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    Motorcycle racing, particularly the IOM TT races
    Narrowboating, of course.
    Love to cook.
    Making stuff from metal or fixing things that are broke (Like me).
    Winter hill walking.

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  1. Friday joke

  2. War Birds at West Malling 1987

    I was there that day, I had a VIP pass (Rubbing shoulders with "our friend electric"). I worked for the company that supplied all the portable buildings. Shame its now a posh housing estate
  3. signs of the times........

  4. Agent of Change

    You dont have to fill in the second form, its optional. I only completed the front page form.
  5. Agent of Change

    Clicky link for those who want to help support this.
  6. Friday joke

    The South Africa Dyslexia Society today laid a wreath at the door of a Nissan Main Dealer.
  7. Friday joke

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto were stood on top of a hill. There Injuns coming at them from the West, they turned Injuns from the East, more from the south and North. Oh no! "Tonto, what are we going to do?" "What do you mean we? White man"
  8. The Useless Web

    http://isitchristmas.com/# Some of these are proper bonkers
  9. Advert general moan.

    I've not done a proper advertising job. Well, thing is I'm only half arsed selling it, because I don't really want to. I know its going to happen, and I realise its the right thing to do for the family and for other personal reasons, but if I can just string it out a bit, go through the motions so to speak, just to see out the summer maybe Maybe these other sellers are doing the same?
  10. How many bikers are there on CWDF?

    Good luck, don't take it too easy But don't push too hard either, I stuck my 851 in the dry stone wall at Windy Corner about twenty years ago now Give my love to the island greatest motorcycle place on the planet, I'll be over in June for the TT as usual. Although this may be my last TT as a regular, I'm thinking of doing the Classic TT & MGP instead from now on, we'll see ETA; I never noticed the date, doh!
  11. US Boston marathon blood bath

    Online here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ma-rt-9-window-cam If its broadcast over "normal radio" unlike the UK, then its impossible to keep it off line and off air.
  12. US Boston marathon blood bath

    Listen here Live Boston Police Radio Its busy right now, but if you keep refreshing it does work. Also if you have an Iphone there is an app which works for all US police radio. But this stuff in Boston is pretty exciting stuff. works better from here in the pop up http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/6254
  13. Prop shaft stuck issue

    Wrap a bit of thin metal around the shaft, to avoid damage and use some Stilsons
  14. 12 volt fan, which resistor should I fit ??

    You could use a 60W 12v dimmer switch. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Floor-Table-Light-Dimmer-Black/dp/B005PP9D6W