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  1. Caldon canal

    There have been a lot of changes in the first few miles; the industrial dereliction has largely disappeared, replaced by residential development and parkland. I saw several boats moored along that stretch this summer, to my surprise. The Leek arm is much the shorter, of course, and doesn't actually go into Leek - it's a rather unattractive trek into town, but Leek is easily reached by bus from several places and is worth a visit as an attractive old market town. Of course I tried to visit as many pubs as possible on my visit, and will report in the 3rd part of the 2016 Pub Cruise.
  2. Happy Birthday Tree Monkey

  3. NABO has now made its views clear on this. Received this morning: At the specially convened meeting of NAG and the boaters representatives (Mark Tizard and Alison Tuck from NABO attended) we were advised that after getting the views of the boating organisations (stage 1) and the boaters workshops (stage 2) the only common themes emerging were the approval to change the way licensing was charged from length to area and to review discounts generally (keeping the prompt payment discount). We understood that this basically was likely to form the core of the questions to be asked. There was a majority view that there should just be one license charge (regardless of whether a boater had a home mooring or not) and it was agreed that licencing cost should not be used to address congestion but that this was the function of enforcement. Despite being rejected at stage 1&2 this was brought up again at the special NAG meeting and again rejected unanimously. Despite this we note with dismay that CRT have chosen to be divisive and have included questions that suggest that the boaters should pay a different fee dependant upon whether they have a home mooring or not, see questions 24,25 and 26. NABO's view is that there should be one license fee for use of the waterways under CRT's control and would urge members to vote accordingly. In addition we note that CRT in question 24 is suggesting a new license with increased fee (in our view potentially illegal unless there is a new act of parliament) for boats that wish to remain in one area. This is in our view a function of creating a sustainable mix of towpath, short and long term moorings supported by enforcement. Members can read a pdf of the consultation here. We would URGE all members to respond to the consultation, if you have not received a copy contact customer services who will email or post one out to you. NABO is planning to launch a wider campaign shortly whose aims are to ensure that CRT and EA put boating and boaters at the forefront of their thinking and actions when promoting the waterways. This will have the tag of ' As a boater are you feeling marginalised ?' NABO Council
  4. Trailable narrow boats?

    Despite being over 70, I'm not a grandfather (AFAIK), therefore presumably do not have grandfather rights. I'm going to have to have a word with the sons.......
  5. Going through tunnels

    I think you're all being very hard on the OP. He thought he had a good idea, and has been told why it isn't. No need to go on.
  6. Two Canoe Gypsies

    I've just finished this book, and was absolutely gripped by it. Some of their adventures are genuinely scary, and the last chapter sees them paddling into the centre of Paris on the run from the police after escaping from a village jail!
  7. Cheapo calorifiers?

    In 2015 you yourself posted a link to cheapo calorifiers. It didn't work directly, but led me to http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/180916701070?clk_rvr_id=1338539717492&vectorid=229508&lgeo=1&item=180916701070&rmvSB=true
  8. Batteries not holding charge.

    Give it a rest, would you, Tim?
  9. Counterfeit stamp

    But I had already posted a card home with a stamp from the same book, and it was delivered as normal!
  10. Chimney collar confusion

    I'm sure if you came up with a better system it would be welcomed! Don't forget that there has to be a small amount of flexibility in the seal to allow for expansion of the flue lengthways, otherwise it could crack the stove top. Those with 5" flues normally use an adaptor to reduce to 4 1/2" This is quite acceptable. Fire cement is not a good idea because it is not flexible and will quickly crack. Red Plumbaflue and stove rope or tape are OK at roof level.
  11. Portable radios

    Don't have gas in the house, but I certainly turn the water off after having a filter burst and flood the living room. I turn everything off on the boat, ticking off a list because I don't want to be away for a week wondering if I've left the gas on or a light to flatten the battery. Can't send a postcard 'cos I've only got counterfeit stamps.
  12. Fuelclear M68

    ASAP Supplies are pushing a fuel biocide called Fuelclear M68. I went into the link on the website and it included the statement that Fuelcare, the manufacturers, stopped using Grotomar 71 (?) AKA Marine 16 in their products several years ago because it failed to control diesel bug in 'keel tanks', which I suppose is what most of us have. I use Marine 16. Has anyone heard of or used Fuelclear M68? (I must say the literature didn't inspire confidence, reading a bit like a Chinese instruction manual.)
  13. Counterfeit stamp

    Well, I've had a reply from Royal Mail, and in view of Dave's contribution, above, and the fact I can't even remember which post office I bought the stamps at, there's not much point in pursuing the matter futher. I'll hold onto everything, though, in case I get an opportunity to verify the authenticity or otherwise of the stamps, both used and unused.
  14. Going through tunnels

    I well remember someone on these forums claiming that going through Harecastle he once set the tiller and proceeded to a bit of activity with the missus while the boat bumped its way through. Now who was that?..........
  15. Going through tunnels

    I was just about to buy some when I saw the price! £94.95