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  1. See you have joined the 'shiny boat brigade'........ L
  2. Pub loos

    There used to be a Pub (The Greyhound) in Wigginton, Tring Herts which had the outside 'Gents' attached to the building, you also entered the pub through a 'Smoke Room' and it was the only pub where they used to play 'Ringing the Bull', all changed in the 1970's and it is now an upmarket eatery. In the late 70's myself and 3 mates set off on an annual canal jaunt on a Norman Conquest, facilities were basic on board so we used pub loos, after mooring one of our number would visit the pub and come back with a score for the loo's grading the facilities as to what was there and what we would need. Usually the score would be in the 7 to 10 zone, but I recall the worst was achieved by a pub on the Staffs & Worcs - our intrepid advance guard came back and announced 'I'll give it one for being there'. Happy Days. L
  3. Rocal Fuel seal

    Thanks for the information, threads in good condition and carefully cleaned, new compression joints/olives will be used. Hopefully this repair will overcome a long term leak. M
  4. Does the team think.............? I need to use tape when using this sealing compound?. I am making some changes to the fuel system and will be sealing both threaded joints and flange ones. Have purchased some Rocal Fuel sealer and wonder if this will seal threaded joints or will a suitable tape be needed as well as the Rocal compound?. Two of the joints will be steel male to brass female fittings and 2 compression fittings will be used. All about 10mm. Thanks. L.
  5. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    Correct Alan, the only thing working at Cowroast at the moment are land based locals filling the rubbish bins with hardcore...............
  6. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    Interesting, but there seems to be long term problems with water supply to the reservoirs due to weed growth on the unrestored section of the Wendover arm, this is restricting flow and causing water to back-up and flood the tow path and area by the old wharf at Wendover. Levels on the summit were good at Cowroast this morning and the back pump was not being used.
  7. Refleks stove lighting

    Interesting video, but is it that helpful? - not really, as it seems to feature a smal,l modern unit with a coil shaped 'cat' and after 5 hours burning has orange flames in viewing window. My OD4 burns with a nice blue flame on setting one after 2 weeks continuous burning. Really I prefer the uncomplicated 'British' way of lighting. KK you may have to up your game and produce a video about cleaning and lighting these stoves..
  8. Diesel Stove Keeps Going Out

    MtB..........agree about your comments, but wish the T Couples were as durable - I have broken a couple (2) (excuse pun) due to knocking them with a wire brush when cleaning the unit -------or they look Ok but fail to work properly... and snap off completely when touched.
  9. Diesel Stove Keeps Going Out

    Hi, The thermo coupling is a small point which projects in the burner chamber. It heats up by the flame (when the fire is alight) to keep the fuel supply valve open. They are easily broken or damaged when cleaning the inside if the fire. If broken the fuel will flow when the shut off valve is overridden when lighting, but will not stay open when heated by the flame. Only option is to replace it. They may be more robust on a gas boiler but they are pretty delicate on boat stoves.
  10. Diesel Stove Keeps Going Out

    Check the thermo coupling point in the burner pot very carefully, you may have damaged it whilst cleaning the stove.
  11. Diesel Stoves

    Yep, and they work well, sending heated air through the bathroom, engine room to the back cabin......
  12. Diesel Stoves

    Oil fired Kabola OD4 for me, smaller version of the Reflecks. Burns 24/7 for weeks on end. Back boiler for HW. Have a solid fuel range in bc. Ash, dust, coal buckets..........no comparison with the oil fire. L.
  13. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    I recall hearing someone say at the weekend m(02 december '17) it would take some months to get the pump fixed................water levels are low and locking opening times on the Marsworth flight are limited.
  14. Boiling battery

    Sorry to read of your battery problem - the smael is unpleasant and soon all the copper on your boat will go 'silver' and then black.......takes ages to clean it. L.
  15. Overboil protection device

    This is the overboil cut off on the OD4 I have, There is a thermo coupling running from the shut off in the oil supply to the housing forming the hot water outlet on the boiler. The dedicated inverter is a good idea. Have also included a picture of the carb.... The small white dot is a minimum setting, just below one which allows the fire to burn, provide HW and heat without running a pump, water circulating on a thermo syphon basis. Hope this helps. L