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  1. Old sayings.

    And those that can't teach teach teachers.
  2. Which Computer anti Virus programme?

    I have been using Free Avast for years. It seems to work well and doesn't hog resources. The pop-ups asking you to buy some extension can be a bit annoying, but they are not that common and is a small price to pay for a reliable bit of free software. remember that "free download" doesn't mean "free software"!
  3. aldi inspection camera

    I didn't really get the choice - the scren was right in front of me as I lay on my side. It's a bit frightening when you see this huge hairy arse heading straight for you ... .
  4. Peak Forest Canal

    Now official: Update on 22/09/2017: Following investigation and getting detailed surveys of the lock subsidence, it is not possible to re-open the lock today as we originally anticipated. Further works are still ongoing and we hope to be able to provide an update early next week.
  5. Boat length measurements

    In my barman days, when bar staff knew all the prices and added up in their head as they went along, I was told never to ask for an exact number of pounds, as it looks as though you were making it up. So you always added a shilling or two to the amount and, if feeling generous, said "call it £x" to please the purchaser.
  6. Flu jab

    Have had the 'flu jab for several years due to the state of what's left of my lungs. I also had the pneumonia jab last year. My wife also gets it as my "carer". If you qualify to get it free I can't see why there is any reason not to get it. Even if you don't qualify, it's only a few quid and I would willingly pay that to avoid (proper) 'flu, even if it was less than a 50:50 chance.
  7. Which Emergency Knife?

    When I were a lad, no self-respecting eleven year old would go out (school excepted - most of the time) without a six inch sheath knife hanging on his belt. I wonder what reaction that would get today?
  8. Which Emergency Knife?

    Errr, I've got a bread knife in the galley drawer, will that do? (and I keep it well away from my chopper...)
  9. Hurleston stoppage - Llangollen Canal

    We all know the lock is tight, but it is not as simple as the lock having parallel sides. It would need the lock emptying and measuring not just its width but also the shape of the sides. Some boats get stuck whilst other, wider ones get through; it depends where the maximum width of your hull is compared to the locks. Some boats won't fit one way, but will by going in backwards! My 6' 11'' maximum hull went through ok last weekend, but it is a bit tight in places!
  10. Hurleston stoppage - Llangollen Canal

    In order to investigate movement of the chamber walls at Hurleston Lock 4 (Bottom Lock, Llangollen Canal), Unfortunately it is necessary to complete further survey works during a morning stoppage on Thursday 28th September 2017, during which the lock will be emptied. This will be carried out between 7am-10am, with the canal being re-opened for customers following completion and re-filling. The surveying will be carried out by survey operations, assisted by Canal & River Trust operatives. We ask for your patience whilst this is taking place; thank you for your co-operation. ETA: posted same time as Hudds'. Mods feel free to delete
  11. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    Whilst alignment is not critical, it is still essential that the mounts are set up and adjusted properly. The worst thing is if the engine can rock on the diagonals; the alignment can seem ok, but the engine could shake and quickly wreck the mounts. Many "engineers" are woefully inadequate when it comes to setting up the engine mounts, and it is essential that new mounts are checked after bedding in for a while. An hour is not unreasonable for someone who knows what they are doing; of course, this is no guarantee that this is the case!
  12. Is an Aquadrive Worth It?

    THe alternative is a Python Drive - cheaper, also when I fitted mine it was shorter than the Aquadrive which made it easier to fit in. I am a fan of the Python Drive; it makes the engine quieter, and the thrust from the propeller goes directly to the hull, rather than going through the gearbox and engine and pushing the boat through the engine mounts. The engine is therefore less prone to shaking about and the engine mounts will last much longer. The alignment of the engine is also less critical, although you still have to set up the engine mounts properly. PM me an email address and I'll send you a draft of a magazine article I did when i fitted mine.
  13. Best landline broadband deal?

    Don't forget to include line rental when comparing costs. Some providers include it, for others it is a separate charge.
  14. Brexit 2017

    So Boris is setting himself up for PM now, using Brexit as his vehicle. What I find more frightening than Boris as PM is what position will he give that slimy toad Gove.
  15. Aerial

    Wishful thinking at the time maybe!