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  1. The ACS quals run out after 5 years and need to be refreshed and the have to re-register every year in Gas Safe. General advice check the dates on the card.
  2. Rivets?

    As long as velcro does not prevent the cicuit being complete.
  3. Rivets?

    7000 if you can find them. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=518854
  4. Rivets?

    Not quite "sparra's" but getting there!
  5. Rivets?

    I always liked the RW Davies boats. Was admiring a B Hawk. NT at the weekend. The "waist" like the RWD was one of the standout looks for me. As regards Josher Bow/replica: 1) Strictly speaking which Josher builder is it representing exactly? as there were many (L Hogg was correct) or is a "Josher style" double or compound curved generic term 2) If you took a Saltley Josher for instance (and I was admiring the lines of "Hare" at the weekend too) not too many modern owners really wants I guess the depth/draft so the bow (and rest of boat) is "scaled down" It's in that scaling that things (proportions etc) can be lost. As regards GU boats, I think they look best when quite or fully loaded. Fully empty they can appear like a wallowing dustbin!
  6. Disgusted

    But narrowboats are where the poor people live.
  7. GU bote named Eridanus has to be carefull too.
  8. Deck Matting

    Use rubber matting rather than hard plastic - saves fatigue too eg standing at rear counter. NB it's really heavy! https://ihlmats.com.au/modular-with-holes-interlocking-rubber-mats-with-attachable-ramps-and-corners-for-modular-configuration-mats.html No problems on our with water entrapment issues - used it for years.
  9. Paint Matching

    You will never get it right imo.
  10. Isambard kingdom Brunel???

    Without wanting to get into an argument it was not meant to be funny. I'm nearly sure the OP is genuine and so are his reasons but you got to respect the privacy of a boater who may not want the boat to be found to be honest by a poster of no know history.
  11. Isambard kingdom Brunel???

    Sorry to be rude but consider the boat might not want to see you.
  12. Lots Road Power Station

    https://rbkclocalstudies.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/lots-road-power-station-the-glory-years/ Note the Butty. Quite hi res ariels. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW006134
  13. Lots Road Power Station

    Fulham Gas Works were supplied with coal via the Kensington Canal of which I think the Creek is the entrance and the Canal was an improved version of the C. Creek/Counters Creek. Must have been transhipped I guess. https://londoncanals.uk/2010/01/14/the-kensington-canal-the-waterway-that-served-west-london/ As regards Lots Road Power - on the old map there is at least one "Dock" shown in blue suggesting locks? (North of Creek entrance).
  14. Lots Road Power Station

    After is stopped using coal it was run on gas. It was North Thames Gas' biggest consumer. Now closed down. My co. is currently helping install a new energy supply to same redeveloped site at the mo.
  15. Plumpton College

    You could not make it up. Although oldish, just come across this. http://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/1-200-fish-found-dead-after-plumpton-mill-stream-pollution-1-7716167 8th time allegedly they, the Agric. College have polluted a waterway. EA states 5 previous plus two under investigation. I guess the last one was the 8th.