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  1. Overboil protection device

    This is the overboil cut off on the OD4 I have, There is a thermo coupling running from the shut off in the oil supply to the housing forming the hot water outlet on the boiler. The dedicated inverter is a good idea. Have also included a picture of the carb.... The small white dot is a minimum setting, just below one which allows the fire to burn, provide HW and heat without running a pump, water circulating on a thermo syphon basis. Hope this helps. L
  2. Kabola E7

    Good news, I'm surprised you have not got an expansion tank on the system, I would check it carefully.
  3. Overboil protection device

    Good news, you have got it running, I'm pretty sure you have an overboil feature fitted, re-post one of the pictures in you earlier post, which features the connection of the shut off valve..
  4. Boaty junk

    I was a bit surprised when I saw you had scrapped the chain..........I see there are 12 batteries in total, plus a couple more on the mooring. I managed to salvage Sid's old seat - just what I want. Have you been throwing away canal water as well, the last time I saw the summit this low was when the canal was closed for 3 months..
  5. Kabola E7

    Err no, this unit only operates by expansion to keep the fuel supply valve open. It's temperature sensitive and needs heat to open the valve. If the flame goes out it will shut off the valve, stopping fuel flowing into the burner pot. Spares are available from Karunda. The fuel drips into the burner pot much lower down, there is a pipe from the carb. connecting to this.
  6. Kabola E7

    KK has run these units without a catalyst so it should run without the plate..........you can get new cats. from Karunda but they are about £80. I do think you have problems with fuel supply, have you checked the filter?. I suspect someone has 'modified' the ring '12' to make re-fitting it easier and sit 'flat' they should have a small 'lip' I got a new one from Karunda last year - not too expensive. I have had my OD4 for 12 years now and only just learned the secret of trouble free lighting it - use less meths, make sure there is enough fuel in the bottom of the burner pot and don't keep lifting the lid to see if the fire is Ok. L.
  7. Kabola E7

    The only part missing is the sealing 'rope'. I have purchased some from Karunda and tried to fit it to an ODE4 but without success. The fire works without it and I checked with a Karunda recommended fitter who said it was not needed. Your fire needs a good clean, hoover out and check the carb. carefully especially the filter (see KK's guide), sounds as if you have some oil supply problems. Take care when cleaning the burner pot - don't damage the thermal shunt where in projects into the combustion chamber - the fire won't run if this is broken. Check the seal around the oil inlet, the colour variation on the exterior of the burner pot (pic 4) is unusual. They are good units and when set up properly burn happily. L,
  8. kabola e3

    Hi, Those carbs. are standard to to Kabola fires and I think are no longer made, Turn it fully clockwise to turn it off and full anti-clockwise for fully open setting. I have one on a OD4 (small unit) and the high settings are never used, it increases from 1 to 5 on mine so I only use 1 to 2 settings. They also have a fuel filter fitted. Suggest you make a search for a recent post on lighting a Reflecks fire for more info on the carb. Poster 'KK' has produced a good video about these fires which features maintenance of these carb. L PS. looks as though your unit is in the 'off' position, judging by the small pointer on the control button. It also looks as though your unit has a shut off valve if the flame fails and an 'overboil' shut off to the oil supply.
  9. Dobson Boats?

    Hi, We started out with one of these in 1975, a Dolphin 16 - dreadful design, leaked when first launched until the wood swelled.................did not put us off though. M
  10. 2LW on Ebay

    Looks a good buy to me, Walshes have done some work on it (possibly), Ally bits are painted silver, not polished, at that sort of money it's worth buying for spares. I have to go out now for a while, will look in when I get back........ transport costs £80.... or is it all a bit 'fishy'?....................probably. M
  11. Interesting repair technique

    This was completed about a month ago, treated the lockside wall adjoining the two cottages. Works took about 2 weeks to complete, lock stayed open. M.
  12. Obscure connections to celebrities

    On holiday in Bodrum in 1985, I was videoing the harbour and Roger Moore walked into the shot, we had a chat about the film. Charming man and a sad loss.
  13. Still looking!

    Looks good, Check how you remove the cassette from the Thetford, some have a small door in the bulkead, other need the who;e unit to swivel away from the wall. Diesel heating, not sure which system but see if it's fed from it's own dedicated tank, they do provide plenty of heat and hot water and NO ash or dust.. M
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    Really good boat, excellent engine, but installed backwards?........
  15. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Have a good time.