy
  8. Fuel on Shropshire Union

    True except that when you get down towards the last couple of inches, any rocking of the boat is more likely to disturb any gunk lying on the bottom which would not normally be in range of the take off pipe. Of course re-fueling is just as likely to stir up the bottom of a nearly empty tank. springy
  9. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Ford 4D & Borg warner bellhousing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-55hp-592E-Marine-diesel-engine-/322656357917?hash=item4b1fd14e1d:g:B9oAAOSwDrNZXf2M springy
  10. Carbon Monoxide Reminder from RYA

    No, In the Blood stream the CO binds more strongly with Haemoglobin than oxygen, this prevents the Haemoglobin from carrying oxygen around the body and so causes multiple organ damage. http://www.silentshadow.org/chemistry-and-science-behind-carbon-monoxide-poisoning.html springy
  11. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Enfield HO2 MK4 industrial http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Enfield-HO2-MK4-Flat-Twin-2-Cylinder-Diesel-Vintage-classic-Stationary-Engine-/263093423342?hash=item3d41970cee:g:jlMAAOSwD5BZbRku springy
  12. Disillusioned

    If you need to licence a boat part way through a month consider buying a shorter term licence initially - I'm not sure for other lengths, but for a 47ft a 3 month licence without prompt payment discount followed by a 12 month with prompt payment actually works out about £3 month cheaper than the monthly equivalent of a 12 month without prompt payment discount, not a fortune and this also ignores the value of the "part month" lost but you've already lost that anyway. springy
  13. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Coventry Godiva CBD 2.2 L 30 bhp @ 2000 rpm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coventry-Godiva-CBD-1092-CW-vintage-marine-engine-and-gearbox-/172760490757?hash=item283953e305:g:gfcAAOSwvflZWQKd springy
  14. My water pump won't turn off!

    Could it be a sticking or misaligned valve in the pump - this could stop it reaching cut-out pressure Springy
  15. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Ruston Hornsby 2YWA & PRM http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marine-Diesel-Engine-/152593057664?hash=item2387414780:g:Y7AAAOSwpP9Y7J1E springy