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  1. How to get Rid

    On the canalworld home page there are a collection of selected (not by me) video links that never seem to change on right hand side of screen. How do I turn them off and get rid. Pretty sick of the big screen space they take up.
  2. K&A Trip planned

    Not sure my post was a moan was it? More of an opinion tossed into the mix as to where perhaps some of the more extreme anti restoration thoughts/anti genuine ccers may eminate from.
  3. K&A Trip planned

    If one had a plot of land abbutting a derelict canal, say the Wey Arun, walked down the Western K and A I could see why some landowners would refuse to cooperate with restoration progress. There is no avoiding the bald fact that the cmers are affecting it for the rest.
  4. The towpath jabba is that it's a smackhead or two that are doing the boats to get enough dough for a fix. Last time I went through there I watched a zombie resembling bloke in a hoodie over his head (it was over 30c) doing what I took as scoping up and down the towpath. Probably be ok in a few years time when the ex smackheads are buried.
  5. Just a warning burton on trent

    Reverse logic. Hang a sign outside a pub declaring: "Food not served here"
  6. You are near Yiewsley. Don't leave your boat around there for too long. Been a few boat break ins recently. Enough to make that area remarkably free of boats unless near the Tesco camera.
  7. River Lee Attacks

    Nasty. http://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/news/crime-court/river-lea-towpath-robberies-police-investigate-four-more-attacks-1-5139587
  8. Share ya' Music!

    Prolly belongs in the 70's thread. Quite like the simple video accompanyment. <sp?>
  9. Tesco's Reading

    That sign will last 24 hours if it's lucky.
  10. 1970's Rock

    Robin Trower. Guitar master.
  11. 1970's Rock

  12. 1970's Rock

    Welsh wizzards
  13. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    Could have done it to keep people in more like.
  14. A Thames Invasion for 2018

  15. 1970's Rock