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  1. Many, Many thanks for all your postings, they have all been most helpful and have certainly given us a few ideas on what to burn. We will certainly be looking into the housecoal option (sorry neighbours if your moored with us ) and the Taybrite. We have found that with our classic stove, even if we have everything shut down tight it is burning into overdrive with Excel Blaze and with the Homefire. At 2am this morning we were up damping the stove down with ash as we could not sleep for the heat. Mind you it was not that cold outside I will get hubby to read all the posts and we decide which way to go. Once again Many thanks.
  2. Blackrose many thanks for the reply. We have tried Blaze which was way to hot, the stove went into melt down at the moment we are trying homefire, which seems a little better. But as you say everyone is different. I guess we keep trying.
  3. Now that winter is approaching fast. I am in two minds as to which coal is best for a boatmans cabin stove. Due to the fact that boatmans cabin stoves are not air tight like most fires on a boat, I need a coal that will give out a gentle heat as we sleep in the cabin, but will stay in for a year and a day Has anyone got any ideas. I am sure someone out there has a tried and tested coal.
  4. Stranded at Crick!

    Awwwwwwwww what an awful time you had getting to Crick. But as they say "Things can only get better". I sincerely hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I am sure there will be many people offering help and lots of hot tea. Enjoy your Crick weekend. It is always a fantastic time.
  5. oh my good god

    He was definatly not a very good captain. It was obvious that they would never fit, so why the hell did he not slow down. And I will not make any comment on the fact tat it was a bloke hahaha Geesh I wonder what the bill was for that lot?
  6. Rifle on the roof

    I received an e-mail this morning from someone at the BASC (British Association for shooting and Conservation), and here is what he had to say on the laws for carrying a rifle. Maybe this will clarify things. Firstly with regards to your comments about ‘bandits’ - the law allows a person to use reasonable force to protect persons and property and each case must be assessed on its merits as to whether the person’s actions were justified and not pre-meditated. With regards to the air rifle, it is not an offence for an air weapon to be kept in or on the narrow boat as it is not a public place. This includes sitting on the boat in full view e.g. for cleaning etc. the narrow boat is a private place. But sadly with any visible gun these days, people think that this is ‘not right’ or ‘against the law’ and phone the police, where the complainant may be charged with wasting police time if the gun is found to be legally held, but it is down to all of us to individually exercise common sense. If the narrow boat is using a public right of way (waterway) and the air weapon is taken from the boat to another place to be used i.e. where the person has permission, this is allowed - he has a reasonable excuse to take that gun through that public place to enable it to be used on private premises elsewhere. If the air weapon was used to shoot at things around the boat that were on other people’s property or owned by other people, an offence of criminal damage would be committed but is has to be proven! Later this year a new offence of firing a pellet beyond the firer’s permitted premises comes into effect. The following code of practice may also be of use to you - http://www.basc.org.uk/content/airriflepractice Also reading the may help. "British Waterways Bye-Law 46 No Person shall throw, shoot or otherwise propel any stone, bullet, shot or other missile from, into or over any vessel or canal £100 fine for breach. In addition; 1) It is an offence to have a loaded weapon in a public place (and a canal is a public place) 2) It is an offence to fire a weapon without the permission of the landowner. "
  7. Two Tings

    Just been reading with interest the new Code of Conduct for cyclists on the towpaths in London. Have a read see what you think http://www.waterscape.com/Regent's_Can...uction/extra.65 I would like it through out the country How are the cyclists going to be told about this and who is going to police it? I know we need something like this where we are, now that the towpath is a new cycleway.
  8. Yay! Got me boat!

    Congratulations Tomska, she looks fabulous. May I wish you many happy hours cruising on her.
  9. Rifle on the roof

    Moley Your first posting was a very good one, it has certainly bought up a good debate. My husband and I have had a first hand experience with a firearm, when we were shot at from the towpath with an air pistol. Thankfully the pellets missed us and hit the boat. The Police in Coventry took this extremely seriously, and the youths were caught and taken to court. The sheer fact that this guy had the gun uncovered on the roof, for the use incase of bandits would be seen by the police as intent. I personally always have my mobile phone on hand and the camera, which were both used when we were fired upon, and the police found the photographs useful. Great posting Moley.
  10. Rifle on the roof

