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  1. Kings Bromley Wharf

    Thanks for that, now booked in.
  2. Are Kings Bromley Wharf still operating as a place to get blacking done? I have tried to contact them several times including a text message but have had no reply as yet.
  3. Brexit 2017

    Further to that it seems that at least some of the remain camp posting on this thread have European interests of one type or another. Things that they believe may be lost to them or activities they may not be able to pursue. Some of them seem to think this is not a great country to live in. The many people that are trying to get here having travelled through several 'safe' countries appear to have a different view.
  4. Brexit 2017

    Eloquently put Sir!
  5. Brexit 2017

    Oh No,that wouldn't have been allowed to happen. All you remoaners would have done everything in your power to block it. (Sounds familiar to the current situation)
  6. Brexit 2017

    You two have no chance,we have a Blue Buzzard in our marina!
  7. After taking into account the formulae stated, I am still puzzled by the fact that 'flood water was pouring through the legs of the owner of the second boat'.
  8. I wonder if the stern was sufficiently lower than the top gate paddles, allowing water from said paddles to be directed into the rear doors?
  9. Engine not starting

    Which engine do you have?
  10. Engine not starting

    We had a similar fault to this during the summer. Came to start one morning and no lights or noise from the instrument panel. At first thought flat battery, checked with the multimeter, voltage ok connections ok. Turned out to be the glow-plug relay.
  11. Hull colour...

    Saw a boat in the last few weeks that had blue up and around the waterline then black up to the gunnels. Not bitumen, so I think it must have been two pack. Unless there is another alternative that I haven't heard about.
  12. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    Further to the observation of a covered dry dock at Fradley Junction, there is also one a few hundred yards before the entrance to King's Bromley Marina, just prior to the road bridge.Not sure whether you are able to hire it for DIY purposes though.
  13. What annoys you in everyday life

    People that don't use spell checker.
  14. Brexit

    It is only regarded as a 'ridiculous referendum' by the people that wanted to remain, had the vote gone the other way I am sure you wouldn't have made such a remark. As for your 'French experience' I have a friend who owned a property in a French village/town six or seven years ago who was treated so badly by the local people that he had no option but to sell up. Of course this was long before any referendum. Some on this forum are all for democracy as long as the majority agree with them. I personally didn't take the immigration issue into account before I made the decision which way to vote, it wasn't a factor.