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    Making model aircraft and military vehicles. Boating, of course. Holidaying in Cuba.

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    Droitwich Spa marina
  1. leaking fuel pump

    I think I need to update this! The 'boiled' washers didn't work but the free replacements I received from the manufacturer (in Germany) worked a treat! They also appear to be of a different material.
  2. leaking fuel pump

    Richard, I had every intention of mic'ing them up, but enthusiasm got the better of me. I replaced them upside down having boiled them. Early indications suggest that it has worked! No diesel weeping through, so that'll do for me until next time.
  3. leaking fuel pump

    Well, I have tried motor factors, hydraulic suppliers, general engineering places in Droitwich and Worcester all to no avail (3 1/2 hrs wasted!). Looked on line at the Hardi site, eBay etc again to no avail. Currently the 2 washers are sitting in boiling water to see if that might restore some depth and sealing properties. It is quite frustrating that 2 x 20p washers seem so difficult to find, had several offers to sell me a new £70 pump!!
  4. leaking fuel pump

    Thank you but What about a non Ebay option ie I get in my car and go find a stockist and buy. So I get the job finished today.
  5. Python drive

    Dor, whilst I respect your reply, the fact of the matter is: I most definitely have one on mine. Thanks for giving me the right description my brain couldn't recall it despite me studying the Python drive material on line last night. If I could work out how to load my photo then I would post it. I've 'lost' 3 attempts at replying trying to find the add photo option. Bl@@dy frustrating.
  6. leaking fuel pump

    OK, thanks. Sorry to be a pain, very limited access to Internet, small smart phone and fat fingers. What sort of shop do I need to find for these parts? Thanks.
  7. Python drive

    I have rubbish Internet and only 'smart ' phone. It is the part of the Python drive that is bolted to the boat through 2 rubber anti vibration bushes.
  8. I have a Hardi 14412 type demand fuel pump feeding my Morso. The pump has developed a leak from one or both of the bingo unions. Is there a fix for this otherwise functioning unit, or is it a £70 replacement job?
  9. Python drive

    After 12 years I've finally had my Python drive fitted correctly. In so doing the drive plate part has been mounted the other way up revealing a tapped hole (approx M10). Can anyone tell me what, if anything, should be fitted there. Thanks,
  10. Hi TeeELL, Long shot, but I was wondering whether you could give me any information on Lechlade Marina moorings. I saw on an earlier post that you used to moor your boat there. Sorry, I can't figure out how to PM. Thanks! Beki

    1. TeeELL


      Hi, sorry for the delay I've not been on this site for ages. I would not recommend Lechlade marina. Shabby, nothing for your money ghastly place.

  11. 12" Fully sprung mattress - Free

    Sorry, the mattress is 6' 4". NOT 64"!!!
  12. I have a 12" wide, 8" deep, 64" long mattress. Yes, that's right, for a very narrow person!! But seriously, it was purchased as an 'add in' for our boat to create a pull out king size bed, the 12" section was rolled into the gap by the gunnel when the bed was pulled out. Due to a change of plan this is now surplus to requirements. The mattress is fully sprung and was made by a specialist mattress maker in Tamworth (it cost nearly as much as the matching 4' mattress), although 7 years old this addition has never really had any use. It is offered free, but needs to be collected from Droitwich Spa marina. If you are interested let me know and I will advise you when I shall be at the boat.
  13. Aromatic locks

    Hello everyone, over the years I have noticed that, when locking down, there is often a quite strong 'disinfectant' type smell from within the lock. The smell is reminiscent of the 'hospital smell' of the 'old days'. Now, my better half is an aromatherapist and she cannot explain what the cause is so I am posting on here to see if anyone can shed light. There appears to be no specific set of circumstances either geographic or meteorological etc that influences when or where the aroma can be detected. So, over to you expert botanists, or whatever!
  14. Barrus Shire 45 running temperature?

    As per the previous 175º is usual. I've had to fight my way up the Thames on full power and only seen a temperature rise of about 10º on that figure.
  15. NB 'Talpidae'

    Ade thanks for the info on VACTAN, as you have determined 'our' problem also lies with a lack of ventilation add to which badly leaking roof vents to supply water and a recipe for disaster ensues. I will be putting ventilation holes under the area where the fridge and cooker sit so that they 'pull' the air up from the bilge, and arrange for ventilation along the length of the underfloor area together with an inspection hatch at the rear right corner. I have suggested installing a computer case fan and my pal suggested powering it by a small solar panel!! In answer to your question about the 'Gulper' - mine is mounted vertically and works just fine. However, I will check to see which way up it is - I may even have the instructions in my 'ELEMIAH's Book of Stuff'. The bed - ELEMIAH has a king-size bed that is 4ft wide when stowed - I made a section that slides out (and is self supporting) which creates the extra 12". The 5' bed can be created in about 3 minutes as the bedding 'folds' with it. That said, we have an expensive 2 piece mattress and the 12" section, adjacent to the gunwale, is rotated upwards . This means that if I am at the boat on my own I can use the bed as a 3 footer without having to create the bed. Finally: that is a great looking re-fit you are doing Ade, I'll put money on you never having to lift the flooring again!! We will arrange a close encounter of the Single Malt kind once established at Droitwich Spa.