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    Relaxing, living on a boat, shooting, photography, wine and beer, cooking.
    PS Now we live aboard, delete shooting, insert washing and ironing!
    Also add Volunteer Lock keeper for CRT.

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    Semi-Retired and enjoying life
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    Lily Maud
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    Newark for a bit

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  1. Is Aldi The UKIP of the Supermarket world ?

    Also their chocolate
  2. Is Aldi The UKIP of the Supermarket world ?

    Also their chocolate
  3. Electrickery Advice needed

    I have almost the sane install. I just set the max input amps on the controller with the rotary knob until the led display shows the max output amps of the geny. I then switch to charger only, plug in the geny to the shorepower socket and all works normally.
  4. Nottingham boat sales

    A source has confirmed this as correct.
  5. drinking water?

    In my youth, early 70's, I was in the merchant navy. Water was stored in double bottom tanks. We used it for washing, cooking and teeth. Since the bar was open 24/7 we didnt drink a lot of water except when used in pink gins!
  6. :) the fun & joys of 'bartering' :)

    Must be from the Shirley or Upper Addiscombe vineyard?
  7. Moorings at 3 locks

    Rather than bugger about with changing 14 days to 2 days etc, they just need more moorings! I wonder if they have thought of that?
  8. Vulcan lands 50 years ago

    Arthur, can you post a link tothis?
  9. The end of w*rk

    Our plan was to CC. But SWMBO's health put paid to that with regular hospital visits needed. So we started as Volunteer Lockies and I now have a full time seasonal job as CRT Lockie. Unfortunately SWMBO has been diagnosed with the big C so the future is very uncertain.
  10. Slow Cookers- howmuch electricity do they use?

    I agree. Quicker, and cheap cuts of meat are more tender. But our Argos cheap little one uses very little.
  11. Any tips on mounting wind turbines

    My suggsstion is Dont bother. Our Rutland on a 12' pole was a total waste of money and space. But might made a good mud weight!
  12. Beginners Bad Luck or a life of pain?

    I had a similar experience off Dairen in China un 1971. The Captain thought it was time for a lifeboat drill, and as we were anchored off waiting for a berth we launched two rowed lifeboats and the motor one. I was engineer on the motor one. We really were minding our own business when thus chinese navy gunboat pulls along side of us abd lots of guns are pointed at hs with instructions to return to the ship. Seems Dairen was akso a naval base and they got a bit hot under the collar. We also had lifeboat races in King Gearge 5th Docks jn London (now London City Airport iirc) That was more fun
  13. Staying put!

    At work at my lock on the Trent. Had bedb precipitating quite hard but now a bit sunny. Not many boats through so far - 2 up and 2 down.
  14. Section 8

    He has not taken up my offer. Wonder why?
  15. TV Licence

    Assuming you receive post then do what we did. Have the licence at your postal address. Then you are permitted to use a TV in a boat or caravan. Not complicated simple.