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  1. Ex Ownerships boaters

    I intend to attack it. Roger Preen recommended scraping the tank clean and painting it with a coat of Owatrol oil.
  2. Ex Ownerships boaters

    Well thankyou for confirming I am looking at a modified tank. I think by now it has been blacked at least four or five times and has never been flushed so that's the first and cheapest thing to try to restore cooling capability.
  3. Ex Ownerships boaters

    I think the two hull builders were Andicraft and PKB Dark Steel. This is our skin tank. I think the bit that stands proud on the outside of the swim is an addition welded on when the replacement engine showed a tendency to overheat. Brilliant idea to weld the anode to the skin tank!!!Most of the skin tank was originally inset into the engine bay. You can just see it on the right.
  4. Ex Ownerships boaters

    The camera didn't reveal much because I couldn't manipulate it well enough. An attempt to contact Roger Preen at Calcutt was successful though. He informs me that some Pat Buckle boats had baffles in the tank and some didn't. His modification is to introduce baffle plates so I have to assume this has already been done to Steelaway. We have a bill for £600 so I can't imagine what else they might have done. He has suggested it is important to make sure that the skin tank does not get blacked to allow maximum heat transfer and he would also recommend using a flushing agent to remove limescale and similar every 12 months. We have never done the latter so that has got to be wouth a try especially considering the cooling system has been topped up frequently and often using water from a hardwater area.
  5. Angled stove flue roof collar

    That's what I did too although the current one is only temporary because the boat is having a repaint next spring which will involve removing the collar.
  6. Any Thoughts

    Yellow cas are good. No one wants to steal them and you're less likely to have an accident because it doesn't blend into the background. I've had three so far.
  7. Priti Patel

    Amongst othe things the BBC has said that she was promising Aid to an Army Hospital in the Golan Heights and she had no business doing so because the government has an official policy that involves neutrality in our stance between the Israelies and the Palestinians
  8. Caldwells windows

    I think I would use the soldering iron as you suggested. The external covers come off easily enough which should provide sufficient access
  9. Touching Up Bodywork

    For localised serious rust Dremmel do a diamond encrusted tip that is useful where rust has taken hold. It is possible to grind the corrision out, treat it and then fill and paint
  10. Coarse grade anti slip tape

    Skateboard grip tape from Amazon or Ebay. A huge range of colours is available and it is self adhesive.
  11. We have a leak!

    As far as emergency repairs are concerned Ductape is your friend. Note it is not a permanent repair!
  12. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    I think if you have put six pints of distilled water in your batteries you will find they have been neglected beyond retrieval. Budget for replacing them over the winter.
  13. How to make.

    I don't know what an old napper is. I am assuming a head but I might be wrong.
  14. Ex Ownerships boaters

    Perhaps you should have been hosing the engine! The camera has arrived so it will be interesting to see what it reveals. Our current boat has been across the ribble link without problems but then it isn't a Buckle creation. I remember talking to someone about Steelaway and he remarked that we were lucky to have tongue AND groove.
  15. Ex Ownerships boaters

    Well, the boat I am concerned with is Steelaway. We had a Nanni too but we didn't have a second tank fitted. I am wondering if baffles were welded in. I was asking because the temperature is starting to rise again. One offer of help for £1K involves installing baffles but there's no point wasting the money if it has already been done. I shall try to get in touch with Roger at Calcutt. In the meantime I have just spent £10 on a cheap inspection camera so that might provide some clues.