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  1. what basic maintenace do i need to do to my boat

    I don’t think a rigid schedule is the way to deal with maintenance. As you get to know your boat you’ll know, for example, that you might need to check drips from the stern gland daily; whereas if your engine never uses any oil it’s not necessary to check it each time you start the engine. Here’s a list of some of the things that need checking: State of battery. Basically are you consuming more than you put back in? There is a wealth of really detailed advice on this forum how to do this. You can do most maintenance, however, with just a voltmeter and ammeter. This is something I check every day. Make sure the battery is topped up (unless it’s a sealed type) – especially important in summer. Make sure the battery terminals are clean. Engine coolant. I usually check this most days when I’m out. Checking will depend on what type of system you have. If you have a central heating system, check the header tank every few days I’m always quite surprised how often mine needs topping up. Oil/filters. With moderate use I do an annual oil change and have the engine serviced at the same time. I always carry plenty of spares. Alternator and water pump belts. Periodic checking. Spares on board. Water pumps. There’s not much you can do to anticipate these failing. Just carry spares. Blacking. Every two or three years. If there’s evidence of galvanic activity, deal with this pronto. Leaks to plumbing. Difficult to anticipate. Periodic checks needed, especially if there’s water in the cabin bilge. When I think of it I depress the bubble tester and jiggle the PRV on the calorifier, just to make sure. Also it becomes second nature to check electrical contacts every so often to see that nothing is working loose. Basically you need to keep your ears alert for unusual sounds and your nose will often tell you if things are going wrong. Until you know your boat and how it behaves you need to check everything everyday (Do you have any external woodwork? That can be a real challenge to keep in good condition.)
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    Aston is now on Gumtree at £68k. It looks an interesting boat. I know the person who added the hydraulic drive - he based the installation on Hampton's. https://www.gumtree.com/p/boats-kayaks-jet-skis/narrowboat-large-woolwich-butty-historic-72ft-long-7ft-internal-headspace/1276265632
  3. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    The approach you suggest is perfectly do-able. I’ve refurbished a Springer on a shoestring. To do the job properly takes a lot of time. It took several years doing the refurbishment of our josher while I was working. I was able to do the butty much quicker but it still took about three months working on it for about three days a week. My main piece of advice is to get some really good tools. Secondly read up the many online build blogs. You can see our experience if you follow the links below. I thoroughly enjoyed fitting out our boats, but there was no time pressure to finish.
  4. Cello 12v TV

    We've got one of these. It's perfectly acceptible though the sound quality and viewing angles are not brilliant.. But then it's cheap and one of the few small 12v TVs around with an inbuilt DVD.
  5. Best chimney cowl for diesel stove?

    Yes please! PM sent.
  6. Best chimney cowl for diesel stove?

    I've used both these type of flue cap on Refleks stoves. They work perfectly in all conditions. I'm no fan of the H type because I think they are rather intrusive. Are you certain that your high and low fire settings are correct? I note that Refleks makes a damper pipe to improve exhaust ventilation. I've never used one, so I can't recommend one personally. Like all Refleks parts they are eye-wateringly expensive, especially now the pound is at such a low level.
  7. Modification

    That would mean that the headroom in the back cabin would be incredibly low. I see the ebay listing has ended. Does this mean that the OP went ahead with the purchase? I hope he/she lets us know what the plans for the butty are.
  8. Modification

    Yes you can motorize a butty with an hydraulic drive in a new steel rudder but it's not s cheap option. If you want to see what was involved in the work on Hampton, have a look at my webside (see below). You can patch and make-do-and-mend as I did for many years, but eventually you'll probsbly want the professionals to make a first class job. Originally our butty cost £9k. It has cost us nearly ten times that sum to get it to its present state.
  9. Brittany Cruising

    I regularly hire in Thessaloniki and Crete I've also hired in Athens, Rhodes and Cyprus. In larger towns the hire firms are clustered and you can simply go form one to another asking for the best deal. I'm pretty sure you get a worse deal if you hire at an airport. (In case anyone is interested, I use Inter-road in Heraklion. Excellent, friendly service.) I've never tried doing this with the larger international firms like Herz.
  10. Newbie winterisation queery

    I rely on antifreeze in the central heating circuit. I don't bother to drain the calorifier. I shut off the main water supply at the tank and drain the taps. Never had a problem. One other point. My 1.8 BMC is raw water cooled so, having drained the heat exchanger circuit, I loosen the cover on the Jabsco pump because otherwise water collects around the impeller. On the Kelvin I used to drain the cylinders. However, silt which manages to get through the mud box tends to collect right at the bottom of the casing. Normally this gets flushed through. If this dries out completely when the water is drained off it can turn into concrete. Therefore I always poured in some antifreeze to keep the silt moist.
  11. Brittany Cruising

    When we stay in hotels abroad sometimes I pay in advance, sometimes at the end of the stay. It depends on the policy of the hotel. You almost invariably get a better price if you deal with the hotel direct rather than via an online booking agency. One thing I never pay for in advance is car hire. I have found you can you get a much better deal on the spot. I always pay in cash - never with a credit card. Once a hire firm has your card details you may find unexpected deductions have been made.
  12. Boaty junk

    Apparently one of the pumps supplying the summit has packed in and until it's repaired we can expect a low summit level. Don't know any more details, I'm afraid.
  13. Boaty junk

    It's yours! Glad you can find a use for it. Not sure when I'll next be in Braunston. If anyone is passing by Cowroast they can pick it up from my mooring and deliver it to you.
  14. Boaty junk

    In case the current owner of Owl would like to deconvert it, he'll find a full set of chains and rigging screws behind the panelling.