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  1. Ask PD - he knows.
  2. You should start a separate thread on this subject. See quite easy to set an exemplar of the very same thing being protested about!
  3. Rodney Bewes . R.I.P.

    Harrison was attacked in his home and stabbed hence the fence I guess.
  4. Rodney Bewes . R.I.P.

    Did not he fall out with George Harrison too?
  5. Eco Fan

    Thank you. It's an Acorn radiant stove that sits in a corner in middle of boat. Poss 4.5kW. The vid below does show some air moverment off a fan. My scientic instrument is Mrs 99's elbow. There is non such a more temperature sensitive person in the world. With the fan on my ribs are less bruised. She was the one who started noticing her feet were always warm when fan on.
  6. Eco Fan

    I researched these units (Sterling) before I bought one and one of the sources of real world use I used was this site and came to the initial conclusion after hearing the collective dismissal in here that they do not work. But I bought one because I fancied it as an ornament (open crankshaft etc) with the side benefit of an indicator of when the fuel needs topping up. In use however I find on my boat it mixes the temp in front of stove so the bonus is "it works" in my small saloon. Hence I came from a position of non believer to one who accepts there is a small scale benefit in some cases.
  7. Eco Fan

    10 feet away I would be sitting in the cratch outside the front door. "While the physics are relatively complex, air stratification is a basic layering effect that allows large air pockets with different core temperatures to remain intact, regardless of whether the building's central HVAC system is running" If you had the Stirling Engine going the bone may have been rotating so fast you would not have noticed it. Still no credible answer from the wider crew why 3m3/min of air circulating does not help even out temps in front of stove. But lots of avoidance and random opinions.
  8. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    There must have been a butterfly nearby. Well according to the sceptics.
  9. Eco Fan

    You would have to consult AMCA 230 - 12 test standard to find out I guess. I agree with Bob - any temp diff between 0.5 and 2 degrees will be felt. Whether that's an absolute gain or whether it's across a temp gradient you sit in. These devices are not wonder solutions. I would not have one in a large house room, but in the confines of a narrowboat saloon I contend they help with even-ing out the temp in front of the fan esp in the vertical plane. They, for me, fetch warm air behind the stove and push it out front and help even out the temp zone I sit within.
  10. Eco Fan

    http://www.ecofan.co.uk/which-wood-stove-ecofan.html Example airflows blurb.
  11. Eco Fan

    The figures were off the manuf blurb. Allowed for optimistic manuf blurb so divided by three.
  12. Eco Fan

    When you finished laughing the challenge is still there. Explain why moving 3m3 per min does not help mixing the air temp and removing/reducing temp gradient.
  13. Eco Fan

    Like I said. The only thing in debate is the magnitude of the effect. I quantified the volume moved not used a ridiculous analogy to try ridicule the concept.
  14. Eco Fan

    Different relative densities. It's how hot air lifts a balloon.
  15. Eco Fan

    Can the people continually stating the fans are completely useless explain in simple language why the air shown moving in the video above <the Vulcan example> does not help whatsoever in gaining a more more even temperature to aid comfort? I'm all ears. They have an effect. The only thing in debate can be the magnitude.