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  1. Towpath Stoppage - Grand Union, Wolverton - Bridge 71

    1 c/cruiser using stove, 1 chainsaw, = no stoppage. Oh! Add a broom, always nice to leave the site tidy.
  2. Bws padlock where to get one

    Nothing more boring than someone asking for help but not prepared to answer questions from members trying to help.
  3. Problem with Sterling Power "Pro Power S" Inverter

    Suggest you check the small on / off switch first as it is easy to look at.
  4. Problem with Sterling Power "Pro Power S" Inverter

    You say it won`t power up then the hoover works!!!! Have i missed something. When we had this type of problem it turned out to be the on/off switch. We now leave the switch on and use the inverter isolator switch for on/off. A bigger beafy switch.
  5. Cabin lighting

    Just upgraded our LED's from 9 to 15's and the extra brightness is fantastic. Led has to be the lighting choice for boaters not on hook up.
  6. Insurance for liveaboards

    Annoying thing about insurance is as mentioned above not knowing how good a company is Until a claim goes in. So just how do you judge what to do to cut down on boating costs?. If you ease back on the throttle you can hear a lower engine feed that is burning less fuel and saving money etc. But saving on insurance is a suck it and see what happens situation. Pay for the cheaper one and hope to be pleasantly surprised or has anyone some ideas. Just how did you choose an insurance company to save on the prmium.
  7. Insurance for liveaboards

    He is I believe the guy who drew up a live aboard policy and has now parted company with the large insurance company he did this with.I could be wrong but am very sure I recently read this in the press. Towergate Marden.
  8. RoadFi

  9. Fixing flue to roof collar

    Using high tempreture silicone sealer is generaly used at top of flue pipe. Much cooler up thete near roof collar. Even used lower by stove but i always use fire cement lower down, just oersonal choice.
  10. Diesel in leeds

    If no help comes your way then just go down the Asda route. You will soon have a good stock in the tank if you buy 10 litres daily. As for cost, just get some spare Jerry cans to avoid the same happening again.Had a similar situation stuck amongst stoppages last year when wife had knee replaced. Just used a Tesco and swallowed the extra cost.
  11. Air in freshwater system

    The one you pictured, post 19?, mine has an arrow on the side.
  12. Air in freshwater system

    Blackrose said ealier: Would you mind checking yours and letting me know if there's any air in it because mine still almost half full of air. I've got a feeling it's supposed to be like that. I can't see how you'd get the air out if the pump won't do it. Just spotted this. Mine is now dismantled but I guess operating the pump would have pushed any air straight out through the skin fitting.
  13. stove silicon

    Can see what your saying and it makes sense. I based my way by remarks on here about silicone not setting properly but guess that might have been user error and wrong product.Anyway as long as the join is good all is well.Staying alive by whatever means is what counts for us all.
  14. stove silicon

    Use fire cement where chimney enters stove. Use masking tape to get neat finish. When dry paint it with stove black paint. Each year check for any loose pieces and re fill any gaps left when you remove loose pieces, pretty easy maintenance. Where the chimney enters the collar on the roof use silicone.