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  1. Shuffling means moving back and forth amongst a small number of mooring sites, so as to remain in the same general area (such as where you want to remain in easy reach of a School) Clearly moving back and forth A > B > A > B is not what is meant by Continuous cruising. So, you effectively ask "Is A > B > C > B > A > B Ok then?" The answer is "It depends". You would clearly like a definitive answer, so that you know exactly what you have to do, but a definitive answer is not possible. What can be given is an answer that says "If you do this, CRT will be satisfied" Some may then complain that this is more than CRT are entitled to demand of you, but the question is always "Do you want to know what will definitely be OK, or do you want to fight the fight?"
  2. Huddersfield Broad canal is it doable in a 60'

    I have done the HBC in a boat that was 60' 6" and it was VERY tight. We were coming uphill, so in the tightest locks I managed to win a few inches by pushing the prow over the cill by a few inches to close the bottom gates. Going the other way you won't that luxury unless you descend backwards
  3. Marina Dog Ban

    Pretty simple really. Whilst I am a dog owner, I don't believe that having assorted pooches wandering around is conducive to maintaining an adequate standard of hygiene for serving food to the general public. As I try to avoid eating in establishments that admit dogs, it would be hypocritical of me to take my own into an eatery.
  4. Marina Dog Ban

    There may be some kind of clue in the term "human rights" that tells you about a dog's human rights! I would agree that there is a subset of complete idiots who own dogs and conform to the stereotypes that you mention. You say most, but of course the point that you ignore here is that those that do conform to these stereotypes are noticeable for that very reason, so tend to be overreported. For the record, my dogs stay on the lead at all times, are not permitted to "just be friendly" with random strangers, and are not taken into establishments where humans eat food.
  5. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    At the Junior Ganymede
  6. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    Without wishing to be unduly harsh (and I accept that this does seem to have come as a surprise to you); Yes you will be travelling in the opposite direction to the direction you intended, but unless your intention is that when the 5 week stoppage is over you will be travelling considerable distances to get back on track with you original plan to be somewhere, it isn't costing you time and money. You will be moving just as you would have been moving if the lock was open. To be slightly critical, didn't you do at least a bit of research in advance of getting the boat? I also believe that as a new continuous cruiser, CRT will have sent you some information when you got the licence.
  7. Brexit 2017

    Whilst it may, to a degree, be hyperbole to suggest that the State Pension is a Ponzi Scheme, it isn't so far from the truth as to merit the epithet "nonsense". A Ponzi scheme promises impossible returns to investors, and pays those returns from the money put into the scheme by future investors. Any analysis of the scheme will show that it has insufficient funds to pay the promised returns to all investors once the feed of new investors ceases. In that respect, the State pension promised payments of pensions for little or no investment, and paid those impossible returns from those who were paying in to provide a pension for themselves. It deviates from a Ponzi scheme nowadays, because it no longer promises impossible returns on investments, which is why it hasn't collapsed, but it will always carry the baggage of its origins as an unfunded commitment
  8. Lock keeper beaten up

    This isn't quite accurate, although it may well be sound advice as to the best way to avoid being prosecuted yourself for a wrongful arrest. The two conditions that have to be met for a citizen's arrest to be lawful are; The offence must actually have been committed You must have a reasonable suspicion that the person arrested committed the offence. So, even if you didn't see the offence committed, you can arrest, but only if you KNOW that the offence was committed. Clearly if you take somebody else's word that the offence took place, you need to have a high degree of trust that their information is accurate, because if it isn't you are on dodgy ground. You also don't have to be certain that you have the right man. If the offence actually took place, and you had reasonable grounds to think you have the right man, then your mistake doesn't make an unlawful arrest.
  9. Obscure connections to celebrities

    OK then... My step-son-in-law's Aunt's ex-husband is also a cousin of Reg Dwight Does that make us family
  10. Counterfeit stamp

    Ah, but you imagine that "The Post Office" is selling the stamps. Remember that a sub post office is a franchise, so there are a couple of scenarios that come into play here; The subpostmaster is on the fiddle. He orders 100 books of stamps, and removes 10, replacing them with 10 books of fakes. He sells the 90 real and 10 fake books through the system, and sells the 10 books he removed to his mate who runs a convenience store. A member of staff is doing the same kind of thing. Basically, the scam works on the basis that even if the dodgy stamps can be traced back to a particular sub office, by the time they look, the fake stock is gone, and they just can't be certain. The shop that is fencing the stolen stamps will be impossible to trace. Fraud at PO counters has always gone on. In days gone by it was the TV Licence scam. For those who can recall, a TV licence used to have an actual TV licence stamp on it. These stamps were "value items", that is they were actually counted to ensure that the right number of stamps had been purchased for the licences issued, and the stamp was in two halves, one for the licence that went to the customer, and one for the counterfoil that went back to NTVLRO. The scam worked like this; 1) Customer one came in for a TV licence, and the counter officer took the cash, placed the counterfoil stamp on the counterfoil, and despatched it to NTVLRO. They then tell the customer that they don't need their copy of the licence, because its all done on the computer now, and shows the customer the stamped counterfoil. The thing is that this is true. The licence is registered at NTVLRO, and nobody will EVER come to ask to see the licence. The licence half of the stamp is them put away carefully. 2) Customer two comes in, and pays his money. The counter officer takes the cash, and puts the licence half of the stamp on the licence, and cancels it with a deliberately smudged cancellation. The Counter officer only has the customer half od the stamp, so he puts nothing on the counterfoil, and when the customer has gone he destroys the counterfoil. According to NTVLRO, the customer has no licence, and a knock at the door will follow, at which point the duly stamped licence is produced, which they accept as evidence of licencing, but the smudged cancellation means that they will have difficulty tracing the office involved. The counter clerk has taken money for 2 TV licences, but only needs to put one set of money through. The other is his bonus. I used to work with somebody who was a former Post Office Investigation Branch officer.
  11. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Another little "twiddle" to add to the mix. The pleasure craft exemption that exists is predicated upon the craft not passing through any lock. Of little import you may say, because unless a boat comes from the upper reaches of the Irwell, through Pomona Lock, it won't pass through a lock. However, legally speaking, Lock 94 at the foot of the "Rochdale 9" is part of the Bridgewater Canal (that is why it is known as "Dukes Lock", because it was owned by the Duke. Hence, any vessel entering from the Rochdale cannot claim that exemption.
  12. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    The worrying thing is that I think that you actually believe what you write. You actually believe that if you try to prove that Peel cannot charge, some charitable trust will take over, and that funders will be falling over themselves to pour cash into the Bridgewater Canal to enable all and sundry to use it without charge. Just as happened when BW canals went to a charity, and we all got free licences on the former BW canals.
  13. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Stop giving consideration, and report it. I know that there is always the nagging doubt that says "we avoided catastrophe, and I don't want to get anybody into trouble", but put it aside. "Never Events" should always be reported, and a near miss like this due to a failure to operate in accordance with protocol is a "never event" Whilst THAT lockie will have learned a valuable lesson about complacency, the fact that he was complacent suggests that others may be too, and they didn't have the brown trouser moment to teach them. Reporting it allows CRT to send a notice out about the near miss to counteract any complacency that is out there. There is also the need to ensure that if this lockie has a history of mistakes, they know about the latest one. Has he had previous errors and not learned from them
  14. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    To quote Oscar Wilde; "The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means" The purpose of the law is to keep everybody to the same rules. That will not always mean that the good come out best.
  15. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Yes, and? Peel may well be all those things, they may be satan incarnate, but that doesn't mean that the law will prevent them being beastly people.