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  1. CRT and continuous cruising

    I wasn't pronouncing on the legality or otherwise of the situation, just trying to explain to the OP why taking a home mooring would legitimise a pattern of behaviour, i.e. cruising in a very limited area, which would otherwise incur their sanctions. So everyone IS happy, including the marina, presumably, as one would not be living full-time on a leisure mooring. He seems concerned about the last point.
  2. CRT and continuous cruising

    It is my understanding that having a home mooring allows one to make short repeated trips in the same area, and each time the boat returns to the home mooring the 'clock is reset', thus satisfying the requirements of CRT, the boater, and the marina. So everyone is happy. Is this not so? Certainly many, many marina dwellers do this with no objection from anyone.
  3. Friday joke

    He should have stayed a member then, shouldn't he! My cousin voted Remain because her mother moved to Spain and she wants her to stay there.
  4. Toilets

    Well, no, actually - Number 2 son is a marine electrical engineer.
  5. Toilets

    Loughborough University is a world leading centre in toilet technology, having won the Bill & Melinda Gates 'Reinvent the toilet' award in 2014. Number 1 son completed a degree in the subject last year, Water & Environmental Waste Engineering (WEWE)
  6. Eco Fan

    So what happens at the equator? Is it like bathwater which doesn't know which way to go down the plughole? Where's Mr Coriolus when you need him? But they wouldn't use ecofans on the equator, I suppose.
  7. Eco Fan

    Sorry I can't answer your question, as we've only got a 2 bladed cheapo one on the stove at home, but I presume you've already perused the 33 pages of posts you get when you search for 'ecofan' ?
  8. Boaters Meeting

    Got back to the boat today to find this notice. Anyone any idea who's organising it? Is it part of a series of meetings? I'm particularly intrigued about the speaker who 'helped make' the British Waterways Act 1995.
  9. Definition of 'mooring'

    Don't want to be picky, but you specifically said "pontoon visitors moorings on the Trent which are 2 day visitors moorings.", which eliminates all but 7 of the above. Have Brayford Pool and Burton waters moved, then?
  10. Marina Dog Ban

    Thank you. It's always pleasing to extend my vocabulary.
  11. Definition of 'mooring'

    I think 'a goodly number' is pushing it a bit! But what I wanted to ask is: have these reverted to 14 days now that it's winter, like those on the canals?
  12. Marina Dog Ban

    TBH, this is the most important post in this thread. Athy has invented a new word, and being a avid lexicographile, I would like to know what it means, please.
  13. Plane Under Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

    Flying under bridges has a long history. I was amazed to find that the first plane to fly under the upper walkway of Tower Bridge was in 1912, only nine years after the Wright brothers first powered flight. And in 1953, 'Mad Major' Draper flew under fifteen of London's bridges in one go. His pilot's licence was revoked, but later restored. So I can easily imagine that the Ponty could be underflown.
  14. Aire and Calder landmark demolished...

    Can I just give some optimism to those who point to the parlous state of former mining communities? I was brought up in Wallsend on Tyne. The town was dominated by the Rising Sun Colliery at the top and Swan Hunter's shipyard at the bottom. Together they accounted for well over half the employment in the town. The pit closed in 1969, well before the general decline in the coal industry. It is now a country park. Swan Hunter's closed quite a long time after (can't remember when), but Wallsend then suffered a similar decline to what has been described in mining communities today - I was saddened to see the state of the town on my visits to my parents. However apparently things are looking up . It may take time, and of course depends on the vision of local leaders and the population, but it can be done. As an aside, when at school, my father was determined that I would not follow him into the shipyard. My closest friend's father was equally determined that he should not go down the pit. Did they realise what was coming? I don't know, but it shows that relying on what has 'aye been' is not the best way to approach your life.
  15. Aire and Calder landmark demolished...

    Thank you! A try scores 3 points, not just one!