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  1. Fuel polishing / diesel tank cleaning

    I realise this is an old thread but has anyone used tankbusters? I am wondering how much they charge for their services. There's no indication on their website.
  2. Singing prop

    I think crowther props have more metal than some others. I have taken a bent singing prop to Crowthers in the past and they have straightened, balance and filed it to take away its song.
  3. Which fence paint.

    I read it that Daniel thought more toxic versions were unavailable rather than undesirable. I was merely pointing out that it is on sale but only to the privileged few. Having said that I have seen it on open sale at a canalside market this year.
  4. CRT Annual report.

    113 pages! Life's too short
  5. Connecting a 4" flue to a 5" stove?

    Morso make a part specifically for the squirrel to reduce the 5" hole to fit a 4" pipe and a squirrel doesn't deliver 9Kw so I think your stove will be OK with a 4" pipe. You might have a bad experience with the flue pipe and collar. On mine I pulled the whole lot out through the roof. Once the bolts that hold the collar to the roof are released the whole lot came out easily. I tapped the collar with a hammer to separate it from the pipe and it fell apart. Unfortunately it fell apart because it was wafer thin after 20 years of acid and corrosion. I have just cut it up to dispose of it and it is 4mm pipe in the middle but at the top it was as thick as Bacofoil. Incidentally I checked the new one from Midland Chandlers and the wall thickness is only 3mm.
  6. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    I don't want to get into the competencies of the Captain of Corona but if that's how the old work boats used to do it it does explain why a groove has been worn into a lot of lock gates at gunnel or top rubbing strake height. Many have been replaced of course but I did wonder because it wasn't wear that could have been caused if the gates had been opened by people. I observed someone do similar on the Audlem flight last month. They were steering a private Reeves built boat of Black Prince style. Clearly not a workboat. The noise of the impact was sickening.
  7. Brexit 2017

    There is no official retirement age. It's been done away with.
  8. Deck Matting

    Those are the ones we had. The pegs broke off fairly quickly over two or three seasons on a shared boat as I recall. I replaced the first few but they succumbed in the same way. The survivors were recycled and used on the roof as somewhere to put windlasses down without damaging the paintwork. The black rubber stuff is more durable but not as pretty.
  9. Deck Matting

    The ones from midland chandlers aren't long lived. The matting sits on its little pegs and they quickly break off. The other stuff is stable matting. It is softer, being made of rubber but inevitably gets grit under it which will wear through the paint over time. I'm experimenting with the stable matting but the jury is still out.
  10. Which fence paint.

    Creosote is still available to the trade ............ and farmers.
  11. I've just MOT'd my 1968 MG. It's been stood for four years due to time being spent on other things. It failed its test on one occasion because the tester didn't know where the dip switch was for the lights. I think Dave is correct in that if a car makes it to 40 years old it is likely to be owned by an enthusiast. I can think of a couple of old cars that are on the road but are marginal on the structural integrity front. It will be interesting to see how the insurance companies react to this news.
  12. Morso v The Rest

    I am sure you are right but science goes out of the window when you wake up on a winter morning and it's freezing cold. I imagine there's still a decent draught even with one of those latch restrictors. I'll find out soon.
  13. Morso v The Rest

    I bought a new flue pipe from Midland Chandlers at the weekend. On the bathroom scales it weighs 26lbs. I wouldn't have thought the weight alone was sufficient to crack a top panel. The force created by its weight would be negligible compared with those of expansion in a rigid setup.
  14. A Wee one to start again.

    Excellent stuff again. I love your home made crimping tool.
  15. Morso v The Rest

    That sounds like a good idea dor. I'm installing one next weekend and I think I will try that approach. My last one was solid and as well as cracking the top the pressure cracked the tiles the stove was sat on.