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  1. Box or rail

    So do I.
  2. Box or rail

    One of the first things I had added to Cygnet when I bought the boat 12 years ago was square section handrails welded on top of the raised grips which I had felt were insufficiently secure on our previous shared boat. Also more versatile for hanging extra fenders, stringing washing lines, etc. Not further in on the roof, either - I could imagine if I slipped off the gunwale that would put terrific, even breaking, strain between wrist and elbow.
  3. Fradley is full

    I almost always moor above Shade House Lock (the top one), and a few days ago only just managed to get in on the piling, then two more boats came and moored beyond me, but you can't get right in everywhere there.
  4. Not seen for a while

    That 70s Boat I last saw moored near Blisworth, but some time ago.
  5. Diesel etc Ashby canal.

    I can see that selling diesel is at best not a priority and at worst a bloody nuisance for boatyards, what with the time required and the paperwork. I can quite understand a boatyard not wanting to boost their diesel sales, and at 58p/litre there must be very little profit.
  6. I certainly agree with your first sentence, but your second means your auto changeover isn't auto, is it?
  7. South Pennine Ring -- trip and pub/food report

    Well, you certainly seem to have the antennae for the best pubs! You must have done some research. Shire Cruisers are good aren't they?
  8. Music in Pubs

    Sounds iDeal! I was a bit disgusted, BTW. There was something going on in the background in the Swan, possibly radio, but I could only just hear it - so why have it at all? The place has had a bit of a makeover, a lot of the clutter removed, repainted, new tables - looks a bit bare.
  9. Music in Pubs

    As many here know, I'm a pub and beer enthusiast, seeking out the best of both in my travels. But increasingly my enjoyment is being spoiled by 4he presence of background music. Some of it is anodyne pop, some is to me truly awful, and some of it I would choose to listen to in the privacy of my own boat if I was in the mood. But why is it inflicted on everyone? Are people afraid of silence these days? Is there a pressure group to stop this practice? It has come to be a rarity to enter a pub, even one renowned for its beer, without encountering this stuff. Even the 'Q' for 'Quiet Pub' on the Whatpub site is no longer a guarantee of peace and quiet. When I encounter a pub without background music, a smile actually lights up my face. I know this is a bit of a rant, but I'm going to the Mucky Duck at Fradley tonight, and if even they are playing 'music', I shall be disgusted, and I've never set foot in Tunbridge Wells.
  10. Just for fun - word game

  11. Wolverhampton mooring?

    He hasn't retired. http://www.narrowboatworld.com/10090-electrical-thoughts
  12. The best waterside pubs

    If in Shardlow and a beer lover, then take the bus (24/7 right to the door) to the Brunswick Inn, Derby. It goes straight onto the top ten pubs I have ever been in. Sixteen cask beers, six of them brewed on the premises. No music, just people sitting in a series of rooms on comfortable red leather benches, like the House of Lords, conversing happily (I think - it wasn't all in English) in a great atmosphere. I could hardly fault it. (It is waterside, but the Derwent isn't navigable, although there are traces of the Derby Canal nearby, including another pub called The Navigation, but I didn't investigate that.)
  13. Wolverhampton mooring?

    Not my experience. Perhaps he'd just had a session in the Underworld. (I'll let someone else explain that.)
  14. So you've been offered a job in the US?
  15. Summer Cruise (So Far)

    Only 19 pubs in 3 months! You gotta try harder! Nice pics.