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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. Cheapo calorifiers?

    Actually these don't seem to be very cheap at all. Example: Fairly typical 50 gallon vertical with twin coil and no modifications. Price £344.48 I think this is probably the same thing at Limekiln Linky. Price £320
  2. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    Back when I was first boating I never heard anything but stakes, I think, and I was very seldom North of Brum! My head says that if you moor 20 tons of boat to "pins" they are bound to come out if someone goes past, however slowly!
  3. Cheapo calorifiers?

    Seems to be exactly what multiple places are selling at widely differing prices. It says they are "own brand" but also says they are made by Mannley Cylinders in West Yorkshire, so it looks like "Copper Cylinder" are not the actual maker. I will check this out to see which is cheapest, but interesting you can specify a lot of options, (albeit at a lot of cost in some cases). Mannly Cyliders also have a web-site, but each time I try to Navigate it, it completely freezes up Firefox.......
  4. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    I guess I must be lucky, but we have never been untied by anybody, anywhere, ever, yet........ (Famous last words!)
  5. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    Won't they just pull the "pin" out? (Why has everybody started calling them pins - they aren't really "pins" are they? )
  6. Cheapo calorifiers?

    Yet from the pictures for each type they all look identical, (a bit like a sheep?)
  7. Cheapo calorifiers?

    I'm on the lookout for a new calorifier, and that e-Bay advert shows the pitfalls involved. Unless I'm missing something, it is seriously lacking in good information 1) Dimensions for each size 2) Bore of heating coils 3) Size of connections 4) Max tested pressure / recommended PRV pressure value. It is at least different from the relatively few types that otherwise actually seem to now be being sold. Many places are only offering the pre-plumbed models by Surejust/Surecal, (although some, like ASAP supplies seem to be branding these "Hotpot"). These are the shiny bright blue "wrappered" ones. What I found was that although several places sell a non pre-plumbed model, this time in a dull light blue, not "wrappered", it looks from the apparently identical pictures used that they may all be from the same source, even though prices being asked differ substantially. This example from Kuranda's web site....
  8. Modern "old" engines

    Current suitable "DV" series Bukh engines seem to list speeds of up to 3,600 RPM. Unless there are others I'm missing, that is hardly "slow revving" surely?
  9. Going through tunnels

    WHICH TUNNELS !?!?! They vary enormously, and we still have no idea whether they are ones where some degree of difficulty might be normal, or ones where there really should be no difficulties at all.
  10. Modern "old" engines

    It's not a modern engine though, is it? When could you last possibly have bought a new one?
  11. Large Northwich photo wanted

    I'm rather hoping that someone was having a laugh by temporarily sliding that propeller on to the shaft, rather than it being one it had actually been operating with!
  12. Going through tunnels

    And if the OP's Liverpool Boats boat is the one in his avatar, there is nowt unusual about its cabin shape, so (provided that prmh hood is down!), should pass most "normal tunnels" without danger to upper cabin sides. As has been said there are a number of "unusual" tunnels where even a slightly "boxier" cabin could be at risk. I would certainly include Ashtead and even Curdworth where our "Evans & Son" boat could lose paint from handrails, (and obviously Froghall, and possibly Gosty Hill), but such tunnels are rare for most boats. I realise, starting late to the thread, I have not picked up on which tunnels OP has had problems in - I'll now go and skim through to see if that is stated! EDIT No, I can't seethe question answered, though I can see it asked! Dave Bebb, Could you please tell us which tunnels you have so far had problems in - thanks.
  13. Then and Now

    I think they were removed as part of the ice boat conversion. Certainly all 4 boats (Sextans, Sickle, Theophilus & Tycho) feature in pictures with none present. I don't know why for definite, but it may be because they sometimes had baulks of timber bolted on the outside of the boat to widen the channel being broken, (Sickle still has the relevant holes still there, blanked off with rivets). Clearly when Sickle was restored in the ownership previous to ours a decision was taken to put them back, perhaps because the hull sides are only 0.2" thick on a Middle Northwich, and it was felt better to add the missing protection. I think Sextans has regained them as well, but that boat is being progressively lengthened over the years, and has recently acquired a brand new section in addition the extra 10 feet it had already acquired some years back from the spare part of Thea. But I'm guessing- I have never discussed it with those who did the work.
  14. Then and Now

    It's gone downhill since the mid 1970s!
  15. Going through tunnels

    It is not at all uncommon to see boats with a couple of full sized push bikes on the roof of a narrow boat. Simply move one to each side, with the wheels projecting beyond the gunwale line, then secure frames/handlebars to the handrails with rope or ratchet straps. Bingo, and provided you don't rush things the bikes should still be usable as you come out the other end. The technique should not be used in Gosty HIll, or Froghall tunnels though, for obvious reasons.