    Air Gun Laws state. Public Places and Highways A public place is anywhere where the public are allowed to go even though they may have to pay to be there. Roads, streets, footpaths, public parks, play areas and canal towpaths are all examples of public places. It is an offence for anyone to have an air rifle - whether it is loaded or not - in a public place unless they have a reasonable excuse for doing so, for example, whilst on the way to a gunshop or to a shooting club. Offence Penalties: Statute Law The Penalties for breaking current UK firearms laws with Airguns are as follows:- Carrying a loaded Air-weapon in a public place 6 months imprisonment and / or £5,000 fine. Trespassing with an air weapon 3 months imprisonment and / or £2,500 fine. Trespassing on private land with an air weapon 3 months imprisonment and / or £2,500 fine. Possessing or using an air weapon if sentenced to 3 months or more in custody 3 months imprisonment and / or £2,500 fine. In addition if original sentence up to 3 years 5 year ban on use of firearms. Or if for 3 years or more Life ban on use of firearms. Killing or injuring any bird or protected animal unless authorised £5,000 fine. Firing an air weapon within 15m / 50ft of a public highway £1,000 fine. Selling or hiring air weapon or ammunition to person under 18 6 months imprisonment and / or £5,000 fine. Making a gift of air weapon or ammunition to person under 14 £1,000 fine. Having air weapon or ammunition with intent to damage property 10 years imprisonment. Having air weapon with intent to endanger life Life imprisonment and / or appropriate fine. Using air weapon to resist or prevent arrest Life imprisonment and / or appropriate fine. Threatening others with an air weapon (even if unloaded) to cause them to fear unlawful violence 10 years imprisonment and / or appropriate fine. Not forgetting the chance of being shot and killed by the police should you not obey instructions when challenged by them, they cannot tell if you have just an airgun or a more lethal firearm so will treat all arms as lethal and respond accordingly. If you want to read more then go to http://www.chweston.co.uk/acatalog/Airgun_Laws.html I was also under the impression that you had to keep firearms in a fixed and lock cabinet at all times unless being used. But I maybe wrong. If I had seen this particular person I would not of hesitated in calling the police or BW.
  11. Great Haywood to Stone

    Hi Dor. Glad to know you had a good ride, even if bumpy........... show me a towpath that is not these days lol. Perhaps Mr Swan was on a break, or having a day off hahahaha. Any glad to hear all was well.
  12. Haven't got a mooring?

    Over staying on short term or even long term moorings is not right, and that is all there is to it. But unless someone police's it these people will continue to get away with it. No to wrong's make a right, so I cannot see the point in giving up a mooring you pay for. I can understand how frustrated you are but you can bet your bottom dollar that you would be the one to get caught. And now you have high lighted it you can bet someone will be going to take a look LOL. At 12 hour moorings where we are, 2 boats had been moored there since November, they finally moved over the weekend. Whether anyone had said anything to them I have no idea. These 12 hour moorings have disabled signs on them. There are many out there who are selfish and disrespectful, but that does not mean we have to lower ourselves to join them. I think if you have a paid mooring you should keep it, but I do understand how you feel.
  13. Great Haywood to Stone

    Hi Dor. Coming from the area. I can say that the towpath is actually pretty good, if not a little over grown at the moment as they have not been out and cut the grass yet towards Stone. The only problem you may encounter is a pair of swans at Aston who are protecting their nest at the moment and are being a little aggressive, so wear shim pads LOL. I hope you have an enjoyable ride, it is beautiful along the stretch. Let us know how you get on.
  14. try before you buy

    Hi Pixiesun. I totally agree with R Dixon if you cannot rent a boat, definately hire a boat and not just in the summer months either. We have lived aboard now for over 2 years and absolutely love it, but as we have seen it is not for everyone. I know of a couple who live aboard and are still undecided as to whether they like it. I also know of someone who lived aboard and decided they hated it during the winter so put the boat up for sale. You may see waterworld or locks and quays and think wow that looks perfect, but what they do not show you is the down side of living aboard. They only show it in the good weather and not when it is chucking it down with rain and the towpaths are muddy etc etc. Life onboard a boat is what you make it, and is as difficult or as easy as you make it. I love it and so do so many others. Remember if your going to go for a liveaboard you do need to organise a mooring, I would advise doing that first. Look at lots of different boats, don't just buy the first one you see. Speak to lots of boaters along the towpaths, they will tell you their experiences and will give you a real insight to how it is to live aboard. We do not all see it through rose coloured glasses LOL. I wish you lots of lucky and if I can help at all please let me know.
  15. Missing boat - Holly - NOW FOUND!

    Hi Trish Please do not worry about your terminology, I reckon you have enough on your plate at the moment without having to apologise for relaying a message. I would like to think no one here would of been offended, after all we are all trying to help with the safe return of your narrowboat. Have a good day and lets hope for positive news very soon, so that you may get back to normal what ever that is LOL.