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  1. LED TV Fault - Replace or Repair?

    I thought you would probably have to buy a new TV - it's just that DVD players are so cheap these days you might find more choice in TVs with buying a HDTV only rather than trying to find one with built in DVD to the size you want.
  2. LED TV Fault - Replace or Repair?

    When the DVDs failed on our Cello, but the tv was still good, we just bought a £20dvd player. You could combine this with a 19" free view to.
  3. J had one of these on my previous boat. It started leaking quite a bit and I took the cover off. The plastic inner had degraded and cracked. I tried to get a replacement from a local chandlery who told me they didn't stock them any more as they were not compliant with the BSC (this in about 2003 when I think the ventilation requirements were more strict - presumably for new installations only). I replaced it with a mushroom vent, but presumably when ventilation became advisory, any problems with the UFO vents was put aside.
  4. Builders placque

    That's about right. My boat has a nice shiny brass plaque on it giving the 'builder' who took the hull and made it into a sailaway. However the brass plaque with the HIN number on it, given to me by the surveyor who oversaw the build, has my name on as builder, as recommended by the surveyor.
  5. Builders placque

    Very often a boat's steelwork is fabricated by 'builder A'. Then goes to a boat yard which makes it inot a sailaway, 'builder B'. This is then bought by someone that does the fitting out, 'builder C'. Which one is the real builder?
  6. Looking out the aeroplane window...

    What surprised me was flying over the Sahara at night. It was the sight of lights, probably fires, in the middle of what is normally considered very hostile country. I love flying, and always get a window seat if I can.
  7. Amongst our weaponary....the comfy chair

    I had a pair of leather recliners from oriental leather: 'sales@oriental-leather.com' They were very helpful - sent me some samples of the coverings in different types and colours, and measured the size of the bases so I could make sure they fitted the space. Delivered flat-packed and easy to assemble. Good price too, and they were doing a discount code that knocked 20% off.
  8. There is a small development of up-market houses next to Acton Church, near Nantwich. The sales particulars and signs by the show house make it very clear that bell ringing will happen on Tuesday evenings and at weekends. No excuse for anyone buying a house to say they don't like the bells.
  9. When did we lose 10v?

    My nominal 230V in the house is always 237V. Hasn't changed for years and is well within the tolerances. I believe that amongst electrical engineers, 230V is regarded as 'low voltage', which can get a bit confusing!
  10. VAT and Hotel boats

    As above, there are far too many variables and when it comes to VAT, YOU have to get it right. I wouldn't ask my bank manager for advice on whether to go for a pumpout or cassette, so I wouldn't expect a definitive answer on here when it comes to VAT. As knowledgeable as our members are.
  11. Shop arround vast price difference

    Recently looked for flight prices, Manchester to Lyon, on the Flybe site. Same day, cheapest was £15, dearest was over £500! (The second was via Paris with French leg by Air France).
  12. T&M Big Lock

    Notice Alert Trent & Mersey Canal Starts At: Aqueduct, Bridge No 174 Croxton Tank Ends At: Lock 75, Big Lock Up Stream Winding Hole: Below Kings lock 71 Down Stream Winding Hole: Croxton Flash, Trent & Mersey Canal. Monday 5 February 2018 07:00 until Thursday 15 February 2018 17:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Repair Original message: During last year we started to experience excessive leakage through the cill at Big lock 75 in Middlewich on the Trent & Mersey Canal which, by the end of the year was leading to problems with maintaining water levels. We had been hoping to carry out repairs to this before Christmas but, unfortunately, this wasn’t possible. Our teams are now proposing to lower the canal level in this area on 5th February with the expectation that work will be completed and the canal back open by 15th February.
  13. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    About 1.18
  14. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    More likely polymethylmethacrylate as it appears to be transparent.
  15. CRT Licence Auto Renew

    Very odd. My direct debit was set up a few years ago and it has never been a problem. They just take the money on the 1st or a few days later.